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V.E.G.A- Chapter Nineteen



V.E.G.A- Chapter Nineteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nadia <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I sat at the edge of my bed staring at the ceiling, explaining to Angus wasn't easy, everything happened too fast and he was still in shock. I understood Anila was only trying to make things clearer and to stop me from lying because I would have lied a lot if she didn't do that but she shouldn't have done it like that, Angus was freaking out.
I exhaled and averted my eyes to my full view mirror, my reflection staring back at me.
'What will I do if he leaves? Not everyone can take this.'
'But there's nothing bad in it, what is there to worry about? It's not your fault any of this happened.' My reflection replied calmly, I rolled my eyes.
'Anila, get out of my mirror.' She giggled and stepped out of the mirror, she can manipulate mirrors and reflection. She ran to and sat on the bed beside me.
'So your husband is downstairs freaking out over his shirt that I accidentally stained. You didn't tell us dad was Eira.' She said jokingly. I chuckled.
'He's clean but not in an annoying way like his daughter's.'
'Mom, wouldn't it be amazing if dad stayed?'
'He has a mansion, why would he stay here?'
'Just picture it, the happy family you've always wanted.'
'I know but I still don't know how to face my siblings, I got pregnant for my brother you know, the scandal will be too much for all of us.' I said bitterly.
'But he's not your brother....'
'No one knows that and even if we explain, I didn't know either which means I was having an affair with.....'
'Then you don't let outsider know you're Ashley, let her remain dead. Right now, you're Nadia, the lady Angus accidentally had a one nightstand with and got pregnant. They won't recognize you, no one but us can know that, at least for now.' I stroke my chin thoughtfully.
'That's a brilliant idea but will your father agree to it?'
'Mom, you seem to not realise how powerful the hold you have on him is, just kiss him and do whatever couples do and he'll forget logic and reasoning.' I smiled at her, she's so clever.
'Awwwn,' I cooed and hugged her on the side. 'Thanks my cutest darling, you're the best.' I bit her cheek with my teeth gently, she giggled and laughed like a baby. She is my baby.
'Your husband is coming, I gotta go and remember, I have ears.' She dashed out just as Angus opened the door and walked in grumpily.
'You okay?'
'I'm not, look at my shirt!' I eyed his shirtless body and smirked. His abs were still there, lazy but still.
'I don't see no shirt, just perfection.' He stared at me frowningly, I laughed at how awkward his face looked like. 'Angus, forget about the shirt, you can get another or sleep naked, I don't mind.' I winked at him flirtatiously, he smiled.
'Your kids are weird.'
'My kids?'
'Our kids, there, I said it, only they aren't kids anymore.' He shut the door and walked to the bed, sat on the exact spot Nila sat. 'I can't believe I've missed out in so many things in their lives, childhood and teenhood....how did you cope with four children, especially with that mini me, he smells like headache in a branded package.' I giggled and sighed with a smile.
'I guess I just survived, my love for and to see them happy and grown up was stronger. It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard either. Verna is really considerate and quiet, she never really gave me troubles as a child or even now, she didn't cry too much when a baby or ever caused me to worry. I guess she's out of the picture. Eira, she had always assisted me with the chores, organising and cooking since she loves working and neatness. The only problem is that she's way too clean and get easily upset....'
'Don't forget stone hearted.'
'Sorry, her icy side made her invulnerable to many emotions. The only time she cried was after her birth, other than that, Eira have never shed a single drop of tear, she barely smiles or care and it was difficult controlling a baby with anger issues. Any little annoyance or pain, she'd get furious and smash things instead of crying, it wasn't easy hiding her powers. Gale, from birth that boy never got along with Eira. Even when they were just three weeks old, he would always pinch her and intentionally cry just to annoy her. He never cried because he was in pain or hungry, he only cried when I didn't let him go look for trouble or play games that involves hurting someone....' I smiled at the memories while he chuckled. 'He's all too annoying but he's caring and considerate when the fire in the center of his brain isn't burning. He loves Eira the most as much as Eira loves him but they will never admit or accept that fact. Anila was the laughing time, she didn't cry when she was born, she laughed....'
'Yea, she was born laughing and giggling and up to this very day, she had never shed a single tear or even hold back any, neither have she ever gotten angry or upset. She's like a walking personification of joy and happiness. Even if something is getting to her, she easily waves it off as nothing.'
'See the reason I say I've missed a lot, they sound cool.'
'Anila and Gale sounds cool, trust me, you don't want to be around Eira or Verna, geez! That girl is as slow as mom.' He laughed and laid on the bed with his hands folded under his head and legs crossed.
'What do we do Ashley? How can we cope? I really don't want to lose you or anyone of them.'
'We do nothing, I'm Nadia, the girl you had a one nightstand with. I got pregnant and viola, let's leave the story like that for now.'
'I'm going to marry you and this time, I'm not ever going to let you out of my sight.'
'The children can't move, they school here but maybe I can. They can take care of themselves.' I said straddling him slowly.
'You sure about that?' He asked with arched brows.
