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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 11


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 11

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

That was painful , how could he say such a thing to me huh.
Who is this seven ??
One minute he is calm and Caring the next minute he is an annoying Demi God
Makes me wanna scratch his eyes out.
But not to worry I know exactly what to do with him.
When he had stood up he left the car keys on the bench so I took it and hid it in my purse
I will show him who is the boss here.
After classes I rushed to the car and ignite the engine before driving outta the school premises in a roughly manner.
I wish he could just trekk home.
Seriously I didn't mean to say all that , she was just being too annoying I just had to get her to stop talking.
I don't even know what's my problem , I enjoyed making fun of her .
Do you know at night she always sleeps with her bunny doll,and her lips slightly parted
Makes me wanna kiss her but I just gotta control myself .
She is not one of my flings I shouldn't take advantage of her .
Maybe I should just apologize ,I can't seem to concentrate I kept thinking about her .
Immediately classes were over ,
I went over to her faculty but she wasn't there
She might be at the parking lot waiting for me .
I walked hastily to the parking lot ,all this while girls never failed to check me out
I got to the parking lot but strangely my car was not in sight .
I knew whose handwork is this..
My own punishment is going to be three times bigger than this.
Eventually I took a cab home, there she sat watching TV happily and acted like she didn't see me.
I walked past her and went upstairs after a taking a shower and changing my clothes ,I went back downstairs and sneaked into the kitchen
I know lunch will be served soon so am just gonna teach her a sweet lesson.
I added a body itching chemical into her food ,.I also have the antidote but am just going to make her beg .
I made sure no one saw me before sneaking out again.
Minutes later lunch was served were all eating in silence
"Erm seven so tell me what is that thing you drawn to in Danielle" her mom asked all of a sudden
I almost choked on my food but I maintained a happy face.
"Erm actually ma'am it was her dazzling eyes that captivated me " I lied
I could see nerd queen blushing like a cow beside me.
It's just a matter of seconds before it starts.
"Aww you so romantic Danielle is indeed lucky to have you" her dad said still munching on his food
" Ouch" Danielle screamed beside me immediately ,it's time let the fun begin
"What is it dear " her mom asked with concern
That Scarlett witch didn't say anything all this while she is just looking at me like a dummy.
Nerd queen started scratching all her body like someone dancing to a beat
I was trying so hard not to capture this moment in my phone and laugh out loud.
"Mommy help my body is itching me " she whinned as she kept scratching her body
This is the time where I play hero
" I have something that might help but she must come with me inside now" I said
They all looked at me in a strange way while Elle was busy scratching her body.
"Please hurry up my body is on fire" she said in a sober tune.
I took her to the basement that when I burst into laughter.
"You look a dancing elephant Elle " I mocked
"Stop it please help " she cried as every part of her body was itchy
" I will help on one condition Elle " I said nonchalantly
" Seven please just give me the antidote I will do anything" she shouted.
" Fine if I you the antidote syrup for it ,I want you to give me a kiss" I blurted out before I could stop myself.
Uh oh.
Seven wants a kiss this boy is evil
Muhammed Mulikat munay

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