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V.E.G.A- Chapter Ten



V.E.G.A- Chapter Ten

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>> Terence <<<<<<<<<<
My jaw was kissing the table, we all were. I glanced at the entire canteen, all males and most females had the same look. They are extravagantly beautiful, too beautiful! Wow! Are they single!
'Wow! I have to have the blonde one,' Dwayne exclaimed in a whisper. 'She's sexy!' Cian's head snapped to him, he growled and clenched his fists.

'Stay away from her or I'll break your bones!' He groaned.

'She's not your girlfriend, why shouldn't I go close to her?' He scoffed.

'Fighting over a girl that doesn't care about your existence is stupidity in manifestation,' Toby said calmly averting his gaze back to his book. 'You must not let a girl who you know nothing of come between you two.'

'Technically, I don't like him. I'm allergic to fools.' Cian said scornfully. I closed my mouth and chuckled.

'Wow! I like the boyish one, she'll be a hard nut to crack and you know me, I love hard catches.' I smirked. Ross was looking at the white haired. 'I call the boy one!'
'Not if I get her first.' Dwayne said challengingly. Toby sighed and flipped his book over.

'You'll never listen even if I talk for the rest of my life.'

I walked into the noisy canteen reluctantly. OMG! This place is filthy!

'I'm not going in there, mm mm.' I said with disgust.

'Suit yourself.' Aniblaze said gigglingly. She walked in with Verna, they bought their foods and mine, I knew I had to go, who would clean their table for them? I ran to them and crossed my arms.
'I'm only doing this because I don't want you all to sit on dirty things like that stupid table.' I pointed to the chair covered with foods and drinks. They rolled their eyes.

'We can sit there, it's less dirty and away from the eyes staring at us.' Verna said uncomfortably.

'I'll be the judge of that,' I scoffed. 'I need to inspect it.'

'I don't have time for that.' Verna sighed and walked to the table.

'Don't you dare sit on that gem infested chair!!!!!' I roared, she flinched.


'Don't Eira me Aniblaze, can't you see the gems?!!!' I yelled. I rushed to the table, I opened my bag and brought out my cleaning equipments. I sprayed and wiped until the table and chair was spotlessly clean. I could hear the squeaky sound. I smiled with satisfaction only to see them sitting at another and already eating. 'Hey! You didn't let me wipe the cutleries first.' I cried. 'What if you all get sick.'

'I'm done eating already and you're still cleaning.'

'But I'm done cleaning,' I whined. 'You know I love you all so much, I have to.....oh God, this table is so dirty.' I complained peering at it.

'Eira, please sit and eat your food.' I scoffed, sat on my clean chair and brought out my neatly arranged lunch box. I sprayed the box, opened it and changed my gloves after sanitizing my hands.
'Perfect.' I wiped my special cutleries and ate my steamed lemon pudding and French bread. They moved to my table, Aniblaze hitting the table with her drumsticks for fun since she wasn't eating. Verna was slow as ever, taking her time to savour every moment of the food.

'Does anyone know where Gale is?' Verna asked glancingly.

'He messaged me, told me he's doing business with a girl somewhere.' I rolled my eyes.
'Typical of him to screw a girl on his first day...does he carry franger everywhere he goes?' Verna asked no one in particular. Ani chuckled.
'I think I'm starting to reconsider the nerd idea,' I murmured looking around the canteen. 'The eyes are too much.'

'Then let's pluck it out....ooooh! Fries!' She took Verna's food. 'Let me finish your food for you, slowness runs in your brain.' Verna giggled at Ani's funny words.

'Are you okay Vern? You look tensed and worried.' I asked worriedly, I'd been noticing her.

'I'm just thinking of how to prepare dinner for mom.'

'Babe, you burn everything you cook, even water.' Ani said laughingly.

'I can bake,'

'Sure you can.' I said grinningly and frowned. 'Now what's wrong?'
'I skipped class today.'


'Cian, he was in all the classes I ought to be. Girls, I don't know what to do.' She whimpered.

'Stop avoiding and face him. He's not chasing you, act nonchalantly before you make yourself too obvious.' Aniblaze said nonchalantly.

'Boo!' Gale said spookily, Verna and I screamed falling off the chair. Only Aniblaze who seemed to have noticed her before didn't move. He wore a black skull mask and his hood. He laughed with Aniblaze, they both holding their stomach.

'You guys should have seen your faces, so....ha ha...Jennifire did you see that?'

'Yeah, I did.'

'Are you mad.....mm mm you are mad!' I stood up and smacked his head, Verna stood up and punched his arm weakly.

'You almost gave us an heart attack,' she whimpered. 'You know I'm frail hearted and can't take spooks.' She held her chest and slid down the chair.

'I'm sorry baby boo,' he cooed hugging her from behind. 'My baby, your boo is sorry for scaring you.' He claims he's her boyfriend, Aniblaze's twin and my enemy.
I hate him.

'I'm okay, have you eaten?' He straddled the chair still hugging her.

'No,' he said babyishly. 'I don't have any energy left.'

'Because you spent it banging a girl.' I scoffed sliding back into the chair.

'She sucks, that girl must be a whore. Her hole is wider that....than....than.....Fire, help me out here.'

'Kettle lid.'


'Don't insult a girl ad take off this skull mask, it's freaky.' Gale removed the hood and mask, his pretty face coming out. I could hear giggles, he's cute but I won't ever say that to his face.

'Can you buy me ice cream?'

'One, not being sold here. Two, that's not food!'

'Eira, he wasn't talking to you.' Verna said calmly, she pampers him too much.

'Yes babe, tell him.'

'You're spoiling this child,' I accused pointing my finger at him.
'He's my child, get your own.' She said pettishly and kissed his cheek he giggled and snuggled closer to her neck. She giggled too.

'I think I'm going to be sick,' I said sickeningly, he wiggled his brows at me.

'How am I related to you again?' He blew me a kiss, I ducked to avoid the smelly breath.

'Oooh! Lunch!' With speed he snatched my food. 'Yay food!'
'Give me back my food!'

'Come close to me and I'll lick it,' he threatened moving my spoon to his mouth. 'I'll lick everything here. Your properties are under ransom now.'

'Okay, just don't lick it, please.' I pleaded.

'You've got to be kidding me,' Aniblaze said. 'Really? A spoon?'

'I treasure my things,' I said defensively. 'If you want to eat, eat but don't tamper with my things.'
'Good girl,' I watched bitterly as he ate my food. He finished eating it and licked his lips. I have to boil everything and wash it for two hours. He smirked. 'Here's your things.' He licked it!

He licked each and every one of them until the plate was spotlessly clean.

I watched with mouth open and twitching eyes.

Aniblaze laughed all through while Verna had her palm on her forehead.

'Here's your things honey,' he pushed it to me. 'Sooooooo, I'm going to run now, Ani, stall her.' He stood and ran away laughing.
I inhaled.

'Did he just....' I trailed off with a tiny voice. Ani nodded.

'Please ignore him,' Verna pleaded. I laughed psychopathically. 'Pleaseeeeee...
'I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!!!' I said thunderously, stood up and ran after him.
I'm going to kill him!.

To be continued.

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