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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Four



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Four

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I groaned with frustration, how stupid do you think having two sassy sisters would be? One can never get anywhere on time. Verna and Eira were still dressing up, point of correction, they were still trying to decide what to wear and we were two hours late already. Gale was upset, he wanted us out so he could have his alone time Fallon.
'This one is too short, I prefer this one.' Eira said smilingly, they were still deciding.
'I think this one is better but too pink, Cian don't really like pink.'
'You should try something that will bring out your skin, make you sexy.'
'Can you guys decide already! Jennifire is already dressed!!!' Gale shouted angrily as he paced around. He looked yummy.
'You call what's she's wearing a dress? She's wearing something stupid.' I wore washed jeans with the lower part from the calves to the ankle lilac. I folded the sleeves of the plaided shirt I wore with brown boots. I tousled my hair and dyed it rainbow, rings on all my right fingers and spiky metal brackets on my hands and chains wrapped around my fists. I don't look bad, do I?
'Can you please remove those rings from your nose and lips? You look horrible. Your dressing is getting worst.'
'You don't like my swag Verna?' I asked sweetly. She rolled her eyes.
'Hey girls, can I come in?' Dad asked sticking his head into the room.
'Hey! You're a fashionista!' Eira shrieked. 'You chose my mall dresses so you can choose what we'll wear!'
'Okey dokey!' He walked into the room with a smile. 'Let's start with you Verna. What's your favorite color?'
'Pink, green and yellow.'
'Is it a classy party or just normal dance party?'
'Normal,' I replied sharply. 'I don't know what's up with them.'
'Why don't you just go simple? Sometimes the simplest dressing can make the greatest impression.' He walked to Verna's wardrobe since we were in her room. 'You normally go floral gownie, right?'
'And skirt and blousie.' She chirped jokingly.
'In that case....' He trailed off and searched her dresses for a while. 'Eira, can I see your wardrobe?'
'It's back in my room,' she said gigglingly. Dad smiled and walked out. 'He'll probably pick something glorious, don't you think?' I nodded. Dad returned with his hands full.
'Put this one Eira,' he gave her a white silk gown that would probably hug her body and white knee high leather boots to match. He tossed her a white clutch bag and gloves. 'To control your dirty phobia. Verna wear this.' He handed her a pair of beryl jeans with baby pink side stripes, baby pink nylon off the shoulder crop top with flare long sleeves. 'Do you have any green heels? Lucite triple straps?' Verna nodded. 'Good wear that.'
'See! He's so cool! Thank you daddy,' Eira said babyishly hugging dad with a giggle. 'At least now I know where this fool got his tiny fashion sense from.' She said eyeing Gale.
'Whatever, you all should get out now, dad you promised to take mom away...'
'I know, do you girls need any help with your hairs?'
'Can you style hair?' He grinned nervously. 'I'll get mom.' Eira chuckled.

