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V.E.G.A- Chapter Sixteen



V.E.G.A- Chapter Sixteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>Anila <<<<<<<<<<<
The canteen fell into a pin-drop silence, everyone's mouth open wide. This is the sort of thing I like, drama. He blinked, his own mouth open wide too.
'Never, EVER insult my sister to my face or I'll turn you to a ice cube, no one except me can insult them so don't you dare. Aniblaze let's get out of here.' She slipped her shies back on.
'Did you just slap me with a shoe?'
'Do you want another one? I will be more than happy to refresh your memory.' His eyes darkened with fury.
'Dwayne, she's a girl, let her be.' Ross said in a sort of pleading way.
'What kind of fucking girl!!!! How dare her hit me!!! Does she know who I am!!!!'
'Know it, don't care.' She said nonchalantly with a challenging fold of her arms. He growled, he was going to hit her.
'Dude, I wouldn't do that if I were you, she'll beat you up.' I said picking up my smoothie, he glared at me.
'Make me,' she dared. He's going to get beaten to pop. He groaned and launched at her, not caring if he get filmed. She laughed and moved out of the way, she found joy in other people's dismay. 'Too slow baby boo, is that how fast you can go.' She taunted.
'Dwayne, you're about to get humiliated by a girl, stop while you still can.' Terry said worriedly. The idiot wasn't listening, he stood up from the floor and threw a punch at her, is he seriously going to hit a girl? She grabbed his hand, twist it and slammed his head on the table.
'Is that all you've got,' she laughed and smacked his ass. 'Come on, you can do better than that.' She dragged his hair up but in one swift movement, he pinned her face to the table.
No one except me had ever pinned her down.
Eira was going to kill him!!!
I stood up sharply and hurriedly separated them. The room was already getting cold, really cold, she was furious!
'Eira, seize.' I said telepathically. She breathe in and smiled. She suddenly started crying while holding her cheek, she was up to something.
'You're a much more bigger asshole than I thought. How could you hit me just because I said you shouldn't call my sister names. It's not my fault she finds you as ugly as an ape.....' Somebody was videoing it. 'This is the exact way you beat me up everyday because I complain about you cheating....'
What happened to no trouble, she's going too far.
'How can you be flirting with my sister while dating and sleeping with me, what did I ever do to you? All I did was love you but you repay me by hitting on my sister and going around with so many girls even when you're dating me. I can't take it anymore Dwayne, we're through but I'm sure you won't care. Bastard!!!' She splashed his coffee on his face. 'I hate you!!!' She ran out in fake tears.
One thing you must know about Eira, she might be cold and cruel almost all the time but when she lies which she barely do by the way, everyone believes her.
Even if the truth is obvious, she will still win because of her innocent cute face and "obey me" aura.
Dwayne was as good as done.
'What just happened,' he said in shock. I patted his shoulder sympathetically.
'She just ruined your life, take heart.' I salute at the guys and ran after her. 'Did you have to ruin his life?'
'Should I have ended it?' I clicked my tongue.
'Good point. We're in.....you're in trouble now.'
'Eh,' she shrugged. 'Trouble and us are inseparable pairs.'
'Not us, you and Gale.'
'You should try it sometimes, it's good for the body.'
'Eira, mom's gonna kill you.'
'Eh, we can't all live forever.' She said with a very satisfied smiled.
Oh boy.
School ended, well for me and Verna that is. Gale and Eira still had classes to attend to so we decided to wait for them why cruising on a bench. That guy from earlier came over with a flirtatious smile.
'Hey Vern baby, what's up?'
'Nothing much, you?'
'Just missing you here,' she blushed and laughed. 'Do you have anything planned out today?'
'As a matter of fact, yes,' she lied. I raised my head and stared at her, momentarily forgetting about the game I was playing. 'My dad's coming home today, I have to prepare dinner for him, his special and pick out all the games we would play, he loves playing videogame after dinner. I also have to make sure the house is spotless and smell nice, light all the candles and all....and erm....movies! Yes, movies and also....er....mow the lawn and then deliver a package my mom asked me to...heh heh, see, busy.'
Verna don't even know how to use a broom!
She's damn lazy!
'Oh, can we hang tomorrow t.....'
'Awwwn, sorry, busy too. I have to spend all day with him, I'm the only one who can tolerate him.'
'And the next?'
'My dog died, we're holding his memorial.'
'What? And the next?'
'Hospital appointment, you see I'm sick and the doctors said I have a year to live,' she lied sadly. 'I really don't want to get anyone's hopes up.'
'Oh, what kind of sickness?'
'Something called fungusrus atimisedises narenic.' I blinked, really Verna?
'So what now?'
'Let's agree to see other people.'
'Okay?' He said uncertainly and walked away. I chuckled.
'What was that about?'
'He spends more than talking about how awesome he is and how cool his muscles are and his breath smells like garlic dipped in garbage juice.'
'Awwwn, he's cute.' I laughed.
'That dude will die single, any girl who dates that conceited idiot is brainless.'
'And Cian?'
'I love him again, I can't date a garlic breath.'
'I thought you weren't trying to win him over,' I said smirkingly. 'How come you wanna date him.'
'Don't be silly, we're just friends.' I shook my head, she'll never accept it. Eira skipped to us humming and swinging her bag. 'You're happy.'
'I just ruined someone's life, why shouldn't I be.'
'What?' Verna asked looking at me for answers.
