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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 11


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 11

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
Sleeping and thinking when I heard a voice like that of Zoe, I ran outside to meet her.
“it's late, how were you able to come? ” I asked
“I escaped, we need to run away from this place cause Lucio is unconscious for now so we need to go ” she said
I'd have live to go but my grandma, I have to take her along. I don't want her dead so soon. “let make it tomorrow morning cause grandma need to go with us” I said
“I pray Lucio doesn't come early ” she said
We got inside “Zoe ” I called and she looked at me with surprise expression, I was wondering why she never spoke to me ever since she helped me.
“you said nothing the day you helped me why? ” I asked
“when did I helped you ?” she asked
“that day Lucio tried to kill me, you wore white from head to toe and woke me up, you left immediately ” I said trying to recall from what happened that day.
“I'm not the one, I was kept indoor cause of you from that day” she said, I find it hard to believe cause I saw her clearly just that she acted like immortal.
“if that's what happened then you belong to some supernatural powers, you need to go and see an effective priest” grandma said, I thought she was awake.
“wow grandma, how comes you know? ” I asked
“I've heard story of some people that have powers but they don't know how to use it but I've never encountered any, she must have power meant good ” she said
“what do we do now? ” I asked
“I'll send you to a far away a village where you will find good priest very early in the morning. ”
“okay grandma, thank you ” I said
“an old woman once told me about this when I was ten, she told me never to accept Lucio as my husband cause he has bad plans which she never mentioned to me, she asked me to try and help my fathers throne for the good and benefit of the villagers” she said
“oh I knew it, I know that old fool has bad plans, he is evil and it's written all over him but he doesn't know it will come to an end. I'll do my best to help you ” I said
“Lucio use to be a good man until selfishness took over him, people from different villages visit to seek him but he has changed, he is brave and cunning so you must be wise and smart else he will put smart you ” grandma said
“he might be smart but his brain is weak, he is now old with grey hairs, I'm young, strong and a bravo, he can do nothing to me especially now that Zoe's twin is ready to help me” I said
“go you know I was taken to his house as his wife? Sassy gave me idea on what to do, she made me to get him drunk and now he is there laughing foolishly like someone who wan a wrestling competition at the village square ” she said
“Oh you remind me of Sassy, she is good and strong. I never knew she will go against her father's evil plan just for the sake of our friendship, I see the day I met her as a blessing "

(Lucio's POV)
I woke up to see myself sleeping on the floor alone, I remember Zoe was with me lately but I wonder why she was nowhere to be found.
I ran to my room where my mirror is and previewed what happened, I couldn't believe Sassy is the only rat in my house, I don't know what to do to her, I can't kill her cause she is my successor. I must cast a spell on her, I'll cure it when I'm through with my works.
Zoe and Hero must not go, I need to get the two as fast as I can cause I might never set my eyes on them again and that is the end of my fame.
I took my guards as we matched to the forest where Hero and the old woman he called grandma lives, my mirror was with me.
We got there and I made my guards to surround the house so that nobody would run away, I sent someone to fetch the two and leave the shameless old fool to die alone.
Hero's hands were tied while Zoe was dragged home, she is my wife and nobody can take her away from me, not even her father talk more of the poor brat.
“you guys think I'm joking right? I want to show you how serious I am. Get me Sassy my first fruit let me show them I can do worse ” I commanded and one of my guards brought Sassy.
I took cutlass and starb one of her legs, she let out a loud wail and I laughed “feel the pains you've been causing me, you shall not be able to speak until I'm through with what in doing ” I coursed and she couldn't cry again.
My two wives ran outside to cry but I stopped them “whoever cry will join her” I said, I ordered my guards to imprisoned Hero and take Zoe to my room. I silent everywhere cause my heart was boiling, Sassy's case is temporary so I didn't say much, she brought it upon herself.
She must bare the cross alone .

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