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billionaire Heir-Chapter 5


billionaire Heir-Chapter 5

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Theme:Boyfriend for hire

Is this girl crazy or what how can you jump into a water when you don't know how to swim
All my life in school no girl as ever bugged me but this nerd did not only bug me but made me say more than three words
Like who does that??
I pulled my shirt and dive into the water I brought her out as she was struggling to catch her breath
"What heck is your problem or are you insane !!' I barked at her.
'"am not insane and I will do more than this if you don't help me" she said not even feeling rimoursful
"Stay away from me nerd or else" I threatened and tried walk to my car when stopped me.
"Please for the sake of your siblings you gat to help me" she mumbled
The mentioned of siblings moved me if only she knows I don't have any
She looked teary and try to walk away but my voice made her stop dead on her tracks
"When do I start ??" I asked audibly
"Huh ?? What did you say" she asked me again shocked to believe her ears
"I said when do I start or you don't need my help anyone" I said dryly
"We can start right away my parents will be in town tomorrow morning please come with me" she said and walked to where she parked her car while I trailed off after her car.
Finally I got someone to help me , a handsome one for that matter ,I just pray my parents buy the shits.
I drove straight to my house while he trailed behind .
Immediately I came down I showed him in ,
"Welcome to my world" I said but he just nodded and sat down like a classic man.
"Erm okay so what do I get you I could ask my cook to prepare something for you" I said and took my seat opposite him.
"There will be no need for that ,let's just cut to the cheese shall we?" He said Sternly
Hmm that was rude
"First thing first we need to change your looks and your hair color too ," I said and adjusted my glasses
"What's wrong with my looks nerd , I look cute this way* he said and winked at me while I rolled my eyes at him.
"Nothing is just that I don't like you .." I said faustrated
"Then the feeling is mutual I don't like you either " he said with a scoff
*That's not what I meant I mean I don't like the way you look if we really wanna fool my parents you should dress more classic please" I said rubbing my Temple
He shrugged his shoulder and kept looking at me.
"Secondly you gonna be staying in my house too to make it more convincing " I added
"And why would I do that just admit you wanna be seeing my face every day" he said and brought out a cigarette and lit it before smoking
"Hmm thirdly no smoking in my house I won't take that seven don't ever smoke inside my house" I shouted at him
"Whatever " he said not sparing me a glance as he enjoyed his smoke

Finally we went to the salon and dyed his hair black and also changed his wardrobe to cooperate and classic clothes
Even the one he was wearing I had to change everything
After then we drove to Tiffany's am so hungry
We had lunch there even though he is a man of few words I made sure he learns to associate before my parents arrived tomorrow.
I felt so Happy for the achievement

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