'Check the internet on what's up with The Jacksons.' She looked at Eira suspiciously before picking up her phone. Eira danced around like a fairytale princess, humming and vocalizing.
All because she ruined someone's life.
'Eira! Why did you do this to him! They are cursing and calling him a heartbreaker....not that nobody knows he's not but this one is different, listen to the comments. When are you going to stop breaking hearts Dwayne? Seriously now, two sisters?
Wow, I didn't even know you had a girlfriend.
You had a girlfriend and you humped me in your car last night!
Just like his father..... Eira you're not listening!!!!'
'Because a van of reporters just pulled over and are running to me, keep them away from me Aniblaze, they are covered with germs.'
'Shouldn't we be running?'
'Why should I run?' She scoffed. They got to us, a woman and her cameraman or something.
'You're the girl who dumped Dwayne Jackson, right?'
'No, that was someone else.' She said plainly.
'But our informant told us it's you.'
'Your informant is lame and dumb. I'm not her, period. Now get your stupid camera out of my face before I package both you, him and it into a box and ship it to Madagascar.' She commanded with her famous signature "make them cower" glare.
They moved out of her way.
She smiled and skipped away.
The drama isn't over yet.
'Er....do you two have anything to say about this?'
'I'm out of here, Vee, you can wait for Gale, bye.' I stood up, shoved my hands and phone into my pockets and strolled off. They'll bug her to death, she's too calm and polite to walk out on them.
Once I was out of sight, I ran to the hotel dad was staying. I got in through the window but he wasn't around so I had to wait.
I stared at Declan with folded arms and crossed legs, all he had been blabbing since morning made no sense. He said Ashley called in sick, I knew she wasn't sick, just avoiding me.
'Just sign the contract, I don't know why you keep insisting on having me transfer Nadia to you in exchange. I can't trade my PA, I don't own her, I've been saying that all day!' He said exasperatedly.
'Then you're not ready for the deal, no Ashley, no contract.'
'Again, her name is Nadia, not Ashley.'
'Declan, you have to sign her in as my new PA, I need her.'
'Look, I understand she's hot and most men want her but you can personally ask her but I think you already did and she turned me down like she did to me but again, Nadia is very important to me, she have only been working here for two weeks and I can't help but notice she's a bucket of good luck. Just look at you, I can easily get the contract but all I need is give her to you which is not something I can.'
'I'm bored. Since you can't reason well, can I at least get her phone number and address?'
'I don't think she'll like that. If a man comes finding her, her children will freak.' My eyes widened.
'She has kids!'
'Yeah, two of them or was it four...I don't know, she haven't really shown them to me or even mention a name. She just said she's a mother of something, got divorced years ago.' I couldn't speak, Ashley married someone else. 'Angus, you okay?'
'I'll be in my hotel.' I stood up and walked to the door.
'Don't you want her number anymore?'
'Keep it.' I walked out of the office feeling paler than blue, how could she get married when I was suffering wallowing in guilt and regret, that was unfair.
She never really cared.
She faked her own death to runaway from me.
My chest tightened, I could barely breathe. I kept my lips sealed as my mind welled with bitter thoughts. The driver drove me back to the hotel, all I needed do was cry and die, my miserable life needed to end. Once I was inside my hotel room, I walked straight to the bar and got a drink, I opened it quickly to drink myself away. At my age, I had no wife, no children and nothing to live for.
'You know, sometimes....well most times, alcohol only makes it worst.' A light voice said from behind me. I turned around with furrowed brows and looked at the direction the voice came from. A girl sat on my bed, she had light brown hair and eyes, her body covered with chains and crazily ripped leather clothing.
'Who are you?' She looked like the female version if Earl, extremely beautiful. Earl only had a son but he looked a lot like his mother who I don't even know. 'Did Declan hire a little girl to seduce me?'
'I'm not little, I'm 20 and no, I came on my own.'
'Are you an assassin?' I sighed. 'It would do me good to die now.'
'Why? You hate your life?' I smiled, why does her presence bring me joy?
'I'm unmarried, childless and the love of my life hate me.'
'Who's that?'
'You won't know her.' I sighed and turned back to finish my drink. She snatched it in a jiffy, how she got to me so fast was shocking.
'Don't drink, I don't need a word again, you look like a frustrated human being so I already got my answers,' she smiled, one that looked like Ashley's. 'Come here big man.' She hugged me, the heat from her body surprisingly soothing.
'You're burning up.'
'Nay, that's just my temperature,' she pulled back and looked into my eyes. 'Geez! You two look way too alike! My God!'
'My brother.' She said walking to the window.
'Your brother and I look alike?' She nodded. 'Why?'
'Because he's your son and I'm your daughter.'
'What?' I asked utterly confuse.
'You're not a childless man dude. You know that pretty sister of yours that goes by Nadia now, she had four children, quads and you're responsible. I left our address on the bed, find us and fix things before she runs mad and yes, I'm 20 and you slept with her 22 years ago, there's an explanation for that. Find us for answers, we'll be expecting you, bye.' The crazy girl jumped out of the window.
It was fucking twenty feet above the ground!
I ran to the window but she was gone. What the heck just happened!

To be continued

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