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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Three



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Three

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I blinked my eyes with a whimper, I couldn't see well yet. I woke up a day earlier but I lost my sight, temporary that is. Eira healed me while Anila returned my powers, Gale said he wiped Cian's memory fortunately and everything was alright.
'Verna, you okay?' Dad asked with concern, he was trying to tuck me in comfortably.
'Dad, I already told you that I'm fine, like a year ago.' I said jokingly. He laughed and tickled my toes.
'Sorry, I'm just trying to help....this room is filthy, is this dust? Why isn't this place swept? Didn't I tell Gale to brush the ground?....'
'Daaaaad, I've told you, one Eira is enough.'
'But it's dirty....okay, fine, I'm sorry.' I felt him on the bed.
'Dad, how's things with mom coming?'
'Everything's fine, the problem I have is Eira, she's too cold towards me.'
'Eira is like that to almost everyone, you should know that.' I rest my head on his shoulder and entwined our hands.
'I just wish she can be more free with me like you and Anila, even Gale is free in his own way, at least I'm his new ATM machine.' I laughed and shook my head. 'Geez, that boy can spend, I'll go bankrupt with him.'
'Heh heh, he's testing you.'
'I know, your mom's a little nervous though. I already called my family and told them we're coming to see them, that is one and now this person wanting you dead.'
'She'll be fine, you just need to hug and kiss her more.' He ticked my head and chuckled. Someone knocked on the door, the person walked in.
'Hey Verna, dad,' Eira said chirpily. 'Verna, you have a guest, Cian is behind me right now poking my head even though he knows I can kill him.'
'Really?' I asked blushingly.
'Mm hm, so I'm going to steal dad away while you spend time with your boyfriend, remember the thing in the "E", dad, you're coming?'
'Where are we going?'
'Shopping, I need a new wardrobe so I can look more stunning from now on, I have a fake boyfriend to torment and prove that I am way better than. Two, I can't wear old clothes to a cool party like Terry Jackson's, I need to level up and fortunately for me, I have a dad with big pockets....'
'So I'm the ATM machine?'
'And the lovely sugarplum dad I love so much,' she said babyishly. Please change my wardrobe daddy bear poo.' What's with her enthusiastic sweetness?
'Okay, anything for my princess, Verna, I'm off?'
'Sure dad, here's a warning, don't let her see jewelry, Eira plus jewelries is bad news.'
'It's not my fault I like jewelries.' She said poutingly.
'Er....I'm still here,' Cian's voice said nervously. 'Hello Mr Steinberg, I wasn't expecting to see you here.'
'Cian Jackson? What a wonderful surprise. I don't really know you much....'
'Hellooooo, I have a date with the mall here!' Eira shouted. I smiled, soon dad and Eira left, well she dragged him away.
'How are you feeling now? Sorry poison fungus got into your eyes, I didn't know plants like that existed in my forest.'
'It's okay, my sight will be back in three or five days....'
'I feel so bad about it, what if you can't see ever again?'
'I'll be able to see, don't worry about me.'
'You know, I was really worried when I couldn't find you at the cottage, it almost felt like something bad was happening to you, like you were in danger. It's crazy how I was able to feel it but I did, there's just the weird connection between us, one that terrifies me in a very nice way. I don't know what I'm saying but....'
'I understand, don't speak further. I'm glad you were there to help me.' I felt his fingers laced up with mine, something tingling up my veins.
'Would you like to be my date to the party? Like a real date? I ignore the we just met part.'
'I'll love to, thank you.....' I blinked my itching eyes. 'Excuse me,' I removed my hand and itched it back. 'Sorry, it's itchy.'
'Don't touch it....' He whispered removing my hand. I groaned, the itch was intense. 'Your eyes, white substance is coming out of it.....should I get you anything?!' He panicked.
'Calm down, can you help me to the bathroom? I just need to wash it.' I said calmly.
'Hold on,' he stood up from the bed and carried me. I sang softly as he carried me to the bathroom, he dropped me down on the floor and helped me balance myself. I closed my eyes and waited for the water to touch my eyes, he turned on the tap quickly and washed my eyes carefully. I could feel his magic passing into me, like he was healing my eyes.
'Do you have healing powers?'
'I heal animals sometimes.'
'Human being?'
'Only myself, why?' I shook my head dismissively. He used something to dab my wet eyes, I blinked them open and chuckled. 'What? Is it still itching?'
'No, I can see now, you healed me.'
'But I can't heal, I've tried.' He said incredulously.
'With me, I guess it's different, I'm hungry, can you cook? I can't cook.' He stared at me confusedly, I'd have to open up and tell him the truth.
I bit my lip nervously, I'd been standing in front of Fallon's door for half an hour contemplating if to knock or not. She wasn't talking to me and it hurt, she should have been my friend alone and not my sisters. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, frustrated was my middle name.
'You know, instead of staring at my door for minutes, why don't you just knock?' She asked with clear amusement in her tone. I walked out of the porch and saw her staring at me from the balcony. 'What are you doing here Gale?'
'I came to see a friend.'
'I thought we weren't friends Mr Steinberg?' She asked smirkingly.
'Fallon can you please open the door? Let's talk.'
'I rather walk with you, my place is not a place for you to spend three seconds at.'
'I live with idiots, hold on.' She walked back inside, I turned my attention to the street, the people going about their evening business. The street was quiet and neat, very neat. I jumped away when I heard a sound, I looked to my left and saw her on the ground, she fucking jumped down from the balcony!.
'Are you crazy!'
'Yes, why?'
'Fallon, you can hurt yourself.' I said worriedly bending down to check her ankles.
'This is not my first time jumping, don't overreact. Stairs are lame, now let's walk.' I stood up straight, she was sporting a yellow sport shirt over a short leaf green skirt and black hose. She wore yellow pumps to or whatever that female weird shoes are. She skipped away, going far into the street while I tried to keep up with her pace.
'So you wanna tell me what's going on with you?' I asked under my breath, she's damn fast.
'Nothing out of the ordinary. My dad was poor, nobody liked him but then my mom loved him and that led to their marriage. After a year, they had me, mom did a job that got him millions and foolishly signed everything over to him in the name of love. Do you know what he did just three months after that? He divorced her, forcefully took custody over me and married her best friend who already had a daughter. Now Fallon is the outsider and the gold diggers the good people.' She said through gritted teeth, her voice filled with so much anger.
'Where's your mom now?'
'Dead, the idiot committed suicide.' I felt a pang of pain in my chest as I realised she might hate men which meant she would never date.
'And you hate men?'
'I can't blame others for the foolishness of one person.' I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, that's good.
'Why don't you just leave them alone? Sometimes bitterness can cause you a lot.'
'Don't preach to me love, the moment I graduate and get a job with good pay, I'll take back everything mom gave him. I have the original documents, at least she was smart enough to add me as the next of kin and gave him a fake copy.'
'Don't,' she shut me up with a dismissive wave of her hand. 'So, you attending Terry's party? I know you got invited.'
'Yes, you wanna be my plus one?'
'Only if I can ruin his party with an epic prank!' She squealed, I glared at her. 'Fine, whatever, I'll hang at your place instead and finally get that pie you promised.' I smiled, that's a better way to spend Friday night.

He drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair as he stared at the image of four people displayed on his screen, his sneer never shaking. His dark eyes showed darkness, he was darkness.
'So what would you have me do sir?' His butler asked calmly.
'Get my jet ready, I'm going to New Orleans.'

To be continued.
Who's the new guy?

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