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V.E.G.A- Chapter Three



V.E.G.A- Chapter Three

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I laid on the living room's three sitter sofa, my phone in my hands as I chat away with Melvin. The boys and Ashley were sitting down there too arguing over a football match, well, Ashley just sat there with a smile, she sat on the floor between Angus's legs. Normally I would be jealous but I wasn't, I was more interested in what I was typing.
Melvin: I'm serious here, I really did get choke on a cucumber.
Me: that serves you right, next time you won't rey to practice how to give a blow job with an innocent vegetable.
Melvin: innocent! The foolish thing is longer than my dick!
Me: oh brother. How long can it be.
Melvin: I'm talking 7½ here.
Me: that's long. so how long is your destiny destroyer?
Melvin: oh she's gong dirty now.
Me: idiot. You're a guy by the ways, why bother to learn how to give a blow job!
Melvin: because I'm psychologically unstable. Plus, a time might come when I'll need it to save lives.
Me: really?
Melvin: but of course.
Me: foolish boy. It's a bad thing it didn't kill you.
Melvin: but if it kills me, how then will I take you to pleasure island?
Me: please, don't even go there. You're never getting my goodies, ever!
Melvin: you're so cruel.
Me: mwah ah ah ah.
Melvin: make it ah yes, Melvin babe...harder...I'm gonna cum!!!
Me: if I catch you, I'll kill you!
Melvin: kill me in bed, I can't wait! Oh I can't wait to hear you beg me for more.
Me: fool.
I was blushing like crazy, Angus and Ashley kept glancing at me. My giggles and laughs were annoying but I couldn't help it.
Melvin: I just thought of something.
Me: what?
Melvin: on our wedding day, I'll need to sing you a god song. I need to practice.
Me: is this another way to annoy me?
Melvin: no, amuse.
I waited impatiently, tapping my door together. He sent a record, I squeal out before I could help myself and cleared my throat. Angus's growl made me do that. I quickly connected my headphone to my phone and played the record.
♪ Mic testing, Mic testing 1, 2, 3. Ahem. This song goes to my one and only love, the apple in my pie, the sweet lemon that makes my nade. The orange....ew...
.mango in my juice. My one and only Angeline....' I giggled sheepishly and covered my face. 'My every all, the sunrise in my Monday morning....' I frowned, Mondays are bad days. 'The pancakes in my sto....I mean Tuesdays. The one that makes my heart beat, my beautiful and darling heart stealer, Ashley Iceberg.' ♪ I rolled my eyes. The record ended and just then, another popped in. I played it.
♪ I'm gonna love you
Like I'm gonna lose you
I'm gonna hold you....' I burst into laughter, rolling to the floor.
'Ashley go to your room!!!!' The guys shouted. I cupped my mouth and laughed into my palms. His voice was horrible! I plopped back into the couch and sent him a message.
Melvin: are you mocking me?
Me: yes, why?
Melvin: take those punches. I sing better than you.
Me: oh pe-lease. Should we test that?
He didn't reply, the next thing I received was another record. I played it and almost lost my ability to breathe, his voice was amazing. I squealed and jumped on the couch, it was like a popstar gave me a personal concert.
'Okay that's it!' Angus exclaimed exasperatedly. He stood up, pushing Ashley aside roughly. I stood up and sprinted to my room. 'Ashley come back here and give me that phone!!!!'
'You'll never catch me alive! Mwah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.' I ran into my room but before I could shut the door, he burst in. I squeaked and ran to the bed, he flung himself in the air and landed on me. We both crashed on the floor, me taking the bigger blow but luckily, my phone survived. I pushed him off and dropped my phone on the bed, we began a roll and tackle battle. Me trying to use my feminine strength to pin him down but failing. 'Urgh! Get off me!' I huffed.
'No!' He laughed and slammed my face on the floor. He sat on my butt, pinning my legs together with his knees and pressing my hands behind my back tightly. 'What were you laughing about?'
'None of your business,' I scoffed playfully. He chuckled evilly and forced my hands to tie into a knot. I screamed out in pain. 'Angus leave me alone!!! Dean!!!!! Dean!!!! Earl!!!!! Help me!!!!'
'Shut up,' he tied my hands tighter. 'Speak.'
'He was singing me a wedding song, his voice was so amazing that I squealed. Please leave me alone.'
'So you guys already planned marriage? How old are you that you'll be planning marriage?' He asked superciliously. I whimpered, I thought he was playing but he wasn't playing, he was serious.
'We were just messing around, Angus you're hurting me badly.'
'Now listen here,' he bent down and pressed his lips on my left ear. 'You belong to me and me alone, it would be over my dead body that any other guy takes you away from me.' He whispered venomously. I stiffened with utter shock, did he just indirectly claimed me? Like he realised what he had blunt out, he tittered nervously and stood up. I sat up and stared at him with mouth open. He itched his head and waved dismissively. 'Relax, I was kidding!' He said laughingly with a fake perky smile.
