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V.E.G.A- Chapter Twelve



V.E.G.A- Chapter Twelve

©Bunmi B. Gabriel


'How could you even think of pushing her out of the way!!!! What if you'd died!!!!' Uncle Raze yelled at the top of his voice, he came to the hospital and was yelling at Cian for saving the girl.

'Raziel you're yelling at him too much, he did nothing wrong, that was simply bravery and selflessness and I'm proud of it.' She smiled patting his back gently. He got his humility and generosity from his mother, his heart was as pure as gold...er....her heart that is.

'What fucking proud!!!! Where did you get your foolishness from!!! Our only son almost died!!!'

'Raziel please!!!' Aunt shouted, 'just shut it and don't yell him to unconsciousness. How dare you insult me!'

'I'm sorry, I was just...just....just...er....'

'Okay, dude, let's take a walk.' Dwayne said coolly interlocking their arms. He dragged him out before any war began.

Cian sighed.

'He'll never understand.'
'Let him keep screaming like a fool.'

'Aunt, you said we were going to cook for him, you'd show me your secret recipe.' Ross said shyly.

'That recipe is for my beautiful baby daughter.'

'I'm not a baby,' Cian's eight years old sister whined as she walked into the ward with Toby. She wouldn't stop crying so Toby took her out. 'Mom I've told you to stop calling me that.'

'But you are my little Ciara....'

'Cian please tell mom to stop calling me that!'

'Will you spank me if I continue?'

'But moooooom,'

'Can you guys let me sleep, you're bothering me.' Cian murmured.


I watched my girls fight over the remote, by girls I mean, Eira, Anila and Gale. There's more girls than boys so it sounds right. I couldn't get my mind off what my boss said, I had been his PA for over two weeks and I didn't expert such to happen. My heart was beating furiously, after so many years, we would meet again.

My Angus.

I hadn't really seen or heard about him because I didn't care enough.

My boss said Angus was coming over with Dean to sign a business contract.

I felt like crap.

I didn't know what to do.

Should I quit so he won't see me or face him. It would be hard for him to recognize me. I put a spell on myself so no one would recognize me.

'Mom!!!!!' They shouted, I screamed and jumped. 'What are you thinking about!!!!'

'Mom are you okay?' Verna who didn't shout asked worriedly.

'Stop staring at me like that, I'm fine.'

'We shook you but you didn't move, we screamed your name, it didn't work....'

'I'm thinking, sorry kids. I have a whole lot of work in my head.'

'Mom, does work make someone cry?'

'I am?' I touched my cheeks. 'Er...I fell into a trance.' They all folded their arms with an intense glare. 'I'm serious!'

'Wow, we are three years old.' Eira said sarcastically.

'My boss asked me out, I turned him down and now I'm scared I'll lose my job.'

'So let me get this straight,' Gale said stroking his chin. 'You're crying because you're in love with your job or your boss.' He said ironically.

'Okay, I was caught up in the moment of you all fighting, it made me think about your father. I miss him.' Their face softened.
'Or you turning him down made you remember him,' Anila sat down by me and hugged me. 'Mom, why don't you try to date.'

'I love your father, I can't do that to him....'

'But he's dead! Dad's dead. You have to move on.' Verna butt in.

'Oh pe-lease, mom don't need another cry baby.' Eira scoffed.

'No, that's not the point. We won't be free to use our powers again, we can't communicate well.' Gale reasoned.

'True, you're not foolish.' Eira sneered.

'Look mom, just stop thinking about it.'

If only I could tell them their father wasn't dead. They'll never forgive me.

'Anyways, mom?'

'Yes Verna?'

'Can you make me a box of your special brownies and secret sweet pineapple and raspberry pie?'

'Great! I need it tomorrow morning.'


'I want to give it to my new friend...'

'Verna, I thought we discussed about you keeping friends? The less friends you keep, the more chance of our secret lasting.'

'But mom, I'm tired of staring at his face all day. He keeps sticking to me like he's my husband.' She whined referring to Gale who was hugging her by the way.

'Maybe one friend will help us, don't you think mother?' Eira said unsurely. That's strange, she's the belligerent one.

'Is there anything you're all not telling me?'

