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V.E.G.A- Chapter Six



V.E.G.A- Chapter Six

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

~~~~~~~~~~~ Angus ~~~~~~~~~~
I was literally freaking out, Ashley was not waking up. She'd been asleep for two days, no single moment made from her part. She was alive but still, her body temperature changing every two hours. From extremely and severely hot, to icy block cold, to just cold and then warm. I didn't understand a thing, I should visit a hospital but I was scared they would take her away from me.

I rushed back home to see if any of my old contact would be useful.
 I searched through my phonebook but found nothing useful. I had no choice, it was better she was alive than dead. I would still find a way to get her because she was mine. I rushed back outside, something didn't feel right, I was being watched. I sighed.

'Dean, Earl, I know it's you guys, come out.' I shoved my hands into my pockets and waited for them to come out. Mom came out instead. 'Fuck.'

'Angus, where have you been for two days? You went out with Ashley but never returned.' She folded her arms, giving me her signature scary look. I gulped, stepping back. 'Angus, where's your sister?'

'S....s....e....wait,' I hit my head. Don't be scared of her, she's only your super cool mom that can pin you to a wall easily. That's not too bad when I don't say it out loud. 'We went on a cruise to celebrate.'

'Without letting anyone know,' she huffed and glared at me. 'Angus I'm going to ask you for the last time, where did you keep my daughter?!' I rolled my eyes, she knew. 'How could you even think of marrying your own sister.'

'You make it sound like a sin when she's not my biological sister. Mom, I love her, why can't you understand that?'

'Angus, Angus, please, where did you keep her?'

'I won't tell you.'

'Oh well,' something stung the nape of my neck thrice. 'I'm sorry my son, I love you with all of my heart but this is for your own good.' I felt dizzy.

'Mom, Ashley is....' More darts thrust into my hands and feet, I inhaled and slumped. They needed to know where she was, so they could save her. I tried to speak, tried to let her know but I passed out before I had the chance.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Limbo, I had been chained down in what I'll call limbo. I didn't know how I ended up here, why I did but I was trapped. A chain of ice held my left hand up, a chain of green and pink held my right. Autumn and red chain held my right leg and gold held down my left. I was helpless, voiceless and weak.

My stomach was on fire, the heat like a volcano erupting in my stomach, like I drank acid. Painful surges passed through my hands and legs to my stomach, the pain was never ending. I was tired of crying, tired of sobbing so I just stared at the bottomless pit below.
The fog surrounding me flowed away. What now?! A whirlwind trapped me in the middle. The first layer was vines, the second fire, the third pure wind and the fourth snow. The opening of the whirlwind had a golden shield, sealing everything out. Images passed through the whirlwind, displaying a story I couldn't quite understand but knew I saw the same woman I saw at the forest slumping on the ground, a man I can't tell crying over her death. Different things went by until it stopped.

'Ashley,' a voice called softly, a female voice. 'You're the daughter of the widow witch you saw just now, you're not normal, you're human. You must take care of the children that have been given to you, the infants in your womb. No one must know that they are the incarnation of seasons, keep them away from darkness, from others and let them grow in love. I am not sure who among them will save us or how that will eventually happen but I know one of them is born with my light, born with the gem in his or her heart. You must be careful, keep bitterness or any other bad feelings away from yours and their hearts and good thing will surely come your way.'

'I don't understand what's going on....'

'You don't need to, all you need to do is do what's right to save my husband.'

'But....you said I'm pregnant?'

'That is correct.'

'With babies?'

'As you heard.'

'I can't tell them that, I can't tell my family that I'm carrying my brother's children. I can't take the shame....'

'Didn't you just hear the whole daughter of a widow thing? Anyways, your body have been transformed to it true form, you are now where you will have to survive on your own. The name given to you by your birth mother is Nadia, that is the name you'll answer.'

'So just like that, I will leave my life for you? What about my family and friends?!'

'You don't exactly have a choice, it's a do or die situation. My spirit will always be there to guide you until you're strong enough to protect them. The only thing is that you must believe in what is happening, that these children are blessings and not a curse or you'll die after giving birth to them. The rest of the instructions are too long, I'm tired so bye bye.' Whoever she was, she must have been really playful.

The wind dropped, the chains dropping along with it. I screamed as I fell into the bottomless pit until I woke up with a scream.

'She's awake!!!!' Someone shouted delightfully. I was panting, my body a river of sweat. Locks of mid night black hair sticking to the sweat. Where did the hair come from? I thought I was blonde. 'Doctor, is she going to be okay?'

'Calm down young lady, breathe.' The old man in white cautioned rubbing my back. 'Calm down.'
'Water,' the nurse quickly filled a cup for me. I gulped it all down and sighed. 'Fan, I'm hot.'

'Turn up the air conditioner.' The nurse quickly turned it up, I fanned myself with my hands. I glanced at my stomach and back again.

