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V.E.G.A- Chapter Four



V.E.G.A- Chapter Four

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<
My feelings for Angus was back, he was very supportive through out the period Melvin left me.
Dean and Earl were always trying to separate us, like they wanted us far from each other, couldn't tell why though. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich, Angus went out with Ashley and hadn't been back for hours. Earl and Dean were arguing about something in a whisper, not sure what or rather, didn't care to know.

'I still think I should bring her with me to Orland,' I overheard Dean whisper. 'That will protect her from him.'

'One, she's almost through with high school, it would be suspicious to her and our parents. Two, you know he's a psychopath, a completely mentally Ill idiot, he won't fail to carry out his threat in dealing with whoever gets in his way.' Earl whispered calmly.

'Then what do we do! We can't let him do it!' Earl shushed him with his hand, their conversation was getting interesting.

'What are you guys whispering about?'

'Nothing important,' they said sharply. 'Continue making my sandwich.'

'Eh?' I asked frowningly. 'What do you mean by my?'

'Ashley,' Samantha called shrilly. Dean groaned and face palmed himself. Everyone knew Mantha had a huge, as mega crush on him and was trying everything possible to win his heart. In the past, she went as far as seducing him, he fell for it and deflowered her but still called it a mistake. She didn't take that blow lightly but still didn't give up on her goal.

That was why she understood me a lot, she knew how loving the impossible is only that hers was possible. Dean was the problem, he kept looking down at her like some stupid growing kid. He was only eight years older but he said she's too young.

For Pete sake! Dad is ten years older than mom!

'Ash babe!' She shrieked bursting into the kitchen, Dean his behind Earl. 'Oh hi Earl, hi Dean,' she greeted uninterestedly which shocked them. Normally she would squeal and jump in him, clinging to him like his second skin. I knew the plan, don't make yourself too available or forget him. 'So guess what!' She squealed snatching my sandwich.

'What's with everyone and stealing my food! What do you all have against me having a quality meal?!' I exclaimed exasperatedly. She shrugged and took a huge bite of my food. I sighed and picked up another slice of bread. 'So, mmph mmph mmph mmph mmph....'

'Chew and swallow,' I scolded. She gulped down the large chunk of bread in her mouth and took my yogurt. 'You're welcome ' I said sarcastically.

'Back to the topic, guess who asked me out today!'

'Should I care?' I asked uninterestedly.

'You're my best friend, you should. Clement asked me out,' she squealed excitedly. Clement was her other crush, six years older.
 She had a thing for older guys. 'I couldn't believe it! He told me he liked me, kissed me and then then asked me out. I said yes!!!'

'Wow! Finally! You moved on!' Earl exclaimed. She grinned and took another bite.

'I can't stay away from your guys so since Dean don't want me, I'm crushing on you now.' She shoved the whole sandwich into her mouth and chewed on it nosily.

'You do know he's married, right?' Dean asked jealously, hmmm, interesting.

'She doesn't have to know. Beside, it will just be a one time thing.' Earl the dog said eyeing her lustfully.

'Earl! Are you shitting me!'
'What? You rejected her and I'm accepting her. Unlike you, I don't care about age, as long as the puss is mature enough to contain my dick.'

'Earl take back those disgusting words!!!' Dean thundered. 'You're 12 years older than her!'

'As long as I'm not old enough to give birth to her, then we're good to go.' Dean clenched his teeth and fist, his face turning red in anger. Mantha sipped my yogurt with a sly smirk and licked her lips.

'Did you have to use Earl? You know he's a goat and will gladly get you laid in a freezer...'

'That's exactly what I'm counting on.' I rolled my eyes.

'You watched this girl grow, how can you think of sleeping with her!!!'

'I thought, not do yet. Please stop shouting at my face, you didn't want her so why disturbing me. We're not the same, you have problem with age but I don't. Now get out of my way.' He pushed him aside, he gasped and tried to calm himself.

'What's going on here?' Angus asked confusedly strolling into the kitchen and eyeing them.

'Samantha made a joke about crushing in me and Dean wants me dead, I don't know what his problem is.' Earl said with a grin, a mischievous one. I chuckled, he knew what she was up to after all.

'Dean what's your damage? You're not her boyfriend.' Angus said slyly, playing along. Dean huffed and stomped out of the kitchen. Sam squealed into her palms and laughed.

'He's crushing on me too!' She stood up. 'I'll be right back.' She ran after him.

'How long have Dean been in love with her?' I asked frowningly. They shrugged. 'Jerks.'

'Where's Ashley?'

'She went back home.' Angus said casually taking my sandwich before I had the chance to bite it.

'Why? Did you guys fight?' I asked softly, keeping my voice normal so my excitement won't show.

'I'm tired of her, I dumped her.'

'Angus, you shouldn't h....' Earl paused, the smile on Angus's face was eerily deadly. 'Nevermind.' He looked at me sadly. 'I'll be in my room, don't stay here too long.' He walked to the door.

'Earl,' Angus called smilingly. Earl stopped but never looked back. 'Bad things happens to people who don't mind where they stick their nose.' I was confuse, what were they talking about?

'And regret kills the soul faster than poison.'

'Poisons don't kill souls, it kills body. Some things are better left undone than done. Should I finish the game for you?'

