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V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirteen



V.E.G.A- Chapter Thirteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

'So, should I wear green or blue? I was thinking of going for green but I wear green a lot. I want something that would stand up out and make me look...hmmmmm....attractive....' Verna blabbed on. Jennifire sighed heavily.

'And she said she wasn't going there because she likes him.' She murmured grumpily. Verna woke us up very early, before the sun even dreamt of rising, all because she wanted us to help her decide what outfit she'd wear to school and to see Cian. I was dozing off on her bed but dared not sleep, she seemed bossy this morning.

'Verna, can I go back to bed? It's 6:15am,' I whined complainingly.

'Don't be lazy, after this you're all going to dress up and we are going to school. I don't want to be late. Now! What should I wear? Floral gown or jeans?'

'For crying out loud! All your dresses are the same!' Eira exclaimed. 'Floral gowns with different colours and designs, just wear anything so I can go back to sleep.'

'Hmmmm,' she stroke her chin thoughtfully. 'Getting known with one style is bad, I should change my closet but for now, Eira can I borrow any of your cloths?' I face palmed myself hard, this is not my job.

'Nobody can handle my cloths the way I do, you'll get your sweat allover it.'

'Eira, don't annoy me. I said lend me your dress, not insult me.' Verna said emotionlessly. I don't blame her, Eira's cleanliness is irritating.

'Verna, please wear what you have, my cloths will make you look like....'

'A criminal, we know.' Eira interjected. Jennifire grinned and nodded. 'Big head, you're quiet today, why?'

'Today isn't over, don't be so satisfied by my silence.' I said smirkingly.

'Why do I even bother.' I winked at her, she hissed and looked away. Too easy.

'So why am I, the guy here?'

'Because you're more fashionable than everyone here, now pick something for me to wear.'

'What are the odds of you girls getting lost so I can sleep.'

'O.' They smiled.

'Worth a try. Fire, get me some of your jeans, so I can whip something manageable for her.'

'Why don't we go to my room?'

'I will never step my feet in your hot coven.'

'Humph, your loss,' she said with a shrug. 'Verna, it would be better if you go as yourself, that's far more impressive. Guys don't like ladies that pretend too much, just be yourself. If he can't like you for plain floral loving animal keeper Verna Steinberg, then he should go to hell.'

'Wow, way to bore us with your speech Fire.' I said with mock sarcasm and dropped my head on the bed.

'Oh shut up bighead, she's right and I agree. Verna, note, he's never going to like you....er...I mean, being yourself is better. You don't need no fancy outfit, your face would do the wooing for you.' Eira said with a dramatic motivational tone. I chuckled.

'Don't be so dramatic about it, that's Gale's and Adara's job.' Verna said with a deep frown. 'You're all useless, get out of m....' Before she finished her sentence, I was already in my room. I plopped on my bed and wiggled.

Sleep time.

I stood at the parking lot waiting for them, I didn't know how exactly I would get their attention but Adara said she would help me. I counted the stones on the ground with my eyes and foot to pass time. She was playing a space game on her phone meticulously, her brows furrowed in deep concentration and upper incisors digging into her bottom lip. I tapped my foot, bored already.

Fortunately, their band bus drove in, girls going insane immediately.
'Fire,' I called softly removing her headphone. 'They are here.'

'I can hear that, ears remember.'

'You promised you'll help me, how would you do that?'

'Close your ears,' I arched my brow at her but she didn't do it since her eyes never left her phone. 'Yes! Level 12!'

'Dara,' I whined. 'Help already.'

'I said close your ears,' I wanted to ask how that would help but I decided against it and closed my ears. She shoved her phone into her pocket, rearranged her skull rings and lift her head. The next thing that followed was a very loud screech, one that frightened even single person in the car park.
 'My work here is done.' She said grinningly, turned like a soldier man and walked away.

I smiled nervously at everyone and waved at the boys.

'Can I come?!!!!' I shouted. Toby nodded and signalled two of the guards to get me so the fan girls won't pull my hair out...if they can try that is. The guards came and took me to them, I wanted to faint because they were my favourite band. 'Good morning.'

'Good morning,' Toby replied in a whisper. 'How are you feeling?'
'Like nothing ever happened. Is Cian okay?' I asked worriedly.

'He's not dead, that's for start.'

'My mom made him her secret desserts, as a way to thank him. I was hoping you can pass it on to him....'

'Or you can give him yourself.' Terry said coldly.

'But I don't know where he is or how I'd easily get to him.'

'Don't worry, I'll take y.....'

'Dwayne, you are taking her nowhere. Ross, do you mind?'

'Not at all,' Ross smiled. 'Let's hurry up, I don't want to miss too many lectures.' I smiled gratefully, I was going to see him.


I stared at Cian quietly, Ross left me behind to run off to school. Cian was sleeping so he let me stay to wait for him. I was sitting on a chair, my elbows on the large bed. He finally stirred, his chest rising higher than usual. He sniffed the hair, my natural flowery garden scent dancing into his nostrils.

'Who are you?' He asked gruffly without opening his eyes. His voice was quite deep but pleasant to the ears. 'Your scent is f.....' He opened his sharply, I offered him a small nervous smile, my agitation coming back again. 'You?'

'I'm very sorry for what happened, I didn't know.... I....I don't have an excuse but I'm sorry and grateful to you, something bad would have happened to that ca....me if it wasn't for you.'

'In return, I want three things.'

'There's a condition to this kind of thing?'

'No, it's called gratitude showcase.'
'Okay, I'll try.' I adjusted my chair forward. 'I'm listening.'

'Why did you avoid me like a plague?' Crap, the truth was beyond me ever telling. 'Can't you talk?'

'I don't like attention and trouble but it seems I already gained that.'

'Next, we're friends now, no argument.' Friends! I could barely survived three feet away! 'Three, you won't argue whenever I suggest something to improve our friendship like going to beaches, parks, restaurants, clubs....'

'Okay, I get it. I guess I can manage it.' I murmured. He smiled.

'Now tell me, who was that guy that hugged you at the canteen yesterday? Boyfriend?' I couldn't help but suspect his tone.

'Younger brother, we're quads. I'm the eldest, Eira, the white haired the second eldest, him the third and the devil looking one, the last.
 Her name's Anila but we all have our different names to call her.'

'Wow, I only have a little sister, her name's Ciara.'

'I know.'

'Do you have a boyfriend?' I chuckled.

'Don't you think you're pushing it?'
'Oh, sorry, I can be like that sometimes....what's that?' He asked pointing at the bag I carried as he forced himself to sit.

'I almost forgot about the snacks my mom made for you, hold on.' I stretched, pick up the bag and brought everything out.

'Mmmm, smells like Ms Sexy's raspberry pie.' He moaned.

'Who's Ms Sexy?'

'My Uncle's PA, she's super hot and pretty but nice. She makes her tasty raspberry pie and brownie for me all the time, she's sweet.' I shrugged what he said off. No pie is better than mom's. I gave him the brownies first, he ate it and moaned pleasurably. 'Just like hers too.'

Whatever he says

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