'Pretty sure,' I bit my bottom lip blushingly. 'Let's forget about this for tonight and do something else, something naughty.' He smirked.
'Mom!!!!!!!!!!' Gale screamed in fright. I threw my head back in frustration and got off him.
'What did he do this time.' I stomped downstairs to yell at him but found him tied up and hanging from the roof like a piñata, the girls were dancing around him like American Indians with one more girl. Their faces were painted as they sang the weird song. He was crying.
'Mobutu shuwa,' the girl shouted.
'Shuwa, shuwa!' My daughters chanted and beat him with the clubs in their hands. I stared at them amusedly.
'Headima nuka.'
'Nuka nuka!' They spun him and beat him harder.
'What the hell is this!' Angus exclaimed.
'Oh hey Gale senior and Verna senior, we're sacrificing your son to the gods.' The girl said grinningly.
'What gods?' I gasped, trying my best not to laugh.
'We dunno, five gods have rejected him so far, we are trying others.' Nila said with a sweet laughing smile.
'Will you girls bring your brother down this instant!' Angus commanded.
'Awwwn,' they awned sadly. The firegod was about to accept him.'
'Verna, cut your brother down.'
'He called me....'
'I don't care what he called you, tying him like an animal and beating the piñata out of him is atrocious.' I couldn't take it, I laughed.
'Piñata out of him, really honey?'
'It was all I had,' He shrugged. 'Eira release your brother.'
'Okay,' Eira squealed and quickly cut the ropes off. Gale fell from the high ceiling and crashed on the floor like a bag of potatoes. 'And done.'
'The sacrifice shall be continued,' Nila giggled and whacked his head with the club in her hand. 'Final whack!'
'No, no f....' They hit him anyways. 'Girls, go to your room. Who's this one again?'
'I'm Fallon, Gale's friend. Nice to meet you him.'
'You him?' I chuckled.
'You're him and he's you, you him.'
'Oh God.' Angus murmured.
'Mommy,' Gale wailed. 'Devil!' He pointed at Fallon. 'My head....mommy.'
'I'm so sorry bestie, let's go get ice cream to cheer you up.'
'Ice cream, at this time of the night?' Eira snorted. Fallon nodded creepily, Eira smirked. 'Ice cream it is.'
'Angus let them go.' I cut in, they were too much of a distraction.
'Yes!!!!!' They jubilate except crying Gale, that's his problem.
I stared at the president of the label we worked for, she was yelling furiously at Dwayne who looked like a soak bread. Might I add the president was our grandmother who acts like she was raised in a military barrack.
'You're very very very very very stupid! What exactly did you do to that girl for her to do this!!! What am I suppose to do now!!! The last time, it was the President of Russia's daughters you messed with and now this one have done worse. What did he do Toby?'
'He insulted her sister, Cian's girlfriend...'
'Say what....' Cian gasped.
'She got angry and whacked his face with her shoe, then he tried to beat her up but she beat him up and then he pinned her down, long story short, she ruined him to get revenge.'
'You tried to hit a woman again?'
'That shouldn't matter, the issue is what are we going to do? Have you seen the video, it's stupidly going viral and the Russian princess made it worse by uploading a video she had of him making out with her cousin when they were still dating, she added a nasty caption and that's worst.' Ross said swiping through his phone. 'Here, check this out.'
What was on his phone appeared on the big screen TV.
'I'm not surprise sweetheart, this is what he did when we were dating. Dwayne is a cheating bastard and shouldn't be let to remain a member of the Jacksons. His bad reputation will ruin theirs.' I read out.
'That's what she posted three hours ago, an hour ago, she uploaded a video of Dwayne screwing her twin in her car.' Cian said frowningly.
'This girl just gave her an opportunity to post the videos....'
'But I swear, I didn't touch her sister. Betty was the one coming to me even when I refused. That video is of us, Patty made it look like it was Betty I was sleeping with since they are completely identical. That's Patty, not Betty, I swear.' Dwayne said distraughtly.
'It doesn't matter now, no one, not even me believe that. What we need to do now is find a way to fix things....'
'I have an idea, it'd be hard but it just might work.' Toby said shyly staring at his feet.
'What is it Tobes? Any idea could be useful right about now.' I said coolly.
'What if Dwayne dates her?'
'Patty?' Ross asked.
'Eira, if we can get her to agree to date him, we can make it look like he really really loves her but his pride and foolishness kept him from doing what's right.'
'The classic tale of a bad boy turn good for love,' I slurred smirkingly. 'Nice.'
'There's no way I'm begging that brat!'
'She won't even agree,' Cian said lucidly. 'She's a hardcore.'
'Then talk to your girlfriend and let her beg her sister. Dwayne you have two days to achieve this or you're fired.'
'Does anyone realise that the students know we aren't dating? We don't even know each other.' Dwayne cried in exasperation.
'Haven't you heard of secret relationships?' I asked smirkingly. 'Leave the begging plans to me, I know exactly what to do.'
My plan was to punish him for kissing a girl I wanted. He was surely doomed.
To be continued.

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