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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Eight



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twenty Eight

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I tapped on my phone with a smile, pictures of last night with Dwayne were all over the net. People were calling me cool names and admitting I was the best leash for a dog like him and begging me to take him back. No one can detest me with my cute face. The other trending news was of his coming. I couldn't wait to see him in person. Mr Nore was a very important and gorgeous personnel in most countries. The mayor of New Orleans was already making plans to welcome him. Dwayne came out of the ensuite, I looked at him over my shoulder. He was dripping wet with only his towel tied loosely around his waist and a frown on his face.
He was still angry about the previous night.
After he kissed me at the parking lot, he took me to his house where I almost forgot who I was but luckily, I snapped out of it and stopped him from going any further. We already had a hot romance and he was very arose so my sudden refusal angered him. I wasn't just going to sleep with him like that, I needed to be completely sure before taking any drastic decision.
'Good morning,' I greeted again but like he did when I greeted him earlier, he snubbed me. He left the room for me but I still came looking for him. No girl had obviously turned him down, especially when they were already at it so I knew he was feeling stupid about it.
It was sort of my fault for leading him on.
'Dwayne,' I dropped my phone and sat up. 'I'm sorry about last night, I'm not ready.'
'You say it like I'm the boyfriend begging the girl for sex. Don't worry about it, never will it repeat itself again.' He said angrily.
'Dwayne please, I'm sorry. Can't you see I'm begging? It's Eira actually apologizing.'
'Just get out of the room and probably my house if you want to leave here with your sanity.'
'Stop calling my name!!!!' He roared, I flinched and swallowed hard. 'Leave before I lose control and pounce on you!!!.' I bit my lip worriedly, I was definitely screwed. I couldn't leave without making it up to him.
How did I end up so attached.
I racked my brain for an idea, I was empty.
'Aniblaze, I need your help,' I cried telepathically. 'Please answer.'
'You're panicking Eira, what's going on?' Her voice came in worriedly.
'I messed up with Dwayne. We kissed and he touched me....'
'Did you go Eira on him?'
'No, I actually sort of...might have allowed him in a kind of unintentionally brainwashed way.' I said sheepishly.
'Okay, maybe I enjoyed it a little but then remembered who I was and might have pushed him off.'
'So let me get this straight,' she chuckled. 'He kissed you, you kissed him back, you guys made out and almost went down to business but then you turned him down?'
'Eira, you don't just turn a guy like Dwayne on like that and not finish what you started! It's rude to give a guy hope like that, don't you know it might lead to rape!'
'I know, he's very angry.'
'Eira, do you wanna know what each of us did last night?'
'How does it help?'
'Yes or no?'
'Gale rode Fallon in his car before they came back to the house and went for another round which made me sleep in the basement. Mom slept over at dad's hotel and Verna is no longer a virgin.'
'How does this help me?'
'It depends on how you wish to see it. Dwayne might be a bad guy but he won't hurt you intentionally. I'm saying for once, don't be Eira but if you choose to, just cry and he'll forgive you.'
'I don't cry.'
'There's a word called acting dummy. You people should stop disturbing me with your problems, am I the only intelligent and smart one in your lives.' I rolled my eyes.
'See you at home.'
'Play it safe.' I cut our conversation off and averted my eyes and attention back to Dwayne. He was staring at me with a look of devouring hunger. I coughed and stood up from the bed.
'I'll leave now, since you don't want me to stay but do forgive me.' He looked away to his ringing phone which was on the bed. I got a glimpse of the name.
Alpha cowgirl.
I didn't need to be told before I understood what it meant.
I turned and walked to the door.
'What is it?' He snapped, I paused at the door. 'I'm busy....' I glanced at him over my shoulder, he was looking back at me. 'No, I'm working on not cheating on my girlfriend again so it can't happen...' I turned around and smiled with lips folded. 'I don't care, go find the real father or abort it.' I furrowed my brows at him. 'Cowgirl forget it and bye.' He hung up and flung the phone away.
'She says she's pregnant and I'm responsible.' He said casually turning to face his wardrobe.
'Are you?'
'I've never had unprotected sex before, I'm always careful.'
'Are you sure? It's not really efficient.'
'Even with protection on, I never spill while still in them.' I walked back to the bed.
'How many ladies have you slept with?'
'Was I suppose to keep count?'
'It will do you more good if you're unaware of my sexual life.' He was right.
'Okay, why did you tell her that? We're not really dating.'
'To you we aren't, I don't have strength to argue. Take it the way it is.' He was so cold with his replies.
'I'm sorry about.....'
'I don't want to talk about it.'
'What if I change my mind now?' I asked unsurely.
'I won't let you do something under pressure and later regret it. I usually don't care as long as I get what I want but I guess I can't let you regret and hate me. I'll be fine but.....' He looked at me over his shoulder. 'I won't be patient for long.'
'We're not dating. It's not a must I let you use me. You'll end up throwing me away in the end and that will be the death of you.' He looked at me for a while with an unreadable expression before returning to his outfit hunt.
We aren't dating.

