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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Two



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Two

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I punched the wall viciously, Terry took me to a cool wicked gym, we had a bet to see who the better fighter was and I was kicking his ass. I looked at him and wiggled my brows, his mouth was slightly open. I'd punch five bags until they burst and the wall had cracks on it, I would have broken it but that wouldn't seem too normal.
'I should stop now, I'll break the wall.'
'Or you're tired.'
'Terry, this is private property, I can't destroy it.'
'I refuse to accept that you can defeat me, you beat me at skateboarding and now this!' I shrugged.
'That's the least of everything that I can do.' He grumbled and went to sit.
'You and your sisters are weird and suspicious.'
'Why do you think we're suspicious?'
'Let me start with your extraordinary beauties and commanding auras. Next, your strength and cool vibe.'
'In case you haven't noticed, I'm the male among my siblings, I have to be strong.'
'Humph, whatever.' I shrugged and picked up my water bottle. 'So, tell me about yourself, what's up with you and your family?'
'There's nothing much to tell. My mom got pregnant out of wedlock, like my dad don't know or didn't know we existed until recently. She raised us herself with her grandmother, she's all we have.'
'That's short, how old are you all? 23?'
'Did you guys get late admission?'
'No, we got expelled.' I sat down opposite him.
'Gale raided the school with wild alpacas and Eira locked a guy asking her out in a fridge, there was too many....' I lied, hate lying.
'Wait! Because a guy asked her out! Dwayne....'
'Is likely to die if he tries anything stupid.' I smiled, he chuckled nervously. 'Don't worry, she'll be okay.'
'Yeah, she, not him. Just hope he can behave well.'
'Oh, do you have anything doing on Friday? I'm throwing a sick party on Friday night and I won't mind having a gorgeous lass like you as my date for the night.' I laughed, he was trying to flirt? Oh pe-lease.
'Well, this gorgeous girl will love to go with you but she's not that caught out for parties, I might not dress well.'
'The crazier, the better.' He said winkingly, I chuckled.
'You really think you can win this, huh?' I asked amusedly. He stared at me confusedly.
'Nothing.' Just nothing, dude is going to break his own heart.
Just hope Verna is okay.
'Lovely evening moon
Won't you stop my glum
Won't you shade my worries
I've been sitting duck
Dead worry like fuck
Is my heart meant to cower
Oh I've been hiding
Let my fear slide in
Now I'm shivering dead
Can someone hear my pledge
The one I made to danger.....' I sang with beating heart, I was panicking seriously but trying to hide it. Cian went somewhere, literally I was too scared to follow.
'Verna,' he called from somewhere. I stood up from the deck where I sat. 'A little help Vern, I'm stuck!!!' I rushed to the voice without thinking.
'Cian? Cian!!!' I stopped at a pond, there was no one there. 'Cian?'
'Hello beautiful,' he said from behind me. I turned and sighed. 'Sorry I scared you, was kidding.' He walked closer to me and played with my hair.
'Are you okay?' I asked smilingly.
'You're very very beautiful Verna, have anyone ever told you that?' He whispered huskily, I blushed and nodded. 'Then let me use another words. You're as beautiful as the break of dawn, the lovely season spring. Your beauty is like a rose, delicate and fragile, yet so beautiful. You're the Queen of enchantment, the one that strangely makes my heart beat....'
'Really.' He whispered leaning closer to my face, I giggled and closed my eyes expecting his kiss.
'Verna!!! Where are you?!!!!' Cian shouted from a distance. I opened my eyes sharply, the Cian in front of me kissed me immediately. I felt something pass through his lips into my body, a burning gas. I tried to free myself but couldn't, he was strong.
'Anila, help me!!!!' I shouted in my head but it was like I was shut out, my heart started to ache, blood running down my nose. He pushed me, my limp body falling on the ground.
'You're useless, you're not the one I'm looking for. It must be the boy.' He wiped his lips with disgust and disappeared. I couldn't breathe, my head was spinning and blood running down my nose.
'Verna? Verna!!!!' Cian shouted. I squeezed the grass trying to suck it life into me but my powers were gone.
'Anila,' I sobbed telepathically. 'Gale.....'
Dwayne and I were fighting over who would cook, I was at his house but so far, we'd done more fighting than talking.
'This is my house!!! I can't let you touch my things, you'll spoil it and infect my properties with your bacteria!!!!!' Never in my life had anyone called me dirty but he was calling me a pig. I walked on his floor and he swept it again, I sat on his chair and he sprayed it after pushing me off. I suddenly understood how others felt when I did it to them.
'I am ten times more germs free than you!!!! I won't let you poison me with your bad cooking!!!!'
'And who told you my cooking is bad!!!!'
'I don't need to be told fool!!!!'
'Stop yelling you nitwit!!!!'
'You're yelling you tod stew!!!!' He glared at me. I inhaled. 'Ok, since you're the slave, prepare a wonderful delicacy for your queen.'
