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V.E.G.A- Chapter Seven



V.E.G.A- Chapter Seven

©Bunmi B. Gabriel


>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I woke up very early in the morning to get things ready for my angels. Watching those troublemakers grow up in beauty, grace, love power was the best. Grandma Coco really helped us, she helped me raise them, she was a nice woman but I she died years earlier. I already had the enough strength to stand on my own.

As usual, Verna was already up doing her yoga and I was sure Anila was off somewhere running in the streets, Gale probably admiring himself in the mirror and Eira cleaning up the house, always as fastidious and punctual as always.

I hurried to the kitchen and prepared to make their favorite breakfast. Waffles, Bagel and cream cheese for Nila, bread pudding and cinnamon roll for Gale. Egg benedict and English muffins for Verna and taco and frittata for Eira. I made their beverage for them too.

'Do I smell breakfast?' Nila screamed in a singsong. I laughed and pointed to the table. 'Yes!!!!!'
'Not so fast young lady! Go wash up, now!'

'But waffles,' she whined.

'Gale will finish my food to annoy me.' She cried poutingly.

'Out!' She murmured and dashed off. I chuckled.

That was Anila, she was the youngest as you know and also the most playful. She never got angry, she's way too enthusiastic to get angry. Always smiling and bursting out with energy, so full of life. She did more training, took fighting seriously, she was the only one among them with intense martial art skills. The one she developed herself and the one she hit trained in. She wasn't much of a female, a tomboy who loved sports of all kind, mingle with boys and is friendly to everyone.

Her powers were fire, she was fire. She had other powers too but that doesn't matter. The only thing that mattered was that she had magic just like me but hers was stronger. Her motto was food and sports is the best way of life.

Verna, she was the the calm collective one, always reasoned before she took any actions. She did more of listening than speaking, quiet but not quiet and a down to earth girl. She loves books as much as she loved plants and animals. Her powers was of spring, earth and animals. She was nice, too nice for her own good.

Eira, she had the powers of winter, she was cold, strict and bossy. She wasn't quiet, she didn't talk either and she was way too clean, too clean for human existence. She was a computer jock, loved cleaning, organizing and cooking. She was mean but generous, in her own kind of way.
Gale, Jesus! That boy is the only trouble I have. He's is beyond mischievous and annoying, always looking for who to taunt, who to make their life miserable and Eira was always his number one target because she was easy to mess with. He was cute, innocent and enthusiastic. Never got annoyed, never let his anger showed because he rather make you miserable. He's also flirtatious, jeez! He'll impregnate someone's daughter one day.

'Breakfast is served!' Speak of the devil. He came to me and smacked my ass like he always did. He's stupid, very very stupid but nobody can stop him. He's as stubborn as hell, photocopy of his father in appearance, no difference. 'Morning hot legs!' He shrieked, turned to the breakfast table and rubbed his hands together mischievously. 'Who should I annoy today? Nila....nay, she's not easy to annoy and she's my partner. Verna, I annoyed her yesterday so Eira it is!'

'Why don't you try not to annoy anyone....' He gasped in shock.
'Mom, now I know you don't love me. How can you say that!'

'Gale, shut up and don't say any words again.' I said sternly switching to mom mode. He ran to the table, picked up Eira's up and licked it.

'Mwah ah ah ah ah ah!' He laughed devilishly with his hands up. He winked at me, I sighed tiredly and faced the food. The others walked in.

'Morning the apple of my eyes!' Verna squealed.

'Good morning mother......why is Gale here before me?'

'Because you're slow.' Gale mocked.

'What did you do to my food?'

'Why should I care about your food?' Eira peered at him suspiciously. 'The food isn't yet on the table, geez!' Devil.
'Mom, what did your devil do?'

'I'm not available.'

'I forgot you don't interfere.' She frowned, walked to her cup and peered at it. She always double checked things. Her gloves were always on, extras everywhere she goes. She raised the cup and inspect it intensely.

'I'm back!' Nila shouted running back in. Her hair was wet like her body and she looked liked someone who dressed up in the dark

'Seriously?' Gale asked laughingly.

'Leave me alone,' she whined. 'Now get out of my spot.' She pushed him off with her butt. He tumbled to the floor like a bag of cement. 'Sorry,' she said sarcastically.

'You licked it!!!!!!' Eira shouted. The window froze.

'Eira, sit down.'

'But mom....'

'Sit!' She screamed and fan to the sink. Verna laughed, she had a book in her hands. For the rest of the twenty minutes I cooked, Eira spent all her time washing the cup vigorously. After that, she changed her gloves, rewashed her plates and cutleries before eating. The others were already eating.

'You don't need to eat like a pig,' she scoffed at Gale who was intentionally eating like that. Although he did live like a caveman before.

'When you give birth to me, you can order me around.'

'Mom, where's the mango cream?'
 Anila asked politely. She was almost done with her food.

'Mom why did we move to New Orleans?' Eira asked for the umpteenth time.

'We got admitted here idiot!' Gale replied.

'Ignoring the fool. Why can't we live in somewhere like Minnesota of Atlantica....'

'Because no one wants to be frozen chicken.' Nila muffled.
'You can never catch a cold,' Eira scoffed. 'You're fire!'

'Verna can't stand cold dumb head.' Gale replied again. Eira was going to snap soon.

'We're going to be late for school, you know I hate being late so hurry up with your food and by hurry, I'm talking to you Verna slow worm.' Eira said like the bossy mean queen she was.
'I hope Verna won't drive us because I'll rather walk to school.' Nila said humorously, Verna smiled. She was a very slow driver.

'And I hope you won't drive because I'm too young to die,' Gale said seriously, Nila grinned. She was a rough driver, a correct psycho. 'I'm driving!'

'So you can stop by every time you see a hot girl so you can spin woo her. Never! I'm driving.' Eira stood up, she barely touched her food. 'We're late, get up and trek. Bye mom.' She hurried off. Nila ran to me and hugged me like always.
'Love you mom, good luck with your new job.' I kissed her head, she giggled and ran off. I picked up the frying pan, Gale hugging me was mischief. He laughed and ran away.

'Tomorrow is another day!!!!'
'Goat!!!!' I shouted.

'Bye mom, don't worry about him, I'll make sure he don't kill someone.' She smiled, blew me a kiss and sauntered off. She does everything too gently, slowly and calm.

'Verna walk fast!!!!!!' They all shouted. I smiled, if only Angus was here to help me chain Gale and see his daughters grow up to be so beautifully.

I miss him.

To be continued.

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