'Yeah,' I laughed nervously and stood up. My hands hurt badly, I cracked my bones trying not to think about his most ironically supercalifragilisticexpialidoc
ious warning. 'You should go watch your football match'
'Nay! It's boring.' He threw himself and the bed and took my phone. 'Let me hear his "amazing" voice too' he said with a very sarcastic scare quotation at the amazing. I snorted and folded my arms.
'You'll be really jealous...' He snorted disapprovingly.
'You seem to have forgotten I was once a chorister and in a bad boy band.' I bit my lip, he was right, his voice was one of the reason I fell for him.
'Whatever.' He removed the headphone and played the first record, Melvin's sweet teasing coming out. I giggled and blushed, he scoffed and played the other one. 'The third one.' He glared at me, played the sing and frowned at Melvin's swoon worthy voice. I sank into the bed with a dreamy sigh, I closed my eyes enjoying the sweet music his voice gave.
'Here's your stupid phone.' He threw my phone back at me after the song finished. He stood up and walked out of my room angrily, I sighed and played the song over and over again, forgetting to reply Melvin back.
I paced my room in tears, dialing Melvin's number anxiously. He called me, nagged something about him never knowing I could be so heartless to be using him just to get Carter jealous. He said I was a whore, a heartbreaker, so many hurtful words that shattered my heart and I knew nothing of what he was talking about.
'Come on Melvin, pick up and let me explain. I don't even know what you're talking about!' I was outside his gate, his gateman refused to let me in. I screamed and hammered at the gate. 'Melvin please!!!!!' I cried. I scattered my head, unable to think of where I went wrong. The gate opened, I thought it was something good but two large dogs ran out, both ready to kill me.
I didn't know when I drove back home. I parked my car and ran into the house in tears, Dean was there with Earl's wife, Elma and Ashley.
'Ashley, what's wrong?' Dean asked alerted. I didn't answer him, I ran to the stairs, Earl was climbing down so he blocked me.
'Little snail, what happened?'
'Melvin, he said he doesn't want to see me again, he said I was using him and called me many names. I don't even know what he's talking about.'
'He said you were....' He trailed off and muttered something under his breath. 'Okay, it's going to be a.....'
'No! He was my only hope! How would I forget him now!' I screamed. I meant how would I forget about Angus if Melvin left. He pulled me into a hug, Dean and Earl took me to my room where I cried for hours before falling asleep.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Angus ~~~~~~~~~~~
'Darn it Angus!!!!' Earl yelled smashing his phone on the floor. 'I told you to control yourself, why would you make him dump her!!!!'
'I was only protecting what's mine.' I said nonchalantly.
'Fuck you Ang, she's your sister for Pete's sake!' Dean exclaimed. 'You have Ashley....'
'But I want the real Ashley, the one I love.'
'Angus please, get rid of thus feelings, you can't be with her, she's your sister.' Earl said pleadingly. I rolled my eyes, I was tired of swallowing my feelings for her in the name of she's my sister. I wasn't going to take that shit again, I love her and I was going to get her no matter what.
'She's not my biological sister, you all know that. She was picked up at the side of a road, I picked her up myself so what are you talking about?'
'Angus, it will shatter her to know she's adopted, please think of what it will do to her. Please delete this feeling....'
'No. I've concealed it for seven years, I'm not going to hide it again. I'm not committing a sin....'
'What about mom? Angus we can't stop you, we know but can beg you to please ignore....'
'Dean don't give me that trash. You know how longing for someone you can't be with feels like, you've been pining over her brunette friend all her life. You should know how this hurts.'
'But I'm bearing it. Samantha is just a kid, I can't go for her.'
'Well that's your business, I'm still going to make sure Ashley is mine whether you both like it or not, even if it means me kidnapping and hiding he'd away from everyone until she loves me back.' I said irrevocably.
'Angus, the drugs you're taking is starting to affect you, please stop taking it.' Earl pleaded, I shrugged.
'The only way to stop it is to get what I want.'
'You need to go back to rehab, no one will know as usual.' I laughed psychopathically.
'But I'm not insane, why do I need that?' I frowned. 'Don't get in way, I'm warning both of you. I don't mind killing anyone that tries to get between me and my love.' I grinned. 'I'm sure you both won't mind me marrying our pretty sister.' I stood up from Dean's bed since we were in his room and laughed humorlessly. 'I'm serious guys, don't interfere.' I bowed gentlemanly and bounced out of his room. I'm going to marry the love if my life and no one will stop me.
To be continued.

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