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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Nine



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Nine

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I was still in shock, too shock to even pay attention to classes, well no one was paying attention, they were all talking about the new guy. I sighed and tore my book out to make a paper horse.
'I heard he won't be sitting down with anyone or in any classes, he'll be in a private class because people will make him uncomfortable.' I heard one of the girls whispered.
'I just think he hates dirt.' Another chipped in.
'No, be honest with yourself, will you be able to concentrate if he's in the same class with you?' A guy asked frowningly. 'If he's going to be in a private class, then why bother to come when he can just get private lectures from home.'
My point exactly.
'Don't be a enemy of progress Carl, this is an opportunity for someone to befriend the rich dude.'
'Yeah, and spend his money.'
'And become popular.'
'Hey! Pay attention to lectures!!!!' The Prof shouted. I plugged in my headphone and continued what I was doing with focus. His image kept flooding my head, I hated to admit the truth staring at me. I scoffed angrily, I really wanted to remain single for life but unfortunately, life never goes as plan.
The class erupts with screams, I whimpered and rest my head on the desk.
The class quiet down and a voice danced into my ears, the sweetest voice I'd ever heard. I didn't bother looking up, I knew it was him.
Fuck him.
'....and I'll really like it if you ignore me, I don't want to have to leave another school. Please just pretend I'm a normal student no matter how hard it is. Can you all do me this big favour?'
'We'll try,' a guy answered. 'Please come sit with me....'
'No me!'
'Hey me!'
'But I want him to sit with me!'
'You're too filthy, he don't need a thing like you...' And soon the whole class was arguing at the top of their voices. I remained in my "face on desk" position. The argument stopped, I heard his footsteps approaching me.
Oh great.
'Excuse me,' he called, I raised my head but didn't stare or even glance at him. 'Can I sit? It seems you're the only reasonable person here.' I nodded and went back to my position, air around me suddenly suffocating me.
'Miss Steinberg, heads up.' The Prof commanded, I forced my body up and continued with my paper horse.
'Why does he have to sit with that hideous girl.'
'She probably spent years in jail.' And many more insults came my way. I took a quick look around the class, men in black everywhere.
What the hell....
'Why are all this men here?' I mused but mind my business anyways.
After a long uncomfortable class, I stood up to leave but he stood up at the sane time and in a way, we bumped into each other. His body felt like rock, hard rock in a smooth soft kind of way. He didn't feel right or maybe it was just me.
'Sorry, excuse me.' He moved aside so I could pass but then three girls....let me rephrase that, three desperate bitches came and stood in my way.
'Can you move aside? We want to talk with him,' one scorned as she chewed her gum like the harlot she was. 'Move.'
'I was walking before you....I don't have time for this,' I whipped them out of my way and walked out. It almost felt like he was watching me. I sighed and dragged myself to the garden no one ever visited.
My happy juice was running dry all because of him, badluck.

'....so if you need any company, we will gladly volunteer for the job....' Humans, pathetic race. The girls went on and on and on while I stared at them uninterestedly but they weren't getting the memo. My main problem was the girl I came for, something went off the moment I set my eyes on her.
I traced her scent to the empty class, she was sleeping there, I was suppose to be disgusted and filled with hate but instead, I found her sleeping figure worthy to state at. She was almost cute. I groaned and stood up, I knew her beauty was made to bend the strongest will but it wasn't suppose to affect me. I snapped my fingers and my guards packaged the girls away.
I should have disguised myself, why didn't I think of that.
I walked out of the class, my feet leading me somewhere, I just obliged because I had no strength to think. I found myself at a garden, one that obviously hadn't been visited for years because of the dead plants and dried out fountains.
'It's on the past
So don't make it last
Throw it away fast
Let the whole thing go....' Someone sang softly, if it wasn't for my ears, I wouldn't have heard it. I furrowed my brows at how my heartbeat changed, the voice was changing it which was quite confusing. I traced the sound of the voice to a swing, it was her.
'Serious,' I groaned. 'Heart, you've got to be kidding me.' She jolt her head around since I was standing behind her. Her hair whipped her face in the most alluring way with the speed at which it turned.
'You again! Are you stalking me?!' I couldn't speak, it was like I lost my voice, I was speechless. Her voice made my heart skip more.
This isn't normal.
'Earth to dude, what's your damage?' She was in front of me now with folded arms and a playful frown on her face. I forgot she was the overenthusiastic one and playful one.
'Hi, I'm Anila.....fuck!' I covered my mouth, that didn't sound right. She chuckled and bowed playfully.
'And I'm dude, you're new here like me?' I nodded. 'Wanna join me? The swing is big enough for two and it's boring here.' She walked back to the swing while I couldn't tear my gaze from her ass. I scoffed as she sat down, what the hell was happening to me! 'Dude?' I turned and walked away, that wasn't normal at all. 'Okay, bye!!!'
I went straight to my car.
'Get me out of here,' I got in and closed my eyes. 'Father, I need you.' I opened my eyes when I felt his presence. A black fog floated in front of me, his image displaying.
'What is it Tynan? Have you met her yet? Do you think you can get your mother's heart away from her?'
'I don't know, she's.....I....I....I don't know what's wrong with me.' I stammered confusedly.
'I'm suppose to be resenting her, feeling the bitterness that I grew up with but the moment I saw her, I don't know....' I touched my heart. 'My heart have never changed rhythm since I was born, I don't even know what confusion feels like but now I'm more confuse than the word itself. My heart isn't beating normally either, do you know what is wrong with me?' His face was expressionless.
'It can't b...her beauty, that's it. Remember Tynan, it took a lot out of me to remove you from your mother's womb so you won't die and it still taking a lot to preserve her soul. I don't have much strength left, don't you want her alive? So her goodness can recreate Arundel?' I felt a sudden pang of worry.
'Removing the heart from this girl might kill her....I don't think her dying is....' What was I saying? I shouldn't care, I was conflicted and it was starting to affect my head.
'It won't kill her, just drain her powers.'
'Are you sure?'
'I didn't create a life there for you to care about the people that hurt your mother....'
'That have nothing to do with mom's death. You and I know it was all Jasmine's, you already served your revenge on everything.....'
'Tynan, I just want my wife back, is that okay with you?'
'I also want mom back and if you're sure it won't kill her or them, I'll get what you need.'
'Tynan, she's very powerful, be careful. Also beware of the reborn Aeolus, his mind is not easy to deceive and he will be able to fee your darkness too. The other two shouldn't be of much concern to you, as long as you don't so anything to anger the white one, she won't know who you are. Don't underestimate any of them, especially the boy and the one herself, they are smarter than either of us think.' I nodded.
'I guess I have to gain his trust first.'
'Stay away from him Tynan, his mental strength is almost as strong as yours. The quicker you achieve your aim, the least time they find out who you really are.'
'Very well father.'
'Tynan, whatever you do, don't go too intimate with her.....'
'I thought bending her heart was the only way to....'
'For your own good, win her heart but never, I mean never get too physical with her. It will kill you, goodbye.' He was lying to me, I knew it. I called for my assistant, his fog appeared.
'The plan to terminate her parents, put it on hold.'
'Sir?' He asked quizzically.
'Don't question me, if anything happens to them, I'll kill you. Also get me everything you know about them and their suppose love lives.'
'As you wish Sir.' I waved him off and buried my face in my palms, this wasn't going as planned.
To be continued

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