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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 14


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 14

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

I woke up the next morning feeling better and relaxed but supprisingly I was on the bed.
Who could have brought me here?
Seven ? Hmm one minute he is being so nice the next minute he is something else.
OMG OMG I totally forgot I have a presentation in two days and am yet to draft anything.
I quickly pick up my PC and switched it on , what I saw totally blow Off my mind.
The presentation was neatly done and wonderful too
But who would have gotten so much access to my PC
Seven ?
It's definitely him , I better look for him
I jumped outta the bed and raced downstairs but he was nowhere to be found,.
I better check the backyard , there he was seated smoking and listening to cool music blasting through the boom player .
He turned it off the he noticed me.
"Hey " he said dryly
"Good morning did you tamper with my PC" I asked with a cocked eyebrow
He looked at me for a while before shutting his eyes
"Actually I was just playing around with it I just wanted to add my ideas am so sorry for tampering with your important work" he said not looking at me as he blow smoke through his nostril
"Huh ? What are you saying it's wonderful and magnificent , I love it thanks so much" I squeak and jumped on him
But I quickly stood when realized what have done.
" Erm can I ask you for a favor?" I mumbled
"Yeah sure what's up" he opened his eyes again
I could bet he is getting tipsy
"Can you please stop smoking it's not good for your health , please do this for me and promise not to bug you again" I said in a pleading tone.
He looked at me for a while and shrugged before standing up and walked away .
He dumped all the cigarette in the waste bin and went inside.
I don't know what to call this feeling but whatever it is I love it .
Almost immediately barley's car drove into the compound.
It's been weeks since I last saw her .
He came out rushed me a tight hug
"Sissy have missed you like hell" she squeak
"Erm Babe I can't breathe please am too young to die " I muttered.
"Chill babe I bet you don't miss me" she pouts
" Ofcourse I miss you so much , come let's have breakfast with the family mom is gonna be happy to see you" I said and dragged her in.
" By the way is your sexy boyfriend here too ? " She asked
I grinned and looked at her .
" Yes barley and Don't worry you gonna get to see his face today" I said
She squeak excitedly and followed me in.
" Aunty!! " Barley squeak the moment we got to the dinner area.
"My baby girl it's been ages" mom said and pulled her into a hug.
Least I forgot Diane got admitted at Cambridge so she no longer in my house that's good news for me tho .
"Yes aunty issy have missed you so much . Woow you looking so beautiful everyday" barley said as she sprang mom around.
Crazy people. Daddy came downstairs too
"Dad" barley jumped on him. He sprang her in the air like a child.
"Hey big girl have missed you" dad said and kissed her forehead.
"Hmmm barley is here now am invisible" I said in a jealous tone and took my seat.
" Aww baby you know we love you too ", mom said as dad pinched my cheeks
I giggled as he did that .
The maid wanted to serve the meal when u realized seven is yet to come down.
I was about to go fetch him when I saw him ascend the stairs looking refresh and more handsome too
Barley is gonna kill for this .
"Hey the family is about to have breakfast thank goodness you ", I said
He nodded and took his seat, barley was busy chatting with one of boyfriend that she didn't notice seven.
"Good morning Mom and Dad" seven said with a smile
Dad patted his shoulder
", Morning dear how was your night", mom asked.
"Worldwide handsome man" dad chuckled.
Barley looked up immediately and so did seven
They locked eyes as seven held his head in pain.
Barley was just looking at him with a shock expression.
Argh!! " Seven screamed as we ran to him.
Barley stood up and ran outta the house ..
Why did barley leave the house and why was seven in pain when he saw her .

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