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V.E.G.A- Chapter twenty one



V.E.G.A- Chapter twenty one

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I was still trying to comprehend my attitude towards Cian, it didn't feel like me at all. I wasn't that rude or cold, what was going on? Was it because of his friendliness to Eira? Different questions flooded my thoughts, I couldn't even pay attention in classes, I jot down nothing or even hear anything at all.
All my classes for the day was over, I had none left so it was time to go home.
'Hey Adara, are you through?' I asked telepathically.
'Nope, got two more classes and I promised Terry I would hang with him after classes, he wants to show me his sick skateboarding skills and you know I'm always game for that.'
'What about you Gale? Anything?'
'I'm planning on dealing with Fallon, that girl is annoying. I'll be done in three hours.'
'Eira, are you there?'
'Sorry sis, apparently, I'm suppose to spend the rest of the day with Dwayne, we ought to talk since you ruined my humiliation plans.' She said upsettingly. 'How am I suppose to tolerate that dude, he's fucking proud!'
'Two egos doesn't match well.' I said
'Exactly! I'm very proud, I don't need to deal with another prouder person....'
'You don't have a choice, I guess I'm taking a bus home.'
'Why not go with Cian? The dude seems pretty cool with hanging with you, why are you going Eira on him?' Gale asked, but I couldn't help but chuckle at his indirect mockery at Eira.
'I'm going to ignore you.' She sighed.
'What's up with your frosty freezie attitude?' Adara asked with concern.
'I don't know, I think I'm stress out a bit.'
'You need to chill and hang out a bit, what are you even stressed out about? You don't work a shit, you don't even know how to use a broom.' Gale scoffed. I rolled my eyes.
'You don't have to be so blunt about it. Do you think working is easy? Using a broom is much more complicated than you think, you should know that since you're my partner.'
'Liar! I started working at the age of four, I am a living working machine....'
'So says the idiot who thought a floor brush was used to brush hair and a toilet brush was use for wall painting. Numbskull, I'm out.' Eira said churlishly, Adara laughed.
'Vern, just hang with the dude or forget it before Gale starts preaching on how to wash shorts when he can't wash his own boxers.'
'Is not! I can wash!' He exclaimed too loud, I winced. 'Take that back Jenny!' His whining was cut off when someone tapped me. I flinched and opened my eyes, Cian stood in front of me a worried look on his face.
'Are you okay? You're sweating and have been sitting like this for an hour now.'
The class was empty.
'I'm fine, thank you.' I stood up but my vision whirled, I staggered to the side with a scream, almost crashing on the other table but he was there to play knight in shinning armor.
'You're definitely not okay, what's wrong?' I unconsciously sighed dreamily, I was back into the warmth of his arms, the ones I miss.
'I'm fine, I just feel stuffy, I can't breathe well,' I gasped which was true.
'Stuffy you say? Are you sure you're not sick?'
'I'm fine, please let me go.....aaaah!' My heard vibrated with a loud church bell. I screamed in pain holding my head, it hurt like hell.
'Verna, are you alright? I can feel your pain here.' Adara came in first.
'My head,' I cried. 'Adara, my head, I can't breathe.'
'Verna, when last did you stay in the midst of nature? You've be quite far from it lately and have been spending too much time in my room, find a garden or somewhere with enough trees and grasses and stay there.' Eira chipped in.
'I'm on my way....'
'Don't bother Gale, Cian's with me, I'll be fine.' I cut them off and focused on Cian who was carrying me up. 'I'm fine, I just need fresh air.'
'This doesn't look like fresh....'
'Just trust me Cian, fresh air is all I need.' He stared at me agitatedly, I could barely keep my eyes open.
'Okay,' he dropped me gently on my seat and went to the door, his guards were waiting at the door. 'I don't want anyone to see us, clear the way, I'm going through the back entrance. The paparazzi outside, get rid of them too.' I heard him ordered.
'Yes sir.'
'Seven minutes, nothing less.'
'Okay Sir.' They chorused again, they trooped away, their heavy shoes stomping on the floor. He locked the door just in case and covered the blinds.
'Don't worry, you'll be fine,' he said softly sitting on the desk. He placed my head between his legs and rest it gently. 'Why don't I tell you knock knock jokes?'
'I don't want to cry,' I groaned. 'You don't look like someone who can tell jokes.'
'I can, try me.' I sighed, his fingers combed my hair tenderly, the headache reducing surprisingly.
'Okay, what have you got?'
'Knock knock.'
'Who's there?'
'Blue who?'
'Blue you.'
'Wow, I'm so impress.' I whispered sarcastically.
'Okay, that one wasn't good but let me try again; knock knock.'
'Who's there?'
'Interrupting cow.'
'You've seen Home the movie, haven't you?'
'Fine, I suck at jokes but I can tell stories....' He cleared his throat. 'Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess....' I knew he was talking but I couldn't help but sleep, his hair raking ministration was luring me to dreamland. Wasn't sure what happened after that because the next thing I felt was me being carried on someone's back.
The air smelt nice and flowery, the wind rich with fruits and the sounds of birds. The place was relaxing, it was perfect and I already felt better. I opened my eyes and scrutinize my environment, like I thought, I was in a forest, a beautiful one. Cian piggybacked me, his scent invading my nostrils much stronger than the flowery fruity wind.
'Where are we?' I asked sleepily.
'My own made forest....well not own made, I bought this place. It's where I come when I'm in any emotional rush, when I need to write songs or just cool off.'
'Isn't it just a normal forest?'
'A large piece of land with tress and bushes, flowers and fruits planted to my very design, natural garden I guess.'