It was Monday again, the weekend was spent alone since my siblings were all busy. Mom and dad too, I was so alone. Dad was leaving and mom was tagging along, his job in New Orleans was completed and he said there was an emergency back at his office so they needed to leave. I escorted them to the airport and made sure their flight left safely before going to school.
Everywhere I passed, people were talking about some guy coming to our school. The whole school was packed, there was barely enough space to move. I found the others waiting at my locker talking about the same thing.
'Hey guys,' I greeted. 'What's everyone talking about?'
'Tynan Nore is coming to our college, isn't that an honor?!' Fallon squealed, Gale's hand was firmly locked with hers.
'First of all, explain who he is to her.' Eira said chucklingly.
'Tynan is the richest young man on earth, like literally the wealthiest. I don't know about if he's the richest man, just know that he was voted as the wealthiest young man nationally and also casted in the list of wealthy men in the world. He took third place because no one fully knows his net worth. His father was really fucking rich when he was alive and Tynan increased that with his own hands....'
'What's the source of his massive wealth?'
'Imperial Darks....'
'Wait! He owns that!' I exclaimed.
'Yup,' she popped. 'He owns a lot of things over the world and everybody loves him. He might as well be the wealthiest but since no one knows his worth, we can't tell. Aside from being rich, Tynan is good looking, intelligent, clever and a genius. He was once a guitar legend before he quit for reasons best known to him. Not everyone have the privilege to hear his voice but through his singing we did and it was wow!' She squealed. Gale frowned.
'He's not that handsome but there's just something about his looks and aura that just....I don't know, my spirit don't blend with his.'
'Just admit you're jealous.' Verna teased.
'Yes but there's something else.' He insisted. We shrugged.
'You said he's a guitar legend?'
'And music god.'
'Then how come I don't know him? I'm more into music than anyone else.' Eira rolled her eyes.
'You only download the songs fool, you never care who the singers are like a normal person should. He don't sing much, just rock, I don't think you have his song because the first time you heard it, you said you couldn't hear a thing.' I remembered the time she played a song for me but I couldn't hear who was singing, it was like my ears weren't working well.
'He stopped music, right?' They nodded. 'And how old is he?'
'25.' Gale grumbled.
'What is he doing here?'
'To study another course.' Verna replied.
'How would we know? Tynan is a very private guy.' Fallon replied this time.
'He's very secretive like his father, quiet, cold and he never smiles. He's generous, always giving to the orphanages and widows and hospitals but he's cold and harsh. Everyone knows he loves children and mothers but aside from that, nothing else. Not even his favorite color or food.' Verna explained.
'And yet people are dying for him?' I snorted.
'He's a blessed human.' Verna said with a shrug. Whatever.
Sirens sounded from a distant and the whole building and surroundings erupted with screams. I reeled back, my ears thumping at the sound.
'Here,' Eira touched my ears, freezing it a little. 'Better?' I nodded. 'Good,' she pushed me out of the way and ran out to see. The others joined too. I hissed and went to find an empty place to sleep, I didn't sleep well the previous night.
I had a terrible dream.
'Please Mr Nore will like a peaceful time here like a normal student!!!!!' I heard someone shout through a microphone or whatever. 'Please exit the premises if you're not a student of this institution or face the consequences. You have ten minutes!!!!' Gun shots fired in the air, causing a catastrophical stampede. The air smelt better, they were gone, almost.
Another loud section of screams followed.
The guy must have stepped out.
I sighed and went to sleep.


I felt uncomfortable, like I was being watched. I opened my eyes sharply and jolt my head up, my heart skipped at what I met. Shiny cold brown eyes staring at me amusedly. He was sitting or rather straddling the chair in front of me with hands resting at the top and head tilted sideways. I momentarily forgot how to breathe, the intensity of his amused gaze fluttering my heart.
Every sense in me tingled, my heart completely losing it.
I couldn't stop gawking at the gorgeous guy staring at me.
'Who are you?' I managed to gasp out. He blinked confusedly, he was startled. He stood up and left the class.
What was that all about?
To be continued.

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