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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Six



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Six

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

Cian hit my back on the rail, if I wasn't so lost in what we were doing, that would have hurt like crazy. I went to meet him at the balcony, he was trying to avoid a girl throwing himself at him. We were ten on the roof, my other crush was there and I was so excited I stayed with my crush while the girl ogled my love. I didn't mind though, he would always love me and I could easily throw her off the roof if she tried anything stupid. Somehow I ended up dancing with my crush and he got angry and dragged me to the corner of the roof.
We argued in low whispers and then he got angry and kissed me.
That was where we were, at the kissing scene.
He grabbed my head roughly, pressing it closer so I won't have any chance to pull back without his permission. I whimpered, he was a rough and demanding kisser, I was struggling to keep up with him. He pressed my back harder on the rail, my back burning from the pressure and pain. I put my hands on his chest to push him away but he grabbed my waist possessively, hurting me with the strength of his grip.
I bit his lips and forced myself free.
'What is...'
'You're hurting me,' I whimpered rubbing my waist and head. 'My back....'
'I'm sorry, I'm not a gentle k....'
'I know but you're hurting me.' I sobbed.
'I'm sorry, let's try again.' I glanced at the others who were looking at us.
'People are staring....'
'Let them stare, especially him.' I smiled and leaned on the rail carefully before his lips came down on mine again. This time his kiss was gentle, struggling to be gentle but I was able to meet up with him. I encircled my hands on his neck and stood on my toes, his hands sliding into my top.
'Ugh! You guys, get a room!!!' My crush shouted, he chuckled on my lips and deepened the kiss, his hands sliding higher, leaving trail of fire on everywhere he touched.
He broke the kiss and glide his tongue to my ear.
'Should we get a room?' He whispered, I could feel his smirk on my ear, my breath seized. 'Should we babe?' He kissed down to my neck and nibbled on my sensitive spot, a move that sent my head flying backwards and a soft moan escaping my lips.
'Yes, room, what you said.' I said dazedly, he gave my spot one more bite before straightening himself up. He took my hand and walked towards the exit while I trailed behind like a sheep.
'Bye guys!!!' He shouted waving at them. They waved back making funny teasing comments about us, I cared less. I was more worried about the heat burning me and my better sense of reasoning convincing me to slow down a bit.
For once in my life, I wanted to do something reckless and unthinkable.
He led me out of the party after giving Ross a sign, Ross was with his girlfriend, Nicky Henson. She's a dope TV personality. Immediately we walked out of the house, his guards trooped out of nowhere and surrounded us. They seemed to protect him more than every other of the Jacksons. Terry was too stubborn to keep one, always chased them away and Toby never came out of his house like everyone knows. Except for school and concerts or other important events, he's always trapped indoors.
'Where are we going? J-Bonk?' I asked scanning the place for Eira or Adara. J-Bonk is what fans call the house they live in together as teammates.
'Dummy, where do you think we are, Paris,' he said sarcastically, it was a stupid question, the party was held there after all. 'my place.'
'Won't your parents and sister be there?'
'No, they aren't.'
'Anila, are you there?' I asked telepathically.
'Have you seen Eira?'
'Isn't she suppose to be with Dwayne?' I asked coming to a stop at Cian's car.
'She got angry because some guys threw snot on her....'
'What!' I gasped out.
'Is everything alright?' Cian asked worriedly, I forced a smile and nodded.
'Did you knock her out? Is she going snow crazy on them?'
'No, surprisingly, Dwayne stopped her.'
'Do I sound like I'm in the mood to joke?'
'She's his beta double.'
'Oh she's so screwed,' I said gigglingly, Cian shut the door after I got in. 'He left with her?'
'They probably went home, she's blocking me out.'
'Do you think....' I said thoughtfully.
'Nay!' We exclaimed dismissively, 'there's no way Eira of all people will go that far so fast.' We said simultaneously.
'I'll check on Gale, tell him I'm coming or rather go to him and ruin his plans.' She said evilly. 'Where you at?' I looked out of the window, the car was out if the compound now.
'Nowhere important, I'm with Cian's sister,' I lied. 'I won't be back for the night, don't wait up or look for me, at all. I repeat don't check up on me at all, no matter what happens....'
'Geez! I get it. You want to spend the night at your boyfriend's, don't warn me so much mom.' I went crimson.
'If you tell the others, I'll kill you.' I threatened sheepishly.
'Verna threatening to kill someone, that dying really helped you, you should due more often.' She said jokingly, I blocked her out and sighed, that was when I notice how Cian was watching me.
'What?' I asked uncomfortably.
'One, you're just too beautiful. Two, who are you communicating with?'
'Nobody, just thinking of what I'm about to do, it doesn't feel like me.' I lied, I wasn't thinking a thing
'Would you like to change your mind? I can still wait until....'
'Nevermind that, one reckless move might either kill me or give me a whole new experience. Like mom and Adara will always say, live and learn.'
Yes, I has to live and learn.