I danced as we walked into the building, the music was fucking loud and awesome! I whooped and swayed my hips, I was still walking though. Eira was dancing with me, she was very happy. Verna was staring at her feet shyly, she's Verna.
'How do we find the guys?!!!!!!' Eira shouted over the music. A loud burst of scream erupted from deep in the party. 'Nevermind.' We followed the screams to a inner room, Dwayne stood on a table dancing so awesomely as he rapped, he was a good rapper.
'He's my boyfriend,' Eira whispered into my ear, I pushed her away with a laugh. 'Isn't he cute?' He's definitely her beta double. He sighted us at the door and waved, she rolled her eyes and walked out.
'Hypocrite,' Verna giggled. 'Hey Dwayne!!!' Dwayne finished his song and jumped down from the table, pushing through the crowds to get to us.
'Hey bro,' I cooed giving him a slapping hand shake. 'What's up?'
I'm cool,' he said impatiently. 'Cian's in the upper floor, on the roof while the others are right on the floor below the roof having a drinking competition, gotta go chase the pretty girl.' He made to run after Eira but Verna held his arms.
'Don't flirt with her, she hates it. If you want to get her attention, beat her at something.'
'Like cooking and neatness?' He smirked. 'Don't worry, I can handle her, thus is the best place to kiss her and clear my name.'
'Don't kiss her, she'll kill you.'
'We all must die one day.' He shrugged and ran out, I chuckled and followed Verna up. We were at the stairs when some girls blocked our way.
'And where do you think you're going?' The pink haired asked churlishly.
'And why do you care? Babe get out of my way.' I said smilingly.
'Both of you, you and your evil sister have been stealing the attention from us, stay away from the Jacksons or you'll have to pay the price of your disobedience.' I looked at Verna amusedly, she looked at me back with a laughing smile.
'Are human being talking or goats?' I asked amusedly.
'I believe it's rude to refer to humans with such words so don't call them that,' Verna said sweetly, remember she's very nice. 'Buuuut, when proper humans are speaking, trolls don't speak.' I gasped, she did not just say that.
'Are you trying to call us trolls?'
'Trying?' She laughed. 'I'm not tryna call you trolls bitches, you are trolls. Now get the hell out of my way before I throw you off the stairs, I have a boyfriend waiting for me.'
'Own it girl!' I laughed and nudged her.
'You're playing with fire, we won't warn you again.' Another pink haired hissed. In fact, they all dyed their hairs pink.
'This is a waste of time,' she waved her hand, her green dust entering their eyes. 'Walk to the middle of the party, strip and dance naked until midnight.' They all trooped downstairs.
'Since when did you become mean?'
'Since the day I almost died. Being nice sucks, if I'm going to keep Cian, I need to be tough.' She puffed out her chest dramatically to prove a point. I laughed and patted her shoulder.
'Welcome to the grown up club my dear.' She pushed my hand away and grinned.
'Don't drink, remember fire and alcohol don't go well at all. One bottle is the least you can take except you want to burn down this building.'
'I know,' I waved her off dismissively. I don't ever get drunk but after one litre of alcohol, I lose control over my fire and burn things down. 'I won't drink up to a litre....'
'Don't drink at all....'
'Bye babe.' I kissed her cheek and ran before she mom'd me. I got to the room the guys were drinking themselves to stupor. Not only them, some unfamiliar expensive looking faces. 'Hey guys!!!!'
'Aniblaze!!!!' They shouted, at least Terry and Ross did. 'Welcome, what's up?:
'I'm cool, how ya all hanging?'
'Super cool. Wanna join the competition?'
'Nay, mom said the next time I drink, she'll send me to Australia.' I said jokingly.
'They aren't here...'
'Not drinking.' Terry bit his lip, he was planing something for me.
'Okay, just one cup or two?'
'No, I'm good.' I sat in their midst and waved. 'Hey guys, I'm Anila.'
'Terry, who's this crazy girl?' One asked smilingly.
'This is Anila, younger sister to Cian's new girl and the hot chick that fucked Dwayne up.' Terry introduced sitting beside me.
'Cool, she's pretty and deadly, I like my girls spicy.' I winked at him to annoy Terry, he laughed. 'I'm Rage, rapper, don't you know mW?'
'Don't really care but you look cool, you have a girlfriend?'
'Just one crazy bitch in Florida now.'
'Would she mind if I borrow you for the night? It's a shame she's not here to watch over you.' I said flirtatiously shifting closer to him, Terry pulled me back and glared at him.
'Back off Rage, seems like Terry got his eyes on this one.' A guy with hairy arms slurred. I smiled and served myself with a cup of sherry. Terry took it and gave me a bottle of beer.
'I dare you to drink this all up.' I sniffed the bottle and smirked, he drugged it. I knew he was an ass but I didn't expect him to be an ass ass ass ass.
Well, time to mess up the ass.
'Here, drink it, I double dare you.' The guys cheered tauntingly.
'Drink, drink, drink, drink....' I chanted and soon they were all chanting it. He's so screwed.
To be continued.

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