Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 12b


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 12b

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©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
I never knew his weakness is so simple, just to go to his shrine and break his mirror but how can I make it to his shrine? Sassy is now deaf so she won't be able to speak again.
“how can I get the mirror? ” I asked Albato
“I'll advice you to forget about that cause Lucio is more cunning than serpent ” he said
“but I need to stop him cause I need to continue schooling ” I answered
“there is an alternative ” he said and I listen with kin interest to know the alternative.
“I'll mix some herbs for you that will make him not to see you through his mirror, you'll chew it every morning before going to school cause you need to go back to the old woman who took care of you after the death of your mother ” he said
“you mean my grandma? ” I asked
“she is not your grandma, go ask her who are you and she'll tell you herself ” he said
“go now ” he commanded after giving me the herbs, I took some and put some inside the bag hen gave me.
I tracked far distance until I got to the village, the journey seems to be more far than it was when I came with Zoe.
I passed the village and headed for the forest, it was dark when I got home but grandma was still awake .
“you're back son, I boiled hot water for you. How was the journey ” she said and I was surprised
“I know you're surprised but but don't be too surprised cause Zoe told me everything ” she said and I realized Zoe's second was at work. I smiled.
“when did she came and when did she left? ”
I asked
“she came the day you were taken and left not quite long, she took good care of me. ”
She said
“grandma tell me how I end up with you ” I said and she began to cry.

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