'Nope, nothing.' They all said sharply.

'Aniiiiiila,' I drawled. She can't lie, she hate lying because she sucks at it. She bit her lip, moving away from me. 'Anila, what happened?' Her lips were trembling. 'Talk!'

'Verna has a crush on Cian Jackson and he came to the school and is studying the same course with her she was avoiding and daydreaming of him when a car got lose almost ran her over but he pushed her out of the way and they both fainted and now Verna want to show her gratitude by bringing flowers and the things she asked in so sorry guys you know I can't lie.' She gasped out in one breath. They face palmed themselves.

'Just one time, lie!' Gale shouted.

'What did I tell you all about getting emotionally attached to anyone? Gale I can understand but not you three.'

'We aren't dating or anything, I just want to show my gratitude.'

'That is where it starts from. Verna, you're the most softhearted of us all. A single heartbreak will shatter you, ruin you to stem. I was warned to avoid that for you, heartbreak will paralyze you.'

'But mom, how would she learn to be strong if she doesn't experience things? Remember the first time I dumped a girl? It was hard but with more practice, I can now dump a thousand girls without blinking.'

'Gale, that doesn't make any sense!' Eira yelled.

'You don't make any sense! I was giving an example!'

'That's literally the most stupid one!!!'

'But he's right,' Nila added. 'You don't need to worry about me or Eira, we're not falling any time soon or at all but Verna needs to experience stuff....'

'If Eira should suffer a heartbreak, she'd only become more cold and heartless but I can manage that. You, I don't even know what will happen to you but Verna will get hurt. I need to be worried.'

'Does anyone realise that he just saved my life, not asked me out! Why in the world will he ask a commoner like me out! He's Cian Jackson!'

'Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You think you're just a commoner?' Eira scoffed. 'Look, I don't get why we are arguing. Let's conclude, mom you once had a boyfriend, got screwed, had us and blah blah blah. You can't stop her from having a wonderful life. I mean, why were we even born? What's the point of our lives or this powers? Yes I know about the Nysaiah thing but does it mean we have to stay friendless, on our own, loveless for the rest of our lives? At least until he comes and kill us?! Normally I don't care. I don't need people or love, that's dirtiness but what about the others? Other like Verna....Aniblaze is acquaintance with everyone and everything, no friends in particular and Gale gets to be such a flirt. We need to live and learn, explore more, in our own different way.'

'Wow!' Gale exclaimed. 'Did you just give a wicked speech!'

'Shut up. Mom, I hope you understand what I mean?'

'Sure, whatever. If she dies, I'll blame you all. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some delicacy to make. I'm adding my apple pie.....'

'But you never let anyone but us taste it.' Gale gasped.

'He did a selfless deed, he deserves an award.'

'Yes! Thanks mom!' Verna squealed stylishly trying to get away from Gale.

'Geez! You need a real girlfriend, get off her.' Eira commanded. I stood up and walked to the kitchen, Eira would join later, cooking is her thing.

If I told them I was working as a PA for Dwayne Jackson's father and Cian finds himself very attached to me, Verna would marry the building.

Oh well, I guess that's my secret for now.

We were in Eira's room, point of correction, Eira's refrigerator. I wonder how her phones and laptop survive in here.

'What do you think mom is hiding? She's keeping something away from us and I can't access her mind.' Gale said thoughtfully.

'I don't know but it seems quite serious.' Verna murmured.

'Her heartbeat was different, her mind wave....'

'Leading somewhere. I got a hint but I'm not sure.' Gale said pacing around. 'It could be the wrong one....I mean mom wouldn't lie, would she?'

'What did you get?' Eira asked sitting up.

'That dad's alive and coming here.' We looked at each other for ten seconds.

'Nay! Mom won't lie to us.' We said confidently.

'Maybe she was wishing he was alive and here with us in New Orleans.' Verna suggested.

'Something always go off when you try to access her thoughts so maybe it's a upsidedown message.' I added.

'I agree,' he said with arms akimbo. 'Verna what you said is true, I probably only caught shattered pieces of her thoughts. Why would mom lie to us? That's ridiculous.'

We sighed with relief.

Mom can't lie.

To be continued.

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