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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Seven



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Seven

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

Gale played with his hands nervously, he was still unsure about everything but it was cool to me. He trusted me so much, I mean why will he show me his secret if he didn't? I felt so honored and loved. We were at the cemetery paying our respect to mom, he tagged along.
'Hey, stop doing that, I said I won't tell. I won't even let your sisters know you told me.' I assured him as we walked to his car. He sighed and bit his index finger.
'Mom and Eira will kill me if they ever find out I told someone our secret, what if this gets you in trouble....what if they stop me from seeing you!' He panicked.
'Hey,' I called chucklingly, placing my hand on his shoulder. 'Everything will be alright, just don't let the cat out of the bag, okay?'
'I'll try, I am a very good liar after all.' He said smilingly, I rolled my eyes and smiled too. I really wanted to kiss him again, I wanted him so badly but I was scared what it will make me seem like.
I'd only felt such way once for a guy but he broke my heart. I didn't let it get to me but now I was developing feelings for the strange handsome guy I hadn't known for long. He took my hand and entwined it, I really wanted his hands to be allover my body. He stopped at the passenger door of his car, opened it and bowed princely.
'After you malady,' I chuckled and got into the car. He shut the door and was in the driver's seat before I could blink. 'Air speed.'
'You're like my personal superman.' He smiled and flicked his collar proudly. I kept shut, everything was weird to me but I still wanted to do it. I rest my head on the headrest lost in thought, the me I knew was bound to something crazy. He drove off immediately. 'Gale, how many girlfriends do you have?'
'Side chicks?'
'So far, seven but I haven't been seeing them.'
'Because I met you,' I looked at him blushingly. 'You're very beautiful Fallon and I like you.'
'Sure it's not just because you want to sleep with me?'
'I always want to sleep with girls but yours is worst. Every time I see you, I get so horny that not even the crack of dawn can cover it.' I chuckled.
'So you just want to sleep with me?'
'No, aside from wanting you, I like you a lot.'
'How so?'
'In our lives, we get one soulmate called beta double. Cian is Verna's beta double, Eira is probably with Dwayne and I am to you.'
'Is that the best you've got?' I snorted. 'If you're going to trick me, then use something more convincible.'
'Why do you think Cian is attracted to Verna?' I stroke my chin dramatically.
'I don't know, maybe because she's beautiful, like extraordinary.'
'True, but still you can choose to believe me or not but your attraction to me will explain it all.' I sank into the chair and sighed.
'That'll explain my weird...' I looked at him and smirked. I lifted myself off the seat and straddled him.
'Fallon! Do you want to get you killed! I won't die but you will.'
'You're my Superman, you'll save me.'
'Fallon please cut....' He pulled over, the road was very quiet and lonely, not a single car was in sight. 'You wanna play games, huh?'
'I'm messing with fire or should I say tornado?' He smirked and squeezed my ass. 'You don't mind going without protection, right?'
'That's for you to decide,' I shifted position slightly and grabbed my own shirt, tugging it off of my small frame as Gale moved back a little. In that moment, I relied on my instinct for sexy lecture because I had only three sexual experience and that was with my first love and boyfriend. 'I've decided, you're going to be a dad.'
'I'll risk it.'
With my shirt gone, Gale ogled my scantily-clad chest shamelessly. There was noticeable bulge forming in his lower regions and poking my thigh. I felt a rush of excitement, a great sense of pride overwhelmed me. A devouring hunger appeared in his eyes and a second later his lips smashed against mine desperately, the force pushing me back against the steering wheel. The kiss was desperate and unyielding, and I opened my mouth to grant him full access as heat exploded within me. He adjusted the chair back so we could lay back. Gale’s hands burned trails of fire down my sides as they moved across the bare skin on my ribs, down to my hips and across my stomach, before finally reaching up and cupping my breast through my bra. My nipples hardened and I groaned slightly and pressed myself further against him, loving the feeling of being touched there. Gale made a unsatisfied sound deep in his throat and his hand reached around, fingers tracing my spine before finding the clasp of my bra. I made no move to resist as he quickly undid the hooks and I shimmied out of the bra. He tongue attacked my nipple immediately, feasting on it like a starved tiger as he fondled and nipped the other with his sinful hands.
I pushed my head back and moaned loudly, rocking myself gently on him. He moaned and grabbed my hips roughly, wanting to get it over with. I was suppose to be home but I was in a car about to get screwed. I continued my little ministration, rocking him hard to increase his want. He left my boobs and lifted me up, his hands going instantly to the button of my skirt. He removed his hands and touched the main obstacle, my leggings.
'I hate this, take this off.' I smiled and found a way to remove the leggings and the skirt. He didn't give me time, he ripped off my pants and dragged my hips down, he maneuver into me with a hard thrust and moaned. 'Fallon.' I smiled and rode him wildly, his hands never leaving my hips and butt. I threw my head back, moaning and playing with his chest.
Nothing could beat the feeling.

