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What Does My Husband Want-Episode13


What Does My Husband Want-Episode13

©Amah’s Heart.

After that day, Ladi came again the following weekend, he looks so unkempt. His facial bears were over grown, his cloth was looking rough.

I ignored his appearance and as he was seated in my sitting room, I did not bother to ask him why he looks so messed up instead I asked if he was hungry and he nodded.
He said he has not eating anything since yesterday because Santi hardly cooks and he was tired of buying food.

Ladi said he was so hungry and wouldn’t mind if I offer him anything to eat.

He told me that he has missed my delicious cooking and how I used to over feed him with different delicacy.

I was tempted to reply him harshly but I swallowed it up and brought food for him to eat.

He ate and finished up the first plate. He thanked me.

I looked at him and knew he was not satisfied, I asked him if I should bring extra food for him and he nodded.

I brought extra food for him and as he was eating Salami came around to visit.

She was shock to see Ladi right in my house, eating and enjoying himself.

She frown at his sight and couldn’t hide her displeasure.

“What on earth is he doing here Miwa? You even gave him food, look at how he is relaxed and eating your food. What is he doing here?

Salami asked me as we entered the kitchen together.

“He was hungry and has not eaten since yesterday Salami, I have to give him something to eat” I replied Salami.

She scuffed out first before saying
“Is none of your business Miwa, whether he has not eaten for two days or two years is none of your business. He should be giving that complain to Santi, his royal highness and not you. He shouldn’t even be here at all. Ladi doesn’t deserve any mercy….not after what he did to you. Ladi is an ungrateful man and you should not be moved by his pitiful look and become kind to him. He deserve what he is reaping because he got himself into it. Miwa c’mon. What exactly were you thinking allowing him to come here, sit in your living room and eat your food. Do I need to remind you that this is the same man that you suffered so much for but he took it all for granted? He got another woman pregnant during the same time that you were also pregnant but asked you to abort yours because he doesn’t regard you and knows that whatever he asked of you…you will definitely do it. You aborted your child without knowing another woman was pregnant for him. He kept it all a secret and even when I noticed and try to warn you about it you did not listen because of how much love you have for this man and when you found out, it was heart wrenching. The woman gave birth and turned him into a house boy. He listens to every of Santi’s command. Ladi, without having any regard for you brought the same woman to come and live under the same roof with you and your children. She became a tyrant…a dictator in your home and maltreats your kids without Ladi doing anything to stop her. You summoned the courage to move out and ever since…over two years now, Ladi doesn’t know if the children eats food or wears cloth. He doesn’t even know how much is their school fees. Everything was laid at your feet and you struggled, you worked so hard to make sure you and your children does not lack the necessity of life. Ladi sold your matrimonial home that you built with him and bought a car for Santi. He did not inform you about it or even bother to give you a share of the money or pay off some of the children’s school bills that was on your head. He did nothing at all. He was enjoying life with Santi and after squandering all the money, he remembered his royal and obedience wife and crawled down here to sit in your parlour and eat your food. Ladi takes you for granted because he knows you have a good heart and can never turn him away in his worst state. Has he ever knelt down to ask for forgiveness for everything he did or show you how sorry he was? Has he? He takes advantage of that fact and does whatever he pleases. Miwa enough is enough. Ladi does not deserve any mercy at all. He should go back to Santi to bath him up and cook for him. He chose Santi over you and almost turned you into a crazy woman. Ladi deserve whatever befalls him because he brought it upon himself. Do not pity him at all because he doesn’t deserve any mercy…

Salami sounded so angry as she speak, igniting the fire again in me. I began to think about all that she was saying and she was not missing any word. Everything she said was very true.

The sadness and pain returned and as I try to walk back to the sitting room to check if Ladi was done eating I saw him by the kitchen door, he was carrying the empty plate which he used to eat.
He probably overheard everything that Salami said, because she did not tune down her voice. She was saying it out loud so that Ladi can also hear everything.

