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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 12


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 12

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
" What have I brought to myself this day?
Why am I so serious about all this?
Am I suppose to bother about this?" I asked myself rhetorically seeing the problems I've been going through just because of her.
“Sassy I'm sorry ” I said in a low voice.
“haha haha, you disappointed her after all the love she has showed to you ”He said, I was confused of who he was talking about.
“I mean Sassy, is she not beautiful enough for you? You want to dine from the elders pot, you shall dance to the tune of the drum” he said, I was damn confused cause Sassy never told me she loved me, she said she wants the best for Zoe and I.
“Sassy is not as selfish as you, she is different though you're her father and I'll fight you to my last breath for what you did to her”
I said
“maybe you'll fight me when you reach the land of the dead but for now, you are under my custody ” he said, I smiled knowing to well he can do nothing than to cast spell on me and his spell won't work on me.
“I can see you are stubborn with big horns but don't worry by the time I'm through with you, you'll know I am Lucio ” He said and left angrily, I shook my head if only he knew it's just the start of his misfortune.
I sat at the prison hungry when a young maiden came to me with food “Zoe asked me to give you ” she said, I collected it and thanked her.
She left immediately, I was about eating the food when someone tapped me, it was Zoe again, the one with white. “don't eat the food ” she said
“but you sent it to me ” I answered
“dont eat the food I say ” she commanded and I dropped the food.
She stretched her hands, this time around I took a good look at her, she has some immortal attributes that makes me believe it not the human Zoe.
She took me out of the house without sneaking and nobody noticed me, we walk to a far distance until she pointed a house to me “he'll guard you ” she said and left me.
Understanding she is immortal I never bothered to ask much, I went straight to the house, an old man lives there. He welcomed me as if he knows me.

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“don't worry I know everything, I'll teach you how to use what you have, I know Lucio's weaknesses ” he said and I smiled
“how about Zoe ” I asked and he laughed.
“nobody can help Zoe, Lucio is her grand son ” he said and this time I was more than confused.
“I know you are confused but this is for those who see things others don't see, Zoe came because of her fathers throne and the throne must be protected ” he said
"She must not be defiled until the right person comes that is the only condition but if she get defiled, her spirit leaves " he said
Everything sounds like darkness to me but I maintained, “I am Albato” he said then I remembered grandma talks about him often, she said he was barnished from the village.

(Sassy's POV)
I'm deaf for real, I thought he'd kill me but he still has heart, that's kind of him, shameless father.
“now I want to teach you how to use some powers because you are my successor ” he said
I smiled inwardly, if I get the power then I'll use it against him.
He brought out a mirror “this is your life just the way mine is my life, if you break it then your vision ends” he said
I smiled, I know his weakness now.

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