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V.E.G.A- Chapter seventeen



V.E.G.A- Chapter seventeen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>Gale <<<<<<<<<<<
It was Thursday evening already, neither of us went to school, we were expecting dad. Eira didn't go because of what she did to Dwayne, Verna was anxious about meeting him so she was stuck with yoga and books all day and Jennifire, she's running mad. She went skateboarding and sky diving with no parachute although she don't need one. She was switching from tomboyish dressing to insane popstar, she needs help.

Mom, she was silent all day, just locked up in into room meditating.
'I'm so bored.' I groaned for the umpteenth time, Eira was sitting beside me and going through her spell book. She glanced at me and rolled her eyes. 'Eira, I'm bored.' I whined kicking her with my leg. She scoohed to the end of the chair. 'I'm bored!!!!!'

'Then find an activity to keep you busy, leave me alone Gale, please.'

'I'm so bored,' I whined again. 'Can't you see I'm bored.'

'Why don't you chat with any of your side chicks, you already have seven, right?'

'Yes! Fallon! I have her number!' I screamed like someone who just won a lottery. I brought out my phone and went through my contact, my eyes roaming the list eagerly. I smiled as her name and picture came to sight, Crazy Darling. I dialed the number, my heart beating with anticipation and anxiety.

'Hello, welcome to Fallon hotline, how may I help you?' She asked like a businesswoman.

'Seriously?' I asked plainly.

'Oh hello there young man, who am I speaking to? Your voice sounds exactly like one coconut brain stupid idiot boy I met in school yesterday, his name is so pathetic, Gale.'

'Are you being serious?'

'Ha ha, kidding. Hi Gale, sorry about that, just messing with ya.'
'You almost broke my heart.'
'That was the aim. Your voice is horrible.'

'And yours sounds like a squirrel's.'

'Really?' She gasped and squealed. 'That's so awesome!'

'Heh, heh. Fallon, I'm bored.' I whined Eira sighed.

'Why not go out? Have fun like I am.'


'No, I'm bored too......hey! Why don't we hang!'

'No, I'm waiting for my dad, he's coming home today and I don't want to miss him, I plan on stealing his money so I can buy a car.'

'Idiot, how much do you think his pockets can contain, better don't try it.....'

'Fallon will you get your ass off that bed and go wash my car!!!!!!!' Someone thundered from the background.

'I've told you to fuck off Mercy!!!! I'm not your slave!!!!' Fallon yelled back.

'Mom!!!! Fallon refuse to wash my car!!!!'

'Fallon!!!!! Go wash your sister's car!!!!'

'Go to hell you worm!!! Urgh! Gale, I have to go break someone's head, I'll call you back later.....'

'Hold on, why?'

'My stepmother and her daughter, I so much hate them. They think they can just waltz in here and enjoy all what my mother laboured for, I'll surely make them miserable.'

'Why don't you calm down for a minute and tell me what's happening.' She was crying.

'I don't wanna talk about it.'

If you don't....okay, why don't you come over to my place, my mom's making pie...' She shrieked excitedly.


'I'll text it to you,' I said chucklingly. 'See you in few minutes.' I hung up and sent her the address.

'Surely as crazy as her boyfriend.'
'Again, she's just a friend.'

'The classy first page.' Jennifire laughed appearing between us. We screamed and fell off the couch.

'Are you insane!!!' I yelled.

'I would have be angry but he finally knows how it feels to get spooked.' Eira smiled. I rolled my eyes and grinned. She'd dyed her hair blue, black and white and smoothened it to look like a side shaved hair.

'Dad's here, been standing at the door for over an hour contemplating.' She replied nonchalantly as she crossed her legs like a guy's. Verna gasped nervously, I squealed.

'My reflection!' I stood up and ran to the door, I whipped it open just as he was about to knock. 'Whoa,' i breathe. He really did look like me, just the miserable version. 'Hello?'

He stared at me with mouth open.
'Daddy!' Jen squealed and jumped on him, bulldozing me out of the way in the process.


'I've missed you so much father.' Eh?

'You're who again?'

'I'm Anila and this is Gale, come meet the rest,' she pulled him in, i walked in still dazed and shut the door. 'This is Verna, she's the eldest next to Eira and then Gale before yours truly.'

'Hi,' Verna said awkwardly. Dad sniffed, he was crying. 'Please don't do that.' Verna sobbed.

'Verna is the emotional cry baby, Eira the stone, Gale the annoying one and me, the one with overenthusiastic disorder.' I grinned and nodded.

'I'm very annoying, wanna test it?'
'Shut up Gale.' Eira snapped.
'They fight a lot,' Jen whispered. She was clutching his bicep. 'Verna?' Verna stood up and ran to dad, she had always wanted a father. She hugged him and broke into a fresh section of tears. Eira rolled her eyes, too much emotion irritates her. I joined the hug as well as Jen but Eira will never, she don't do emotions.


I ran to her and threw myself on her, flattening her to the couch with my butt and body.

'Get off me Gale!!!! Mom!!!!'

'Don't yell, I'm coming.' Mom sighed from the stairs.

'Oh yeah, she thinks you married her friend, fix that.' Mom dragged her feet into the living room and froze, she looked at all of us. Jen skipped to her and hugged her. 'Mom, we're doing this because we love you, this is the only way for you to be happy.'

'He's married.'

'I'm not,' dad said sharply. 'I was trying to find out if you were Ashley.' Mom mouthed a "O"
'Can you guy's just settle your differences and let me be in peace.' Eira hissed. She smiled apologetically.

'I'm not married but why did you leave? How come we had children?'

'It started with this,' Jen said smirkingly and waved her flaming hand. Our jaws dropped. 'Come on siblings, let's leave mom to explain the truth to him or construct a lie.' She used her speed to run off.
What the hell is wrong with....eh, i don't care.

To be continued.

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