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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 12


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 12

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Did I hear him right ??
" Yes yes I will just give me " I said as I scratched every part of my body he nodded and injected a syrup into my system .
Soon I was feeling much better.
I can't believe he added itchy substance to my food.
"I will never bring myself down to kiss a wicked and arrogant soul like yours" I yelled angrily
She mood changed the moment I said that but he was quick to hide it
"Erm you should go take your bath you look terrible" he said and walked away.
What's wrong with him again??
Oops I shouldn't have said that .
I ran upstairs and took a bath I stayed in the bathroom for up to an hour .
When I felt relieved I came out in with a short towel wrapped around my body it stopped just below my ass.
I walked into the room only to see seven on bed reading a novel and he had his earphones on ,
Jezz maybe I should go back inside.
"No need to worry am not looking" he said not looking at me.
I walked hastily to the closet and brought out my undies , I wore my pant and wanted to wear my bra but I couldn't reach the hook .
I kept trying till I felt his hand on my body he helped me fix my bra his gave never left my reflection on the mirror ,
I shivered as his touch had a effect on me .but why is he acting cold after the event at the basement.
He wanted to walk away but I was quick to hold him back.
Somehow I felt drawn to him
" Am sorry " I mumbled
"You don't have to be sorry cause you were actually right " he said with a straight face.
" Please I didn't mean to say that I was just mad and yes you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me" I said and crashed my lips on his .
He was shock at first but later responded as he deepen the kiss, we kissed passionately, I wrapped up my legs around his torso
He carried me and placed me on the bed carefully not breaking the kiss.
He further kissed my cheek and my neck leaving enough Hickeys ,
A moan excaped my mouth
He trailed kissses down my tummy to my belly button
"Oh please don't stop" I said in moan
I was dripping wet at the moment.
He stopped immediately he got there and stood up.
"Am sorry I didn't mean to", he said and walked away .
Like seriously this is crazy
What's up with this nigga , why is he always acting cold .
Just when I was enjoying it.
Argh' I groan and toss my pillow aside.
I waited all night for seven but he never came back to room.
I stayed up late till o finally dozed off.
What's up with this two
Am so angry at all of you , I asked you guys to help me vote for someone but you all refused.
I never wanted to post this chapter today because I'm angry but due to some of my humble fans that kept calling and texting

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