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V.E.G.A- Chapter Nine



V.E.G.A- Chapter Nine

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

My mouth hung open loosely, my eyes wide open. I couldn't believe who walked into the class. He was standing in front of the class looking for where to sit, my heart had lot control, I wanted to scream too but I couldn't find my voice.

His blonde hair was gelled like his eyebrows, his dark blue eyes searching the class for somewhere comfortable to sit. I sighed dreamily, placing my hand under my cheek. He wasn't that muscular but his muscles did stood out from the tank top he wore. He was more gorgeous in person.

'Oomph,' I grunted, Eira kicked my leg with a very intense glare. 'It's Cian!!!!' I shrieked through our telepathic connection.

'Hey we're going to get expel!!!' She shrieked with mock enthusiasm. 'Don't even think about it.'

'But Cian....'

'Look away Verna, I'm serious.' I pouted and averted my eyes to my book. My crush was standing there and I couldn't scream, no attention. How come I didn't know he was going to attend the same college? Was he studying zoology too?

Cian, please sit with me.

No me.

Please me
I wanted him to sit with me. Eira and Ayanna were sitting in one seat. The big room liked like a high school classroom. I felt someone sit beside me, cries of disappointment following. I didn't dare look, the expensive rich scent said it all. My palms had gone sweaty, really sweaty, I was going to faint soon. I raised my head and stared at Ayanna.

'What?' She mouthed with a teasing smile.

'He's sitting beside me, right?' I asked telepathically.

'Yup!' She popped.

'Can we swap seats? I can't breathe, I'm going to faint.' She laughed in my head.

'Sis, that would only drag attention, ignore him.'

'But I'll die! I'm going to jump on him.'

'Picture him as a rotten nature hater.' Eira suggested.

'Impossible, Cian cares for nature and all it creatures a lot....'

'I forgot that's the reason you are dying for him.'

'You guuuuuys, not helping!'

'Sit and faint.' Gale laughed. Where did....he was listening? 'I share a mind with you all, I can feel your communication....so your boyfriend is around, huh?' He said jestingly
'Who invited this fool.' Eira scoffed and blocked him. The teachers already cautioned the student to their seat and made them shut up but their eyes never left Cian who had his headphone on by the way.

'Picture him as a cabbage.'

'Ayanna, how does that help?!' I exclaimed distraughtly. His hand accidentally brushed mine when he bent to pick his pen. 'I'm about to faint, I can't do this!' I stood up abruptly.

'Verna don't....'

'Would you prefer I jump him?' I snapped.

'Did you just snap?' Ayanna asked quizzically. I scoffed, packed my things and went to sit with the dude behind Ayanna, he looked weird. 'Wanna switch?' She asked out loud.

'Please,' she stood up and packed her things which was just her phone and drumsticks. I moved out of the way, knowing how stupid she was. Like I predicted, she jumped over the table to the chair. I sighed and made myself comfortable with Eira.

'Hola hola trouble,' she sang. 'Seeker seeker trouble.' She glared at me. I pushed her face away, Ayanna laughed and hit my head with the drumsticks.

'He's staring at you and he's like....'
'Oh My God!' They exclaimed teasingly, in my head that is.
I'm in trouble.

I hated returning to school but dad caused it.. I wanted to study zoology but he insisted I followed the family tradition and study the course he chose first before I could study mine. After graduating, I was back in college to study what I really wanted.

'I hate this,' I complained as we walked into the school. We were five, a boy group called the Jacksons. We were all related so we all had to follow tradition. Dwane, the eldest didn't really follow, he just came to have fun and screw girls.

'Don't worry, it'll be over in no time.' Toby, younger twin of Terence, leader of the group said assuredly. He's the quiet one.
'Especially when you think of the ladies you'll be enjoying.' Terence grinned rubbing his palms together.

'Fuck you.' I walked out on them, their annoyance wasn't something I needed. Girls screamed after me, many trying to get pass the bodyguards but failing. I easily located the first class, it sucked. Everyone was screaming this and that while I searched for where to sit.

I tilted my head when my eyes stopped at a brown haired girl with golden eyes. She was dressed like a tomboy and sitting beside a girl with dyed white hair. They were beautiful in a strange alluring kind of way, one I couldn't just place my finger on. She was staring at someone, I trailed her gaze to another yet enchanting girl. Her bright green eyes was the first thing that captured my attention then her golden blonde hair.