'Wild animal free?'
'Yeah, but I did had some herbivorous forest animals shipped here from Madagascar and Australia, they are living fine because I take good care of....hey Tom!' He waved at something.
'Can I walk on my own now?'
'You strong enough?'
'Hundred percent.' He stopped and lowered me to the ground gently, I staggered a little but gained my balance. I took off my shoes and wiggled my toes in the grass, the smoothness sending tingles to travel across my body. 'So smooth,' I moaned and laid on the grass, I danced on it like a worm, squealing and laughing. It's been a while I visited nature.
'And I thought I was the only one who loved doing that,' he said amusedly, forgot he was there. I sat up and stared at my hands sheepishly. 'Get up, there's more.' I gave him my hand, he pulled me up and led me to a small brook and lake. A beautiful flowery cottage was there.
'Wow, you stay here?'
'Sometimes,' he showed me around the small forest, he really did a lot of work on it. He actually had deer, gazelles and antelopes as pet. They were other animals there, lemurs, squirrels, raccoons, too many to name. All of them seemed acquaintance to the human boy. The animals did recognise me as a personification of nature, even the trees for their vines kept surrounding me which I has to hide from him. The animals too were too quick to be nice and it amused him, my true form almost exposed me when the energy was getting too much so I insisted we go to the cottage. 'It's really strange, I can swear I saw the tree move and those heathers bloom when you passed them.' He pressed on, what he said happened and it was unnerving him.
'So are you saying I'm magical?' I asked gigglingly. According to Adara, the best way to throw someone off your trail is to tell them the truth in another version.
'I don't know, it's just strange.'
'Can you keep a secret? A huge one?' I asked with a dramatic pause for effect as I made myself comfortable on the armchair. Musical instruments took most parts of the cottage. He sat at the piano at nodded. 'Promise you won't tell anyone, not even my siblings?'
'Cross my heart.' He made an X on his heart area.
'Since I was a child, I've always had this strange connection with nature, they seem to bloom or move when I get too close in a certain emotion....it's not like I can control them, no, I can't but they react to my touch and presence. Whenever I get sick, all I needed to do was stay close and I'd be fine. Animals also seem to like me, it's like a gift .'. I pouted. 'I've never told anyone this, though Adara figured out herself, I'm not cursed or anything, the psychic I visited said that, it's just a gift.'
'Like those extraordinary children?'
'Yea, like them. Are you mad?'
'Not really, it's actually nice to see someone like me.' What? I looked at him puzzled. He smiled and turned around, he started playing the piano softly.
'Cian, what do you mean by that?'
'I can speak to animals, like hear what they say. It's a crazy gift I got after I touched a strange little girl I saw one day. I didn't see her face or her hair or skin because it was Halloween. She wore a witch costume, the guys and I went trick or treating and I got lost....' My heart was beating furiously as the memories played in my head. 'She was alone crying because her pet bunny died, I went to her and consoled her and after she felt better....'
'She kissed you,' I said in my head. 'I kissed you.' I looked at him incredulously.
'It was just a cheek kiss and it didn't matter, she was so happy for no reason and ran off, I never saw her again because she disappeared before my very eyes.'
'Wow,' I said nervously. 'She must have been a real witch.'
'That's what I think too. Since then, I've been obsess with nature and especially animals, I don't know, it's weird that such exist.' I laughed dryly.
'This is so awkward, it's cool though.' He chuckled and continued playing.
It was me! How did my powers copied itself in him? Or rather shared itself. I was four then, mom was teaching me how to teleport through the use of nature on Halloween. I dressed like a witch and teleported to a place I didn't know, I saw a dead bunny and cried, that was when a boy in a vampire costume came and consoled me. I healed the bunny because he was holding my hand, it was my first healing so I was very happy and that led to me kissing his cheeks and dancing away before I disappeared back home.
Since then I'd always felt that my animal side was weak, he took half of it...How!
'Adara, are you getting this?'
'Yeah what's up? You're okay now?'
'No, I'm not!' I panicked. I explained everything to her, she listened carefully.
'It was certainly because it was your first healing, your light was radiating and flowing and his hand was clasped against yours. Your subconsciousness must have passed it over to him but it can't happen just like that. For your energy to be able to transfer that easily, it means Cian was the one sealed to be your beta double. Remember what the Lady in our joint dream said? She said we might have beta doubles which is called soulmate in this realm. The doubles are to act as a barrier to stop Nysaiah from draining our powers and killing us.'
'So in other words, Cian and I were meant to meet that day? We ought to be together?'
'If you've found him now, it means Nysaiah is coming, he's close by and you're his first and main target.' My heart sank into my stomach, fear taking over me completely. 'Verna calm down....'
'No, I'm going to die...'
'You have Cian, that's your hope. If I'm right, Gale is next and Fallon is his beta double, that will explain his different mind set towards her. I don't think I'm in yet but Eira might be and she's locked to Dwayne, I'm not sure though.'
'What do I do now?'
'Calm down and don't be scared, your fear will make him find you faster.' I cut her off and listened to the soft music Cian was playing with eyes closed.
I can't be doomed, I'm so scared.
To be continued.

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