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V.E.G.A- Chapter Two



V.E.G.A- Chapter Two

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I waited impatiently for him, I was pacing around and luckily, Samantha was there to keep me in check. I couldn't hold my excitement, I was like that every time he was returning.
'Isn't that him?' She asked pointing to a direction. My head snapped to his direction, it was him in all his full heavenly glory. I shrieked excitedly and ran to him like he was my boyfriend returning from military base.
'Ashley baby!' He caught me on time before I fell and hugged me like I was his lover he hadn't seen in years. 'I've missed you so much Ash babe, I haven't seen you in ages....'
'We saw two months ago....' I interjected.
'I haven't seen you in ages!' I chuckled and pulled away from his hug. His breath on my neck was making my body react negatively. 'Look at you! You're a woman now!'
'Again, two months ago!'
'Hello?' Someone said behind him. I stood on my toes and looked at the intruder. She was beautiful with the same blonde hair like mine, same length, same silkiness, same blue eyes.....she had the same feature as me but different face.
Is it me or does all his girlfriends have my features?
'Who's she?' I asked jealously.
'Oh Ashley, meet my fiancée, Ashley Steel.'
'Huh?!' Sam and I exclaimed.
'Hi,' she said nervously. 'It's nice to finally meet you in person Ashley, Angus never stops blabbing about you.' I blinked, neither Sam nor I spoke. She became worried.
'Don't worry, they are a little bit shock, they will get use to it. Ashley be nice to her, she's my fiancée.'
'You didn't tell me you engaged a girl,' I murmured bitterly. 'Why?'
'Mom and dad knew, they have met her as well as Dean.'
'Why am I the only one?' I cried not because him not telling me hurts but because he was getting married.
'Earl didn't....'
'Don't lie to me,' I huffed. 'I hate surprises, you know that!'
'Ashley I was....'
'It's okay,' I shushed him and smiled politely at her. 'Hi, I'm your name buddy, nice to meet you.' She sighed with relief.
Stupid girl.


'Don't you think that he's weird? Why is he always dating girls with your features and similar names? This one completely have your names.' Mantha reasoned. We were in her room, it was late at night, I left home because I didn't want to see her and him together. 'Remember the last girls he dated? Ashlee, Ash, Ashkia, Ashlie, Ashlar?' I hummed. 'Think it, do you think that maybe Angus feels the same way you do?' I snorted.
'What are the odds.'
'I'm just saying, it's suspicious. This one likes painting, just like you. She bate pickles, just like you, she don't like wearing flats, just like you.....'
'She has everything I do.' I gasped catching up. 'No way! Angus can't love me, he's my brother!'
'Isn't that ironic for you to say?'
'No, this is bad!' I exclaimed. 'Me loving him was enough, I don't need him to love me back and complicate things....how did we end up like this? It's impossible!'
'You need to stay away from him.'
'But you know it will be off. They will all suspect my sudden distance.'
'True, I have an idea! Mom and I are going to see grandma Coco, maybe you can come along.' Grandma Coco was an old woman who used to live close to her, she was away now but we still went to see her. 'You could make up a huge excuse for her, one that everyone would buy like she's sick or something.'
'Then I could escape them, yes! Thanks bestie. I need a new boyfriend, maybe I should date Melvin, I like him after all.'
'And Carter?'
'I dump him,' I said nonchalantly and picked up my phone. I dialed his number and drummed my fingers impatiently. 'Hello....'
'Who's this?' A female voice asked irritably, perfect.
'I'm Carter's cousin, I called to remind him of....who're y....'
'Babe won't you join me in the bathroom?!' I heard Carter from the other side.
'Coming!' She shouted. 'Does that answer your question?'
'Tell him that his cousin Ashley called and told him to fuck his life up his ass, he's messed up.' I hung up and deleted his number.
'You know it's your fault right?'
'I told him no sex before we started dating, his own problem.' She shook her head pitifully, I smiled sadly. Fuck my life.
#Next_Evening .
Melvin dropped me off in front of the house, well inside the mansion. We were singing to a very loud rap song and laughing, he was pretty cool and worth wasting my time with. He drove a convertible hybrid sport, the roof carefully folded out of the way so we could easily be seen.
'Whoo! That was lit!' He exclaimed, we laughed. He turned down the music and grinned. 'Thanks for accepting to come out with me today, I was very bored and sad. It's great to know you're giving me a chance....'
'Hey, I just broke up with my boyfriend last night, calm down.' I said laughingly, he shrugged.
'I don't mind, we can start dating immediately.'
'For me, no, I have my pride to protect but maybe we will.' He rubbed his palms together.
'I can't wait for you to be Mrs McKinley.' I punched his arm
'Foolish boy,' I laughed and opened the door. He whimpered and pouted. 'Fine,' I gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran out of the car before he kissed me.
'Kiss my ass!'
'Bring em babe,' I shook my head.
'Get out of my compound before I release my dogs.'
'I can take em, don't you know I'm Samson?'
'Samson my foot.'
'Look at my muscles,' he flexed his muscles and kissed them. 'Awesome huh?'

