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V.E.G.A- Chapter twenty



V.E.G.A- Chapter twenty

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I stood in front of him with hands shoved deep into my pockets as I chewed gum nosily, he was giving some demons orders while I stood there wasting my time and life.
'Am I going to keep standing here or are you going to talk?' I asked rudely.
'I've warned you to speak to me with respect,' he said with his deep scary voice which I wasn't the slightest bit afraid of. 'I might tolerate you but that doesn't mean you can fully treat me with disrespect.'
'Okay, you made me leave what I was doing because you wanted to lecture me about respect? Why am I here? Please I don't have time for this!'
'You know what I like about you,' here we go again. 'You are stubborn and bitter, filled with hatred, anger and most of all, darkness. Are you ready to finally unleash that anger?'
'Just go straight to the point.'
'At long last, I located the killer of your mother,' my head shot up. 'Do you want to know where they are? Are you ready to take back your mother's heart and bring her back to life?'
'I'm ready to do anything, where are they? Tell me!!!'
'Easy there. The people you seek are closer to you than you think, they have been in plain sight all this time but now there are stronger, getting them won't be easy.
'Just tell me where they are!!!!'
'The power of the heart was divided into the body of four but only one have the heart directly in her. The first born child is with the heart, find a way to get close enough and take it back but to do that, there's something you must do.'
Coolest morning ever! Fallon made my night and dad made my morning, I finally had someone to share my cleanliness theory with, it was fun not being the only extraordinarily clean girl in the family. Dad drove us to school in his freaking expensive car, mom tagged along too, they were going to work from there.
'Bye mom, bye dad.' Ani said excitedly.
'Bye dad.' Verna said warmly.
'Bye parents who couldn't help me one bit when four girls were bullying me last night, you're both hopeless!' Gale huffed and stomped out of the car. I laughed and rubbed my hands together, I love Fallon like crazy.
'Bye mom,' I stretched forward and kissed her cheek. 'See you at home. Angus, bye.' I got out of the car too.
'She'll warm up to you.' I heard mom said assuredly. I walked to the others and watched them drive away before we walked into the school, I intentionally hid my face from the paparazzi surrounding the school. Mom and dad were yet to know anything and it would remain that way.
I wore a blue hood jacket over a leather gown.
Ani's ears were blocked with her r headphone but she could still hear well. Gale was blabbing to Verna while I just smiled, the days have been going perfectly. Fallon jumped in front of us.
'Did you just jump down from the roof?'
'Stairs,' she pointed to the high stairs. 'Climbing is boring.'
'And I thought Jennifire was crazy,' Gale murmured. 'What do you think you're doing here?'
'I'm here to see my friends, duh.'
'We are no longer friends, you're very very evil.'
'But Galley bear,' she said sweetly battering her lashes. 'I wasn't referring to you in the first place.' I laughed and nodded.
'High five new bestie!' I squealed, we laughed and high fived.
'I can't believe you could just toss me away like that, I thought we were friends.' Gale said incredulously.
'Yeah, I thought we could be friends but then I realised that you'll be fun to torture than befriend.' A girl that wants to torment Gale, that's a first.
'Wow, I suddenly hate your existence, I'm out of here.' He said with an intense frown, he made to stomp away but she put her leg in the way so he'd trip. He crashed on the floor hard and we laughed.
'Oops, my bad.' She said gigglingly. He puffed, he stood up and stomped his feet.
'Fallon leave me alone!!!'
'Make me,' she said challengingly. 'I dare you.'
'Don't make me throw you into a tornado....'
'Or spin you like one like this....' She swiftly spun him around and kicked his butt, he fell face flat and groaned, some people laughed. 'So, Eira, you ready for today's drama?'
'What are you talking about?'
'After what you did to Dwayne, the girls in this school will kill you, you really messed up his life.'
'How bad is it?' I asked lowly.
'Major bad,' Verna gasped. 'It's becoming worse.' I took her phone and checked the headlines, I love hurting stupid people but not that much. 'Eira, look what you've done.'
'I didn't ask the Patty girl to post this, you can't blame me.'
'Eira, you have to fix this,' Fallon said worriedly. 'I might hate the dude but I don't approve of this.'
'So what am I suppose to do? Apology won't just fix it.'
'I know, go find and apologize first.' Ani said going through her phone. I hate apologizing, over my dead body.
'I already called Verna, she's bringing her sister over.' I said calmly.
'Do I have to beg? Can't I just pay her?'
'Do you think she'll care about that?' Ross asked scoffingly.
'So what do you expect me to do? Beg? Over my dead body.' The doorbell to the longue chipped. I pressed the remote to open the door and it opened. Ani carried Eira on her shoulder again as she yelled and fussed.
'Hey guys.' She chirped.
'Oh, hey Blaze.' Terry said with his stupid flirtatious smirk. She didn't even care, sue smiled warmly and three Eira on the floor. I waved at Verna, she nodded without a smile. What's with her? Did I offend her?
'So why am I here? If you guys expect me to apology to him, think again because that will be over my dead body.'
'Are you seeing how rude she is, and you want me to beg her.'
'Eira, I have a deal for you,' Terry started with his evil smirk, Dwayne frowned. 'We need you to date Dwayne until the scandal blows out, we already have the plan set out but we need your acceptance.'
'How is that a deal?'
'During the period you're dating him, he'll be your slave....'
'You say what now!' We exclaimed quizzically, she smirked.
'No way, I am not going to....'
'I accept, I have a new pet!'
'No, I'm not...'
'Do you want my help or not?' She asked smugly.
'Eira, do you have to enslave him?' Verna sighed.
'Yes, how else will I punish him?'
'It's concluded, you'll be her slave during the dating period.' I concluded.
'No buts, concluded.' Terry said laughingly.
'You don't have a choice Dwayne, you either do it or lose it.' Toby murmured.
'Can this day get any better for me!' Eira squealed. She stood up and dropped her bag. 'Carry my bag and trail behind me begging for my forgiveness.'
'Then I'm out, bye Cian.' She skipped out laughing evilly.
'Dwayne don't do it, I'll handle her.' Verna said smilingly.
'Blaze, let's walk.' Terry jumped up, before Anila could reject, he already grabbed her wrist and pulled her out.
'I'm off to class,' Verna murmured and walked out. I ran after her. 'Hi.'
'Verna, are we okay?'
'You're acting rather cold towards me, are we okay?'
'I'm fine, I just don't feel too open with you.'
'Why?' I asked poutingly.
'Nothing, don't walk with me, ho on your own.'
'But you were friendly when we spoke yesterday....'
'Yesterday and today is different, I'm serious, don't talk to me, we aren't friends.' She walked ahead, what's wrong with her? What did did I do?

To be continued.

What's up with Verna.
Somebody's in a mood.
Who's the unknown dude?

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