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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 10


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 10

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Why does she looked so familiar ? I tried to think where have seen her before but I couldn't
My head started hurting ,I had to walk away from Them
I walked quietly to the garden and sat down , thinking about the face I saw earlier.i removed my face mask so I could relax well
Why don't I remember anything ??
"Argh ?!!" I groaned in pain as I remembered something
"Do it seven if you want to prove your loyalty to us " Steve said
" Yes seven do it trust me it doesn't hurt " Ariel said as they were smoking alongside some other guys
I glanced at her again but I didn't see her face clearly as her hair covered her face partly
"No this isn't right I can't do it " I said as my coincidence pricks me
" Don't chicken outta this seven, this is your chance to prove your self to us that you are not a mommy's boy " Eric said nonchalantly
" Am sorry but I can't " I said and tried to leave but Philip stopped me
" Fine if you can't do it then we gonna do it ourselves and we gonna make you watch us do it" Phillip said menacingly
" What no way you can't do that " I protests
"Yes way tie him up boys " Phillip said as the rest grabbed hold of me and tied me to a corner where I can see clearly but still I couldn't get a glimpse of the unconscious girl
The last thing I remembered is saving the misterious girl but I didn't see her face but she saw mine
But how is this connected to barley ??
My head hurts pretty much I better go back home and rest .
I had lost a part of my highschool days memories in a ghostly car accident which took the life of someone I had loved so much and made me this cold .
"Hey " I heard Elle voice I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice her
"Hey " I said dryly
"I thought I might find you here " she said taking a seat beside me
" And you found me " I said sarcastically
" Hmm what happened back there seven ,why did you suddenly walked out on us ??" She rushed me with questions
" Nothing just go away Danielle I don't have time for this" I groaned
" Too bad am not going anywhere untill you tell me what's up with you" she said menacingly
" I said leave me alone Elle and stop acting like my mom and girlfriend cause you not ,stop pretending like you care !!" I growled at her before I could stop myself
I didn't mean to shout at her but she is just so annoying
My words hurt her real bad as her face fell
"Fine I will let you be since am just a nerd nothing much ,kindly shovel your d**k into your ass and pregnant yourself and have a fucking baby cause your attitude stinks " she yelled at me angrily
" You don't have any right to shout at me nerd you not my mom " I said with so much anger
" I will never be a mother to a grumpy and arrogant man like you ,gush you need to work on your attitude bitch you have got some serious attitude problem" she fired back
Oh a nerd who talks dirty
" Oh really ??" I said walking close to her as she moved back ,I kept moving closer till I got her trapped in my arms
I bent like I was going to kiss her as our face were inches apart ,she closed her eyes expecting a kiss from me
But I just brushed my nose on her bare neck and whisper into her ear
She shivered into my touch
"Get a grip on yourself nerd ,you are not that attractive so your body can never turn me on " I whisper mockingly
She gasps in terror
I didn't even wait for her to say anything I put my mask back on and walked hastily leaving her to herself
That's going teach her a lesson to stay away from seven ..
What's up with this two and who is the misterious girl in his memory

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