'I know what you're trying to do so I won't fall for it, get out of my kitchen.' I hissed and walked out, stupid boy and his stupid cleanliness. I went to the living room which was too arrange, way too orderly. Perfection is my thing, how could he be so perfect!
'I hate him,' I scattered everything and rearranged it but his was better, how could his be better. I scattered and rearranged continuously, trying to get a better setting but I couldn't beat his. 'Argh! So frustrating!'
'Seriously?' He asked chucklingly, I huffed and looked at him. 'You don't have to feel bad, you're a loser, you should be used to it.'
'I hate your house.'
'Like you said, my house.' He rearranged it back to his perfect setting and nodded with satisfaction. I sat down and stared at the ceiling, he wasn't better than me. 'Food is ready, if you like stay there and starve.'
His cooking would suck.
I walked to the kitchen where my food had been carefully dished out, he was already eating fastidiously, like a king. I ignored his neat table and sat down, the food smelt so nice, don't even know what it was. I took a bite and froze, the sweet taste turning my taste bud on. Mom's pies were the only food better than mine, no one could cook better than me.
'Are you okay?' He asked smirkingly. I nodded and ate in silence, someone made me speechless, that sucks. 'Are you going to appreciate my cooking?'
'Shut up, I don't talk while eating.'
'Even presidents and royals talk while eating. Why are you so rude?'
'I should be asking you that. You're proud, stubborn, irritating and a bastard.....'
'I'm proud?! Babe, have you met yourself?!'
'I know I'm proud but I don't look down on anyone or treat them completely bad unlike you....'
'You don't know me Esther, you don't even know my name.'
'It's Eira and your name is Dwayne. I don't need to know you to hate you.'
'I know I'm bad but don't just judge without getting to know the inner me, like every inner part.' He winked at me.
'If you want to survive, don't flirt with me.'
'I hate boys.'
'I hate you.'
'Well guess what, I hate you too.' He cleared the dishes even though I wasn't done. 'You're too full of yourself, I might be proud but I know when to stop.'
'Where did you learn how to cook?' I blunted out. He chuckled.
'My grandmother taught me, my maternal grandma that is. She was my best friend?'
'Yeah, she died trying to save me. A piano fell out of nowhere, she pushed me out of the way and you know the rest.'
'When mine died, I didn't cry, just stared.' I said sadly.
'I don't know, I find it hard to express myself like apologizing.' I bit my lip, remorse, that's new.
'I cry a lot, that's why mom loves me.' I chuckled. 'Really sorry if what I said about your sister upset you, I'm Dwayne, the typical asshole.' I inhaled.
'I take on responsibility for my actions. I shouldn't have ruined you like that, take my deepest sincerity.'
'Wow, sorry would have been nicer.' He said sarcastically. I giggled and gave him a thumbs up. 'So, friends?'
'Friends are a waste of valuable time and mental stability.'
'You are very stupid.' I laughed, yeah, I know I am. We talked for a while, laughing and insulting each other, he wasn't that bad.
I excused myself to go pee, I felt a sting in my chest and my mental connection with one of my siblings break. Something was wrong, really wrong.
'Anila, Gale, Verna....'
'Verna's in trouble, Eira find her, Gale find her too just in case Cian is there so you can wipe his memory.' Anila instructed instantly. Oh no!
I strolled along the dark street with hands in my pockets, that was disappointing. She wasn't the one at all. Something hit me, I crashed into the wall nearby. I got on my feet immediately, ready to defend myself but saw her, the last one. Her body was on flame, her eyes showing how angry she was.
'You think you can hurt my sister? Think again!!!!' I moved out of the way before the large fireball hit me. She was fast, I dodged as much as I could but I could barely get away faster. Her flame was white, filled with light. A force moved and pinned me to the wall.
For some reason, I couldn't touch her.
She hit my chest and took back the powers I took from her sister easily.
She was the one!
I grabbed her hand, my darkness flowing into her body. She laughed and headbutt me, that didn't hurt her a bit.
'Who are you?!!!'
'Your possibly worst nightmare.' She smirked at my words which confused me. Before I could act, she grabbed my head with her free hand and kissed me. Her fire transferred into my body, the flame consuming me completely. She stepped back and spat on me.
'Say hi to Hades for me, you're just a kid, your powers are weak and useless. If I could find you through your dream, then you're weaker than expected.' Her hands turned to white flame. 'From the pit of darkness you came, from the pit of hades you shall rest, begone weak soul and never return.' She hit my chest, that was all I saw last.
How perfect, tricking the weak half demon to believe they killed his mother so I could find who really had my wife's heart. The youngest one was with it but her powers are too strong, even stronger than mine but not stronger than my secret weapon.
'Gobaz, contact him and deliver the message now.' I commanded my slave, he nodded and scurried out. This is about to get interesting.
To Be continued

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