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'Those chicken muscles of yours, you can't fight an ant'
'You just insulted my dignity. It would have hurt but then, my dignity is down in my pants.' I laughed, he always made me laugh.
'Melvin, you won't kill me, get lost.'
'No way, not until I get my kiss...' He got out of the car. I stepped back. 'Come give me some sugar honey.
'Stay away from me!' I ran but he was a damn racer, he caught me, a loud squeal left my mouth. 'Put me down Melvin!' I squealed laughingly, he spun me around, I shrieked more. 'Okay, I'll kiss you.' He dropped me down and puckered his lips making funny kissing sounds. I laughed and face palmed him.
'You didn't kiss me,' he feigned a cute baby cry. I laughed and turned to leave but he wrapped his hand around my waist and oukked me back, my body hit his gently. 'Where do you think you're going?'
'You know this is my father's compound, right?'
'He loves me,' I smiled and encircled my hands on his neck.
'True, just like I love you.' I whispered huskily, he chuckled and crashed his lips on mine. I giggled and kissed him back with as much zeal, with him I forgot someone like Angus existed. I knew then that with him, I could get over Angus in no time. His tongue danced in my mouth skillfully and I was wondering where he had been all my life, it was my first felt kiss.
My felt something running up my veins from my heart in tingling sensation, my body was coming alive and not with desire, something else but I didn't think it much. I had two yummy pink lips to devour. He tapped my waist to caution his hands from exploring further, if we weren't outside, I would have let him make me feel foreign sensations. I moaned into his mouth, my hands sliding down to his collar.
'Ashley!!!!!' Angus's thunderous voice made me scream and flew away from Melvin. My heart was beating rapidly, it felt like my boyfriend caught me cheating. 'What are you doing?!!!'
'Nothing,' I stammered looking at Earl for help. Earl wasn't smiling at all. 'Melvin, leave.' I whispered. He sauntered to the driver's seat and waved at me. 'Bye Mel,' he winked at me, bowed at Earl and Angus and got into the car. 'Relax, he's my boyfriend.' I murmured and ran away to the kitchen door. Need to get away, I burst into the kitchen and saw Dean. 'My twin!!!' I jumped on him.
'My twin!' He squealed too. 'Look at you, all grown up and making out with a guy, he's hot.' I blushed, he was the only one that didn't care much. 'Who's he?'
'My new boyfriend.'
'Isn't he Melvin? The Rich dude dad have been bugging you to date?'
'Where's she?!!!!!' Angus said thunderously. I gulped and hid behind Dean. 'Who was that?'
'Melvin,' I said shaking with fear, his anger was bad.
'When did you guys start kissing?' Earl asked calmly bug with a frown.
'Just now, Carter and I broke up because I got tired, I like Melvin a lot. He's not after big breasts...' Earl grinned at that and flew his collar proudly.
'He's a good son, no one can be a breastian more than me.'
'Are you seriously supporting this Earl?!'
'Angus, Ashley is not a child, we can't keep protecting her. Of she don't explore, how would she expexperience?' Dean asked coolly stirring his cup of lemonade.
'She's too young and...'
'You fucked a girl at thirteen, isn't that young?' Earl asked smirkingly.
'I'm a guy, she's...'
'Leave her alone Angus, mom and dad will be glad she's dating him, they always wanted her to.' I nodded still clinging to Dean. Angus glared at me.
'So you love him, huh?' I nodded like a kid, he snorted and stomped off.
'Don't wieeyy, he'll be over it.' Dean said assuredly. 'I wonder why he's so protective,' he mused, Earl gave him a look I don't understand. 'Oh.' He murmured.
'I'll go talk to him,' Earl smiled and snatched Dean's green apple and lemonade. He drank it and moaned, making lips smacking sound. 'Mmmm, too much sugar.' He left Dean to grumble.
'One day, I'll poison that boy.'
'I heard that!' Earl shouted, I laughed and ran to my room. I felt good about myself.
To be continued.

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