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V.E.G.A- Introduction



V.E.G.A- Introduction

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

A long time ago, in a world far from human eyes, the wonderful and peaceful world or Arundel Fozz. A land of goodness and pure light, a place where the heavens and earth blended in full peace. This world had different rulers, each with their own level of powers and authorities but the most important ones were the higher nine.
Nysaiah, the ultimate god. He was powerful with limitless powers as long as it came to Arundel, his kindness knew no bound. He was loved by everyone, by every other gods and powerful nines. His main source of energy was from the moon and star, from the happiness and good emotions of the people of Arundel, he was goodness in one body.
Cyrus, his brother who ruled over the sun and all related.
Gaia, keeper of the four seasons of Arundel, Nysaiah's wife. She made sure to keep them in order, to protect them and stop any war between them.
Jasmine, Gaia's younger sister and keeper of animals.
Then there were the water, earth and all those others but there aren't really necessary.
The story started from when Jasmine fell in love with a man, he was a common hunter loved by Floral, personification of spring and was given blessings to be the greatest hunter of all. Jasmine's love for him knew no bound to the point she didn't see the flaws, the greed and deception in his heart. He exploited her love, used it against her and convinced her that he was going to die and only one thing could save him, the heart of Nysaiah's wife, a powerful jewel that could give him limitless powers.
Jasmine out of love forgot that the heart was the life force of Nysaiah's wife and his wife was the secret of his goodness, she successfully stole the heart of her unsuspecting sister. Gaia who was expecting a child fell into a coma, a coma that enraged Nysaiah and made him lose his mind. He went mad, tapping Into dark powers and changing everyone's heart, Arundel became a world of darkness, all it goodness gone. It was too late to return the heart, he hid her body where no one could find it and killed the remaining gods.
Gaia's heart which held the powers of the seasons appeared to an elf and a wizard, with the help of the seasons they installed the heart in the body of the baby of a widow and sent her away with hopes that maybe one day, just one day, fate will find a way to correct the mistake of Jasmine before it was too late.


Now I know some of you might not understand it but I plead that you be patient and wait for the chapters to unveil everything. It's simply clear so I hope you can reread it slowly and take in the information because I really need encouragement in this story.
I wrote it years ago but wasn't so sure about posting it, now I have, I hope I didn't name the wrong decision. Anyways! First chapter will be out this evening or tomorrow, depends.
Until then, those of you who love popcorns, get a basket of it because I intend to make this a long flight if I can.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

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