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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Five



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Five

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I stared at the bottle nervously, I was so screwed. I shouldn't have drugged her drink but Anila was a girl I could never get and if there's one thing I hate, it's losing a bet. Dwayne and I bet on her, remember?
'So are you going to drink it or stand there gawking?' Shane, one of my close nigga asked smirkingly.
'Come on, you can't double dare me, I dared you first babe.'
'First of all, I'm not a babe, I'm a bro and second of all, don't be scared......okay, drink half and I'll drink half, fair enough?'
'Why are you acting like I drugged the drink?' I asked trying to play smart.
'Trust me, not even a thousand pills will work on me.' She said smirkingly.
'Prove it,' I smirked. She chuckled and opened the bottle. That was a close one. She drank it all in one gulp and flung it away while the guys cheered. 'Okay, you win, she's good.'
'Hey guys!!!! Some girls are dancing naked downstairs, you guys so gotta check it out!!!' Someone shouted.
'Whoa, porn dance!' They ran outside. 'Terry? Ross?'
'I'll pass,' he said staring at Anila. 'Terry?'
'I'll pass too....'
'Ross!!!! Your Nicky's here!!!!' Someone shouted. His eyes widened.
'No way!' He stood up and ran out leaving me with Anila who was comfortably drumming her fingers as she danced to the beat of the song. Nicky is his girlfriend, yeah, Ross has one who pampers him like a baby.
Good though.
'So, you up for a game?'
'What game?'
'Truth and dare....'
'That child game is not fun for two.'
'Fine, why don't we talk about ourselves, I'll start.'
'I'm listening,' she stretched and crossed her legs. 'Start talking.'
'You already know my names, who I am and what I do so we're going to talk about sport, you in?'
'I love extreme sports, I do it like everyday.'
'I'm more of an average sport guy, skateboarding, snowboarding, football and waterboarding.'
'So you board a lot,' she said chucklingly.
'What can I say, me and boards are like twins.' She ought to be reacting to the drugs, it was horny pills but it wasn't working.
'I love skydiving without the parachute, mountain hiking, rocket jump.....'
'Rocket jump?'
'A game I invented, one where the players throw themselves off a mountain or building and die. It's fun.'
'And you aren't dead?'
'I don't die easily, just like I don't react to horny pills,' she said smilingly as she stroked the back of her left hand. My eyes widened. 'Terry, do I look stupid?' She asked raising her eyes to stare at me with a sweet smile. 'I'm cute, I'm fun, I'm overenthusiastic and jumpy nutty but, I repeat, but, I'm neither naive or dumb. I'm going to let this go with a warning Terry,' I was in shock. 'The next time this repeat itself, though I won't let it, I'll definitely show you what put the fire and blaze in my name.' She stood her, her lips twisted in a cryptical sinister smile.
If that's even a thing.
'Bye, don't smile at me again Terry, I'm not as angelic as you think.' With those words said, she walked out.
Did a girl just burn me?
No way!
I'm still going to get you Anila, if it's the last thing I do!
Guess what Dwayne and I were doing seated at a table, arm wrestling. We'd gone from one battle to the other and he kept winning over and over again so I had to "borrow" some of my dope strength to defeat him but somehow, I was losing. It was like whatever I wanted to do, he hacked into my head or whatever and do it better.
'What's the matter honey? Having trouble beating me?' He taunted, eventually we were being videoed but caring was the last thing in my mind.
'I can't lose, I won't lose!!!' I shouted. Our bet was if he won, I dance with him in front of everyone. So far we had done a lot of bets I lost and asked for rematches which I also lost and his friends around insisted this one the last.
'It's not that bad, we've danced before in many ways,' he winked at me. I huffed, okay, cheating time. 'Just give up and forgive me already, I promise on your life that I won't cheat a....' I sent a little cold through his bloodstream, weakening him a little, enough to slam his hand down.
'Yes!!!!!! I won!!!!! In your face loser!!!! Whoo!!!!!!' I started dancing around with hands in the air as I shook my body and whooped.
'Oh come on, I just want to dance...'
'And I say no in the worst way....'
'But I won the last ten matches, that's one out of ten....'
'Don't interrupt my victory, I don't care so I win, full stop.'
'Nah nah nah, don't argue, the gods have spoken.'
'The gods? What fucking gods!!!'
'Me myself and I, don't argue with the gods.'
'Babe, you're not being fair, he's nine step ahead of you.' Another dude, don't even know him said. I eyed him from head to toe like the sweaty tipsy trash he was and hissed.
'Sorry, I don't speak stupid.' They laughed, I need to be nice, this might go viral.
'Eira, I'm still begging.'
'Don't care, we broke up, that's that.'
'And I said I'm sorry, do you think it's easy for me to beg?'
'Then why are you begging? Nothing matters because you're not suppose to beg a side chick.' I rolled my eyes.
'He have been begging you for almost two hours, girl don't be proud.' I eyed the blonde dude and smiled slyly. I sat on the table in front of him and took his hands into mine.
'Do you have a sister?' I asked staring into his eyes with my intimidating eyes.
'Y....y.....y....y...' He stammered dazedly and frighteningly.
'Gold, find her a boyfriend, let him cheat on her and treat her badly even though she loves him like crazy and then let him try to hit on your other sister. After she breaks up with him and he comes begging, then you'll see if it's easy.' I threw his hands away and stood up, Dwayne was glaring dagger at him.