'Easy man, you should calm down.' With that said, Earl hurried out.

'What was all that about?'
'Nothing you should worry about....say! Your exams are starting next week, huh?'
'Yes,' I said happily. 'High school is almost over!'

'What about prom?'

'I skipped, it sucks.'

'I have an idea, after you graduate, I have a surprise for you. Imma gonna take you somewhere but promise me you won't tell anyone yet.' I shrugged.


'Not even Samantha.' He cuts in sharply.

'I promise.' He smiled, a very creepy one that got me on edge. I shook it off, the new ominous feeling not doing me any good.
Angus would never hurt me, right?

Samantha waddled into my room dragging her skirt down with a perky grin plastered on her doll face.

'Hey best friend!' She squealed and plopped on my bed. 'What you doing?' I raised the novel I was reading, she sighed dreamily.
'Got slammed by Dean?'

'This time was more intense than the first. He made hot love to me.'
'And said it was a mistake, again?'

'Would I be grinning if he said that?' I shrugged. She hugged my waist. 'Thank you so much sis, your plan worked easier than expected. He said I'm beautiful, that my body on the inside and out was beautiful. He said I'm special, h.....' I shoved my hanky into her mouth.

'Don't tell me too much about my brother and you, I don't want to imagine nonsense. Plus, maybe the sex got into his head....'

'No! He meant it! He kissed me before I left his room, told me to dump Clement which I did and said he would drop me off.' She defended the brother I knew. I shrugged.

'Your heartbreak.' I focused on my book, she laid down to replay whatever she experienced in her head. Someone knocked on my door, 'come in Dean.' He opened the door slowly.

'Sam, you ready?'

'Sure!' She chirped. 'I'll be down in a minute,' he nodded and made to shut the door.

'Dean, can I talk to you?'

'Can it wait?'

'No, it's about mom.' He nodded, shut the door and left.

'What do you want to talk about?' She asked suspiciously.

'Moving to Orland with him after I graduate, we'll talk about this later.' I scurried to his room and barged in. 'So you get angry and she's your pressure releasing sex doll!!!!' I yelled angrily. He sighed.

'You know I don't think well she angry, I shouldn't have....'

'Oh shut up Dean,' I snapped. 'She's not a toy, you're not going to use and dump her like that.'

'Are you going to tell me what to do?'
'You're going to date her whether you like it or like it. You want her to fail her exams, huh? I'm not going to let you hurt her again. You slept with her, own up to it or I'll send Earl the sex video of you and his wife and previous fiancée.' He gasped.

'I thought you deleted it!'
'I still have the one where you slept with mom's sister and our paternal cousin. I knew it would come in handy so I saved them.'

'You're blackmailing your brother?'

'That's your problem for being such a secret make slut. If you don't want Earl to know you slept with his wife, then be a nice boy and ask her out. I won't warn you again.' I turned and walked out of his room.

Stupid fool.

I drummed my fingers on my lap absent mindedly, Angus was driving me to the surprise, it was hard waiting. He was driving deep into a forest.

'Where are we going to?'

'You'll see.' I sighed. He drove for one more hour before parking at a small house that looked like a luxury prison. 'Come on.'
'Where are we?'

'Somewhere no one will interrupt us.' My instinct told me to run but where was I running to? I refused to come out, he walked over to me and forced me out.

'Angus, what's going on?'

'Just move.' My heart was thumping against my chest, he dragged me into the prison which instantly locked the moment we got in. 'Sit,' I went to the bed and sat obediently. He took off his jacket and shirt, leaving his abs to taunt me. 'Please don't freak out.'

'Okay,' my voice came out frail and terrified. I scoohed to the head of the bed, he shifted closer until every single space between us was extinct. 'Ang, what are you doing?' I cried. 'Please move back.'

'Ashley, I love you, don't you love me?' My heart was running way too fast, my breathing tensed. He sniffed my hair. 'So lovely. Tell me Ash, so you love me?'

'I do, you know that.'

'Not that kind of love,' I gasped, he licked my neck and sucked on it gently. His hand slid into my shirt. I was starting to sweat. He was my brother.

'Angus what is your problem? Leave me!' I pushed him but he didn't move. 'Get off me! I'm your sister!' He pulled back and laughed psychopathically.

'You're not my sister, I have no sister.'


'Shhhhhhh,' he sibilated pressing his finger on my lips. 'We went on a family trip, I wandered off and got lost. I was alone, crying, scared but then I heard the cry of a baby. The baby was at the corner of a road. I loved you at sight, I told mom and dad to raise you, that when I was older, I would marry you but they convinced me that you would be better as my sister....' I shook my head incredulously. 'I ignored it, you were my sister but then you started growing up, being pretty and full.' He cupped my left titter through my bra. 'I've been silent for years but now I want you, don't you want me too?'

'I'm your sister,' I sobbed. 'I'm not adopted. I won't believe you, get lost! I'll never want you, ever!' How great the lie sounded, it was starting to make sense but I didn't want to believe it.

'You're going to stay here until you love me back, I know you'll love me.' He was insane, his smile gave it out. 'No one will take you away from me and for the night, you're going to beg me to make love to you.' I stood up sharply and sprinted to the door even though I knew it was sealed shut. His laughter trailed behind me, I knew I was doomed.

No one knew where I was.
To be continued.

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