She looked away from the white haired and faced her book. My feet moved on their own, I walked to her chair and joined her.

Her body stiffened momentarily, I was expecting her to react but she didn't seem to care. I shrugged, removing my mind from her and bringing out my iPad. The pen fell, I sighed and bent down to pick it but my hand accidentally brushed against her smooth skin. She flinched a little and the next thing she did was stand up and move to another seat. It left me awestruck.
She stood up?

For the rest of the lesson, I remained in shock, even as I found my way to the next class in another faculty building. I found a lonely seat to occupy, mind still dazed from the fact that a girl ignored me. I perceived her earlier flowery scent, it was like all flowers came from her scent in very complicated way.

'Can I sit?' She asked calmly, she was standing three rolls away from mine. Her voice was melodious, in a way I couldn't just wrap my head on.

'Sorry, my boyfriend is going to sit here and we don't want intruders.' The stupid rude girl sneered. The golden blonde bit her lower lip, her eyes averting to me. I looked around, my seat was the only empty one left.

'Thank you,' she murmured, turned and walked out of the class. Did I do anything to her? Was she one of my accidental one nightstands?

I have to find out.

>>>>> Terence <<<<<
Being a Jackson was really cool. The fame, the adoration, the ladies, the money and my amazing band mates. My dad was Dennis Jackson, first son of the Jackson family. Our family was there richest, the fame and powers was already high enough, let alone we were singers.

My mom was a top actress, scriptwriter and producer, Rexella Jonah Jackson. She made it easier for us to be popular, she was nice and loved. She ad me and Toby.
Cian was next, his dad was the immediate younger brother of dad, his dad was a legendary rapper and his mother a model. Cian had more singing experience than all of us, wrote the songs himself but he let me be the leader. He was very good with rhythm guitar and keyboard. He was quite calm, didn't talk much or bothered himself about him and was too nice and nature loving.

He's annoying.

Dwayne, a food sucker and mad drummer. Puss freak, stupid and lavishes money like it has no end. His dad was my dad's younger twin brother, rich too but just like his son only that he's nicer and almost mannered. Dwayne is as rude as hell, arrogant bastard. I still love him though.

Ross, gentle, soft and really emotional. He was really pampered to girlishness and is the youngest amongst us. He's fucking intelligent! A braniac! A computer wizard and a fantastic painter. He was very good at art, so good he could paint and sculpt with his eyes closed. He was a keyboardist, my dad's father's brother's son's son.

I'm confusing you right?

Think it yourself.

Last was my shy twin Toby. He was only bold on stage but if left alone, could be bullied. He's very quiet, barely spoke but when he did, you'll think a wise old man did. He knew how to play a lead guitar better than anyone I know, wrote songs few times and had a very light singing voice. I love him a lot, he was my everything.

Without him, I was nothing.

'So you're trying to tell us that some chick ignored you?' Dwayne asked unbelievably, it was hard to believe a girl would ignore him. They could ignore Ross, Dwayne because he's a jerk but not Cian, Toby and I. 'What did you so to her?'

'I don't know.' Cian said in absent mindedly. 'She saw me and walked away....maybe I'd slept with her before.....'

'Or maybe she don't just like you,' Toby cut in softly. 'Not all girls are the way you see them, some are good different, better than others.
 Because she snubbed you doesn't mean you should work yourself up about it.'. See what I mean about wise? He was the cutest, looked like a teenager when he was older than Ross.

Dwayne was the eldest, he had black hair and eyes and was half Korean. His mom was Korean. He looked older than his age and was stupid like I said earlier.

'I know but I just can't get my mind off her. She's just....' Cian inhaled deeply. 'Beautiful.'

'Rubbish! The only thing pretty about girls are their holes!' Dwayne exclaimed.
'I agreed.' I acknowledged.
'All girls are for fuck sake. Find her, pay her and satisfy yourself....'

'I swear on grandfather's grave, I'll forget my fist in your face.' Cian growled.

'Dwayne shut up before you get punched to unconsciousness again.' Ross said sharply as he pulled Cian back.

'Did you say she's blonde as in golden blonde with bright green eyes and moves around with two girls?' Toby asked questionably.

'Yeah, one with white hair and the other with brown and golden eyes.'

'Wooooooooow!' Toby exclaimed exaggeratedly. I trailed his eyes to the girls walking to table in the cafeteria.

'Holy god of hotness!' Dwayne and I exclaimed.

Who the fuck are these girls!!!!

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