'Welcome to New Orleans Mr Nore, your bedroom have been prepared for you just the way you like it.' The butler in my mansion said respectfully.
'Did you get my message?'
'Very well sir. They are the children of Angus Steinberg and I already got you admission to the college they attend.'
'Very good Lou, and my documents?'
'Checked. The news of your arrival will hit the internet before dawn, I'm sure they will all be expecting you.' I removed my earpiece and sneered.
'I don't need those miserable people to care about my arrival, all I need is her but I'm sure she won't care. It's going to be fun messing with the weak ones. In the mean time, execute the plan to get rid of the parents, I don't want any distractions and get me something to feed on.'
'A girl perhaps sir?'
'Anything, as long as it has a soul to suck dry. I'll be in my room, deliver it in an hour.'
'As you wish sir.' I walked away, I was there now and that Fire girl better be prepared to die by my fire.

I stirred on the bed, reaching out to feel where Cian ought to be, the space was empty. I tilted my head up and listened, he wasn't in the ensuite or anywhere close by. I opened my eyes and sat up, rubbing my eyes yawningly immediately I was properly seated. I stretched and observed his beautiful room, I didn't get to take it in much since he didn't give me the chance to.
I flung the heavy quilt away and moved my legs, I winced from the pain that radiated from my core. I inhaled and stood up, going for his shirt on the floor but on second thought, I needed to clean up. I dragged my aching self to the ensuite and easily made use of it. His bathrobe was very big and woolly, perfect if I must add. I wore it and began my journey to find him.
'Cian!!!! Cian where are you?!!!' I shouted, I got lost in the massive house, a situation that made me break into a sob. I was in a library now, stuck in the maze of shelves. 'Cian!!!!' I cried. 'This is not funny.'
'Who's there?!!!' A small voice shouted. 'Come out!!!' I quickly traced the voice to a pretty little girl, Cian's sister, Ciara. They are identical. 'Good morning and who are you?' She asked with a polite tone.
'Good morning, I'm Verna, I g.....'
'Wait! Did you just say Verna?' She asked excitedly.
'Yeeeees?' She squealed excitedly, jumping about like a kid who got a free VVIP ticket to Disneyland. 'I'm so glad to finally meet you in person! Did you spend the night here? Eeeeek! You're so beautiful!'
'Thank you? I said with a nervous chuckle.
'I'm Ciara, the fabulous and gorgeous pretty peri sister of your stupid ugly baboon boyfriend. Nice to meet you.'
'Sorry, I'm in shock. You look too much like him....:
'Unfortunately,' she chipped in. 'But what can I do about it? Life already condemned me to it. Don't worry, when I turn 18 and if I still look at him, I'll have a plastic surgery to get rid of his ugly face....hey carry me!' I carried the cute girl up. 'Why are you crying? Did you get lost?' I nodded. 'Cian's in his studio, he's writing a beautiful love song and now I can see why. Come, I'll keep you busy while you wait....ooooooh, can I braid your hair....no, polish your nails or yes! Fix your makeup.....'
Damn, she talks too much.
Two hours later, I was in the laundry room washing the sheets while she went on and on and on about things I couldn't comprehend. The chef who arrived earlier make breakfast, I even learnt how to not burn an egg, isn't that exciting.
'....So I said, that doesn't make any sense! How does noddle dee dee make any sense!...' Cian walked in with a guy I've never met before in my life. I sighed with relief.
'Cia, you're home?'
'No, I'm still there,' she replied sarcastically, hissed and rolled her eyes. 'It was a slumber party, not a move in party you moron.'
'I didn't expect you to be....Verna are you okay? Did she bother you with her....oh my God! She bothered you. I'm so sorry love....'
'What is that suppose to mean?' She huffed. 'Are you trying to say I talk too much?' She stood with arms akimbo.
'I'm not tryna, I'm saying. You're a human parrot.' The guy chuckled and shook his had amusedly. Cia stomped to him, kicked his shin and stomped her feet.
'You're a dirty ugly fat asshole and I pray your girlfriend dumps your sorry miserable ass because you're badluck.'
'Oui,' he mocked and ticked her forehead. 'Too bad, I'm big and you're small, a baby girl.' It seemed like she hate being told that because she burst into tears.
'You're so mean, I'm telling mom!' She cried, kicked the guy and ran out.
'What did I do!'
'That's for being born!!!!' She shouted, her voice echoing.
'Cian, you made her cry.' I said worriedly.
'She's your little sister,' he shrugged. 'Let me rephrase that, she's your eight years old sister.'
'Eh, she'll get over it.' He said waving dismissively.
'You're mean,' I huffed and made to go after her but he was fast to stop me. 'What?' I snapped.
'How are you feeling?' He asked smirkingly, I blushed and whipped my hands away.
'Hi, I'm Liam, his music assistant.'
'I'm Verna, bye.'
'Hey, wait, I'm sorry. That's just how we are.'
'Go apologize.'
'Never.' I rolled my eyes and walked to the door. 'I love your ass babe!!!!'
'Shut up!!!' I shouted back. He laughed.
'I still can't believe he's in New Orleans and will be attending your school. I really wish I can meet and befriend him.' I heard Liam say.
Hmm, who's that?

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