I stared at Fallon secretly, we were sitting on the roof which we had to climb as she instructed. She was staring at the stars sadly, her eyes glistening with unshed tears and lips quavering. The wind blew her hair allover her face, adding dramatic tension to my beating heart. I could feel her pain, she was trying hard to conceal it from me with her happy charade.
She sniffed, a small sob escaping her mouth.
'Fallon,' I called softly taking her hand from her kneecap where she placed em. 'You wanna know a secret?' She didn't say a thing or move. 'I'm a girl.' She snapped her head to me, her eyes twinkling with confusion and wonderment.
'Yes, I'm a girl. Just dress up like a boy.'
'You're kidding, right?'
'Dead serious,' she frowned, before I saw it coming, she used her other hand to squeezed my chopper. 'Darn it Fal, do you have to do this.' I moaned out in pain, she was still squeezing the life out of it.
'You pretty much feel like a boy to me, what's wrong with you?'
'If you can remove your hand from my lifespan, I'll explain.' I gasped, she removed her hand, she's crazy!
'How are you a girl?'
'I'm transplant. I hated the fact that we were four girls so I changed.' She smacked my head with a laugh.
'Idiot, if there is ever to be anyone that will change it's Adara. Plus, your mom will never let that happen.'
'I know,' I groaned still in pain. 'Wanna tell me why you're sad?' Her smile dropped, she turned her head back to it previous position and sighed. 'Please.'
'Today's my mother's death anniversary, I get to celebrate it alone for another year. Dad stopped caring a year after he married that witch, I don't want to cry because I promise myself to be strong but how can I keep on being strong when I'm all alone, helpless. Nobody really cares if Fallon still exist, not even my uncle who teaches at the college, I'm just alone.' She sobbed.
'Have you ever thought that maybe you are the one chasing them away?'
'How?' She wailed. 'I've done nothing wro....'
'You're mischievous and cunning and there's no doubt you act dubious to them every time. With the way your uncle spoke the first day we met, don't you think you're the cause?' She sniffed and sucked her bottom lip thoughtfully. 'Like my mom once said, you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.'
'Why would I want to catch flies?' I rolled my eyes, she smiled. 'I don't know how to be nice nice nice nice, I can only be nice nice.'
'Try it Fallon and maybe, just maybe, you won't stand alone.' I kissed the back of her palm and smiled, she grinned.
'Thank you, I still feel sad though.'
'Then let me show you something,' I left her hand and jumped down from the high roof. She jumped down too and followed me inside. I locked the does and used the wind to slam the windows shut. 'Promise you won't freak out?'
'I don't easily spook.' I inhaled, hoping I won't regret what I was going to do. I moved my hands together circularly, a autumn and golden ball rising from it. She gasped.
'Beauty of autumn in which I delight
Season of my will in which I bright
A little touch and a little peep
Show me what beauty is within' I threw the ball up, it transforming to a autumn hummingbird. It flew around her, amusing her before it flew up and burst in the sky. The whole living room beautified, a mini beauty of autumn taking over the room.
'Gale, how?!'
'Magic,' she looked at me with a smile. 'What?'
'I knew it, you just felt so extraordinary.' I chuckled nervously.
'On my life.' I laughed and hugged her, she's definitely the best.
To be continued.

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