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What Does My Husband Want-Episode11


What Does My Husband Want-Episode11

©Amah’s Heart.

I did not go to my shop for three weeks. My sales attendant were in charge and updated me on everything.

I also changed the children’s school to a nearby school in my new location and it was not as expensive as their previous school.

I needed to cut down expenses to be able to still care for myself and my kids.

Ladi was calling my phone but I did not pick up. He later sent me a message asking me why I will move out of the house with the kids without informing him.
I had to remind him that they were my kids too. I carried them in my womb and brought them fought in due time and with God’s help. He cease to be their father over two years ago. He has stop responding to their needs and even asked me to remove our fourth baby because his mistress was pregnant at same time with me. That alone hurt so deeply. It cut me like knife anytime I think I was so foolish to have listened to Ladi and did his bidding. Displeasing myself only to please him and later realize I have been taken for granted.

He made me the escape goat. And with that act of his alone he is not worthy to be called a father to my children.

He has watched my kids get beaten and punished by Santi whom he brought to live under the same roof with them without any pro information.

I told him to focus and mind his new family with Santi because he has lost every right as both a husband to me and a father to my kids.

Is been over two years he has stopped providing for my children or paying bills patterning to them.

When I decided that I was not going to ask him for anything again was after his several complains of not having money.

I sent every details of how he lost his right and I told him to keep his distance from me and my children if he knows what is good for him.

One of my senior staffs called to inform me that Ladi was at the shop four times during the three weeks that I was away in my new apartment, trying to figure my life out and to set the house in order.

After everything was properly set up I took few days rest before resuming back to my business.

If I have my way I would have relocated my shop to another location where Ladi does not know about because I wanted to cut him off totally from everything that concerns me and my children.

After a month he was back to the shop and met me.

“What do you want? Why are you coming and going from here as you like? What exactly do you want Ladi? I have moved out of the big house for you and your madam just to find peace and rest of mind, what are you still coming around here for?

I asked him angrily.

“You are still my wife and my children are under your care. Miwa, you don’t have any right to pack out with my children without informing me. You even changed their school because I have been to their formal school and I was told you withdraw them. Why will you do that? I never ask you to leave the house. All I wanted was for peace to reign. You needed to show good example to Santi and not make trouble with her all the time but instead of acting like the senior and submissive wife you decided to move out with my kids. You know my business have almost gone down and I needed money to make it to stand again but you did not care this time. You ignored me and cared only for yourself and the kids. I’m still your husband Miwa and you supposed to be a supportive and submissive wife to me and not the other way round.

I scuffed out as I try not to laugh out sarcastically.

“I was everything you mentioned and even more. A good, respectful, submissive, supportive, enduring and a loving wife to you but you took it all for granted. I became opposite of what I used to be and yet you are complaining again. What exactly do you really want? Until you ask and answer yourself this questions you will not find happiness Ladi.

He went on talking but I was done replying him and went about with my business.

Ladi later left. He came again after a week telling me he needed money.

I was so mad and insulted him.
I warned him never to come looking for me in my shop again. I even threaten to serve him a divorce paper which my sister was getting ready for me.

He was shock the moment I said that and I can see his confused and scared face.

I asked him to leave and never return to my shop again or he will hear from my lawyer soon.
Ladi left and I did not see or hear from him.

After several months passed, I later heard that his business was doing well and he was back to maintaining two big shops again. He bought a car for Santi and she was cruising the whole town with it.

I did not know how he got such huge amount to spend on all this expenses. I was surprise and kept wondering if he took a loan from the bank or used the big building as a collateral.

It was later that I discovered that Ladi sold our house and moved into a rented apartment with Santi.

What kind of senseless man is Danladi? I was very shock because it was unbelievable.

How can Ladi do such a thing? I confronted him and discovered it was really true.

Ladi actually sold our home. The home I joined hand with him to build. He was well settled and he began to lavish the money.

I wept silently and couldn’t hold back the fact that Ladi was indeed foolish.

He was living as a tenant with Santi in an apartment after buying her a car and stocking up his shop and hers.

Ladi did not even inform me about selling the house, he just went ahead and sold off everything and start spending the money for himself and Santi.

It was very painful but I got over it and continue to focus on my own business and children.

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