Ladi looks disheveled and his face has a worried sign.

He did not look at Salami, he look straight at me as I collected the plate from his hand.

Danladi does not pack his plate after eating. He leaves it right there. Is either I or the children that packs the plate for him. I almost burst out laughing when I saw him bringing the empty plate of food to the kitchen.

Ladi thanked me for the food before turning to Salami and said.
“Salami, I know Miwa is your friend but what you forgot to know is that she is still my wife. I know I wronged her in many ways but Miwa’s heart is not so hardened like you, please stop poisoning her mind towards me. I still love my wife…

Salami started laughing sarcastically. She clapped her two hands twice before saying.
“You are a wicked man Ladi. So because Miwa’s heart is penetrable you decided to take advantage of it and hurt her beyond repair. You shamelessly came back here to eat her food. I thought you and Santi were into fast foods and Miwa was not regarded in your sight. When do you start realizing that you love her? is it now that she has overfed you or before you got another woman pregnant, asked Miwa to get rid of her own…sold your big home, buys a car for Santi and squander the rest of the money without any considerate thought that Miwa needed help to take care of the children? When exactly did you realize that she is still your wife Ladi? I will keep saying it that you don’t deserve any mercy and if I was Miwa, I will so deal with you. I hate men like you and I thank God for the man I married because he will never try such with me. some of you men only takes advantage of vulnerable women and plays their heart to any direction that pleases you but you will never try such thing with me or with Santi because that will be digging your early grave…

Ladi replied back that he can never marry Salami’s type because she has a wild mouth and her husband must be suffering in silent.

Salami was provoked again and gave Ladi another round of painful dose.

“If you are not useless Ladi you won’t be in a woman’s kitchen arguing with me. My husband is a hardworking man. He is a good father and cares for his home. He probably does things I don’t know outside but he can never paint it to my face or bring it home. He respects me and the entire family. He loves his kids and will never ask me to do anything that will hurt my feeling like you asked Miwa to abort a God given baby and I thought you are worth the trouble, I encouraged Miwa to do as you said. I never knew that you are a mad man…

Ladi was provoked with Salami’s words. I asked Salami to stop, the whole insult was turning to something else.

Ladi walked out angrily and left the house.

Salami was laughing sarcastically and clapping her hands behind him in a dramatic style as he walks out.

I felt bad for him but he deserve everything that Salami said even though she said more than she supposed to have said.

Who wouldn’t be angry after seeing what Ladi did to me. I understand Salami’s anger perfectly well.

She was always there for me. She has lend me money several times without collecting it back. She buys gifts for my children and supports me in every way necessary. She knew that I will do much more for her if she was in my shoe.

I thought Ladi was not going to come back again after his clash with Salami but he was back after two weeks.

When I opened the door that Saturday afternoon, he stood with another swollen face.

“Please can I spend the weekend here? Santi gets worst with each passing day. She asked for money to organise a big birthday party for Zazi and I don’t have the amount she was asking for and that was my only offense. She became angry and it turn into violent. Please let me stay here for the weekend. I’m also very hungry….i have not eaten anything since today. I also hope your Friend, Salami won’t be coming around. Let me spend the weekend here and clear my head…..

He said with a pleading look and a little bag of cloth in his hand.

Ladi is taking advantage of the fact that is difficult for me to turn him down.

He knows if he act like a wounded or sad man I will come to his aid and can't say "no" to him.

He has not even showed any sign of remorse for everything he put me through.

He only runs down here with a complain over Santi and I will open the door for him.

Maybe Salami is right.

Ladi's money has gone down and he has no choice but to run back to me for help.

I stare at him, not knowing what to do. I don’t know if I should send him away back to Santi or to let him come in, feed him and allow him stay until the weekend is over.

I was indecisive as I stood outside my door looking at Ladi with a straight face.

It seems my place was becoming a safe haven for him, where he can always run to whenever Santi troubles him or when he want a homemade food.

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