'Why is my stomach big!!!!' I screamed in shock. I felt it, something kicked my hands. 'Something kicked.....how long have I been unconscious!!!!'
'Please calm down, stress is not good for the babies.....'

'Okay, it's babies now.' I inhaled and exhaled repeatedly.

'I found you washed up at shore seven months ago, you were barely alive.' The old woman who shouted the first time said. 'The doctors couldn't quite tell what was wrong but you were pregnant. They've been keeping you and your babies alive since.'

'How long have I been pregnant?'

'Why don't you rest first.....'

'Just tell me!!!!' I screamed grabbing his collar. I knew what was up but I still couldn't get over the shock.

'Yesterday marked it two years......'
'You say fucking what!!!!!!' I screamed and pushed him away.
'Please calm down!'

'So you found me with a seventeen months old pregnancy?! My sweet life! I've been asleep for two years with these!!!!' I fell on the bed and closed my eyes.

'She fainted....'

'I'm processing! All of you leave me alone!!!!'

'Doctors, nurses, please leave us.' The woman said politely. I heard footsteps and them leaving, I sat up and folded my legs. It was like there was fire in the middle of my brain. 'How are you feeling dear? Beside the shock?'

'Like wood,' she smiled and chuckled. 'What's your name?'

'Coco, my name's Coco Steinberg.'

'Coincidentally, I'm As....Nadia Sternberg. I was eighteen when I passed out and now twenty with unborn babies. I'm great!' I said with an ironic grin.

'Listen dear, it isn't as bad as it seems. Please do think of it as a blessing. Your unconscious state seized the delivering period and I can feel those babies are special.'

'Awwwwn,' I cooed. 'My life is ruined anyways. What have happened to Angus, is he okay? Can I have your phone?' She sighed, searched for her phone and gave it to me. I instantly logged into my Instagram account and searched Sam's profile.
 Pictures of her smiling with Dean was everywhere, videos and posts included. It was obvious they were dating.

I checked Angus's but his account didn't exist, I checked all his social media pages but found nothing. He didn't exist in social media again. I went to Earl, so far, he had married and divorced four ladies in the space of two years. I saw sad posts about me dying, my suppose funeral. The woman really did wonders.

The world thought I was dead.
I sniffed and logged out of all. I guess that was how it ought to be.
'Thank you ma'am, you can have your phone back.' I sobbed.
'Is everything alright dear?' She asked worriedly.

'I'm homeless and dead, I'm fine.'
'You don't have any family?'

'None I should ever see again....'

'Then you are welcome to become my daughter!' She interrupted joyfully. 'I've been so lonely but with you....' A sharp pain surged through my stomach. I screamed.

'Wow! That hurt a lot.' I said with a painful laughter.

'What is it?'

'I'm in pain, I think the babies are coming. Help me before I die!'
'I'll get the doctors!!!' She shrieked excitedly. 'Grandchildren!!!!' She hurried out. Wow, life is intense.


Child bearing is hard, that moment where you feel like you're going to die, you're going to breathe your last. Then immediately the child is placed in your arms, you forget the pain, forget every struggle you went through and fall in love. I had four kids, one I had no experience how they lived for two years.

Three girls and one boy. All born bald with eyes sealed shut.

Immediately I was left alone with them, they opened their eyes and hairs sprouted out of their heads.
The eldest was a girl, she had golden yellow hair and enchanted green eyes. Her lips were soft and pink, so cute. She had green veins with a tattoo of a flower with a crown on her back. Her hair turned golden blonde and the enchantment in her eyes, the tattoo and veins disappeared.

'Verna, Ava.....' Something whispered in my ear.

'Looks like you're Verna Ava Steinberg.' I looked at the second child. A girl too. Her hair was white, her eyes icy blue and a snowflake on her chest. The snowflake disappeared but the hair and eyes stayed.

'Eira, Lumi.....'

'Okay, Eira Lumi Steinberg.'

'Gale, Will....' I looked at the third, a boy. He had autumn coloured eyes and hair with red streaks. His tattoo was on his bicep, a whirling tornado with leaves flowing in it. His hair turned dark brown and his eyes were uncertain, kept changing and finally, the last. Her hair was flaming orange and red, her eyes pure gold. Her lips were like lava and her skin pale lava coloured. Her tattoo was at the side of her neck, a flaming bird with something I couldn't see surrounding it. The sun was above it, shining brightly.

'Ayanna Summer.....'

'Anila Summer Steinberg.' I carried her and pinched her cheek, she was beautiful and ticklish. Her hair turned chocolate like her eyes and her lips red. 'Welcome to earth my beautiful children.'


To be continued

Now what is V.E.G.A?
It's the first letter of each of their names. I couldn't think of anything to name the story so I went for this.
I know you're curious on what happened to Angus, all in good times

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