Billionaire Heir-Chapter 13


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 13

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

What was I thinking ?? I can't be happening no !!...
I left her in the room and went to the guest room downstairs .
Why did I have to fall for her ?? Love is cruel it wasn't meant for people like me .
I kept smashing everything in the room as images of my little sister Kira came flashing .
She was the only person have ever loved as my everything, but the wicked jaws of death took her away from me .
Danielle is too good for me , I don't even know how to love a girl or treat her right.
I stayed up in the trashed room till daybreak before heading upstairs ..
I met Elle getting dressed to leave for work , I didn't say anything to her I just walked pass her and headed to the closet.
"Good morning" she greeted but I ignored her and kept looking for the pack of cigarette I kept in there.
"Where were you last night" she added but I didn't even look at her talk more answering.
"You wanna ignore me right?? Fine suit yourself" she said angrily and walked away slamming the door pretty hard.
I let out a sign and walked into the bathroom and took a shower .
Really wanted to smoke but I couldn't last night event was still fresh in my memory.
Later that day.
She came back from the company looking so exhausted and tired too.
I acted like I didn't care but deep down I did but I don't want her to see that soft side of me.
Hey good evening" she greeted
" Hey ' I answered dryly.
She sat down on the couch and brought out her PC and continued working , like seriously she is a workaholic.
She has this worry look on her face while working.
Slowly she was dozing off , she slept off on the couch without finishing up the work.
I stood up and walked towards her.I removed her heels gently and massaged her ankle she moan in her sleep cutely.
I took the laptop and glance at it, what she was trying so hard to compute was something I knew how to solve.
It was a presentation on tax evasion allocation for Power Mart .
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This is a piece of cake for me.
I carried her in bridal style upstairs and lay her down on the bed before going back downstairs.
I took the system and sat down on the couch before drafting a proper presentation for her..
By the time I was done I went back upstairs and joined her in bed.
I was glad I was able to do something meaningful ,.
She is a wonderful person even tho she can get cranky and nerdy at times.
I never knew this was the feeling called love.

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