'Did you have to touch her?' He asked through gritted teeth.
'She touched him, not the other way round.' Another laughed. I sighed.
'That's it, I shouldn't have let my sister drag me here, I'm going home to stuff my face in cookie dough....hey Aniblaze!!!!!' I shouted once I sight her strolling to only she knows where. We were at the backyard, a nice flowery place if I must say. 'Excuse me.' I ran to her, breaking into a jog when I was close
'The dude kissed you yet?' She asked teasingly.
'No, he's too stubborn....' I gasped amidst my sentence and cupped my mouth. She laughed.
'Somebody have been daydreaming,' she sang. I frowned and rubbed the nape of my neck nervously. 'Are you shy?' I glared at her.
'I don't know what's wrong with me, I don't.....I just....Aniblaze, what's happening to me!' I panicked.
'Am I the only one who pays attention to things that matters, girl you're his....he's your beta double.' I stared at her like she just spoke gibberish.
'What kind of play is that? Stop it.'
'Eira, as Cian is to Verna as Fallon is to Gale, as mom is to dad as Eira is to Dwayne.' She said jokingly. I whimpered and stared at her like she just grew an extra head.
'Aniblaze, what do I do? I need to get rid of him.'
'Hold on,' she took my hand, removed my left glove and slapped me with it. 'Are you feeling better now?'
'That stung,' I whimpered rubbing my cheek. She slapped me with it again. 'That's it!' I removed the other glove and whacked her while she laughed and tried to get away from me. I stopped as we laughed, not until something sticky smack landed on my head. I stiffened.
'Uh oh,' Ani said stepping back.
'What just landed on my head?' I squeaked as my body quivered.
'Er, nothing, just napkin soaked in punch.'
'Ani, truth, don't lie.' She removed the napkin with the tip of her long fingers.
'Snot,' she said worriedly. 'Don't freak out.' Every single rope holding my anger control snapped.
'Someone threw snot on my face!!!!!!!' I roared, my voice thundering through the entire yard and maybe into the building. I clenched my fist, the top of my skin tingling as my powers rose to the surface, ready to unleash. My eyes quickly scanned for the culprit and I found them, three useless guys.
Once I get angry, the only way to stop me was to knock me out and I wasn't going to let Ani do that.
'Eira please just let them be, I promise I'll take care of it.' Ani begged desperately, she held my arm. I looked at it and growled.
'Get your hands off me!!!!' I pushed her, she wasn't expecting it so it sent her hurling to the other side of the yard in a totally none suspicious way. I stomped to the guys. 'How dare you!!!! How dare you put dirt on me!!! Do you know how many hours I bathe!!!! How many minutes it took me to get every germs out!!!! I can tolerate anything, my annoying brother, others being filthy or hitting me but I will NEVER tolerate my siblings getting hurt and insulted or any form of dirt ministered on me!!!!'. They were just laughing. 'You don't laugh when I speak!!!!' I pushed the first one hard on his chest, sending him flying and crashing on the wall six feet behind him.
I snapped my head to the other one, grabbed his wrist and flung him over my shoulder to the nearby table, he crashed on the table, breaking it to it foundation in the process.
'Babe! Calm down, the napkin wasn't meant for you, just....' I flipped him on the ground, making sure I whipped his body like a wet rag. 'Aaaaaaah! Help!' I was about to literally rip his hand out of his torso but someone touched my shoulder. I snapped my head to the direction like a snake, my whole body weakening as my eyes met his dark blue eyes.
'Please Eira, stop,' My entire body eased, the fire in my head quenching instantly. 'Please if not for anything, for the fact that a handsome guy like me, a wonderful prince like no other is begging you to.' I rolled my eyes, a half smile crawling into my lips. I let go of him and stepped back.
'You're not that handsome,' I said smilingly. 'Don't ever try that again, anyone because I hate dirt.' I kicked the dude's head and gasped. 'Ani!!!' I ran to where I threw her to, she was seated there like a monk. 'Ani I'm so sorry, I'm very sorry.....'
'Shhhhh, I'm meditating....wait! You're not angry anymore?' She asked quizzically. I pointed to Dwayne, he smiled and walked to me.
'Let's get you some fresh air....'
'No! I need to bathe, I'm going to need antisepsis shower gel, three gallons of soaps, two...no ten barrow of tomato paste to get the stink out....' I listed as he pull me out. I just realised something, how would people believe the "he beats me up" theory if I just ninjalised someone.
Humph, whatever.
'I don't think I'll ever be clean again,' I cried. 'This is too much.'
'Hey, stop it. Stop being so clean freaky,' we were outside now. He took me to his car, opened the door and brought out something. 'Hold on,' he sprayed a liquid on a clean....I'll pretend it's clean hanky and wiped my head clean....almost. 'There, good as new.'
'Way to go ninjalino on them,' I giggled. 'And you said I beat you up?' He asked jokingly throwing the bottle inside and hanky away.
'Yeah, sorry.'
'She finally said the S-word, she's getting nice in me.' He joked.
'Don't push your luck dummy.'
'Can I do something that will probably make you kick my balls?'
'What d....' He spun me around fast and caged me on the car. Before I could think, his lips came crashing down on mine. I froze at first, unable to think or move or breathe. Like my body had a mind of it own, my legs weakened, my body sagging down as I deepened the kiss.
Aniblaze was right after all.
To be continued.

All in god time, bad guy still on his way and will be out either in Tue next chapter or the the next next.

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