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V.E.G.A- Chapter Five



V.E.G.A- Chapter Five

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I hammered on the door until my fists started to ache, he was still laughing at my struggle. I rest my head on the door sobbing....not because the guy I'd been killing myself over for years, dying emotionally because he was my brother actually felt the same way for me but because, he wasn't my brother after all. Plus, he was running mad.

Did concealing his feeling made him mad?

Did he do drugs because of me?
No, he was my brother.

If we weren't siblings then why did I look so much like mom? I'd her beautiful blonde hair, every of her features and physique so why won't she....I even had the same mark dad had on his back. I was their sister, I just needed a clever way to escape, since he was mentally unstable, he could kill or listen to me. I stood up straight and wiped my tears.

'Are you done?' He taunted. I smiled sweetly, I was either playing with fire or being extremely clever but my instinct said I should be quiet. I didn't listen.

'So you're in love with me?' I asked with arms akimbo. He nodded vigorously. 'And you want me to love you back?' He nodded again. 'And you think locking me up will help?'

'Earl and Dean wants to take you away from me, I won't let that happen, I can't.'

'But you know this things take time,' I said trying my best to keep my voice coo. I sat on the bed close to him. 'It's not going to be easy to convert the brotherly love I have for you to a romantic one, you know that right?'

'I know, buy can't you try? Please. I'll do anything, stop drinking, smoking and every other bad things. I'll sweep, cook, buy you whatever you want just to make sure you love me back. Ashley please love me, give me a chance.' He pleaded going on his knees. I forgot my main aim, he looked so cute begging me.

Ashley pause and take your time to reason this. The same guy you've been pining over from a distance for years, crying yourself to sleep sometimes, wishing he was yours but knowing it can never happen is kneeing right in front of you, begging for your love. Don't you want him anymore?

I bit my bottom lip thoughtfully, my subconscious was right, don't I?

you can finally have him to yourself, he'll be all yours to hold at night, to love. He'll never leave you again. You'll finally find the happy love life you seek. You know he's the only one that can make you happy, the only one your heart can fully accept, the only man that can make you feel special. Why not be selfish for once since the feeling is reflected? No one has to know, no one at all.

If what you're advising her to do isn't wrong, then why does she have to keep it a secret? A true relationship shouldn't be hidden
They might not be related.

He can make up anything to get her and mind you, might is either yes or no. Ashley don't be stupid.
Just look at his pleading green eyes, those eyes you love so much. Do you want to break his heart? You love him and that's what matters. Be selfish or that other Ashley or any other idiots might come and snatch him again.

I nodded to that one, it was an opportunity to live the life I wanted even if it was short lived.
I stared into his glassy green eyes, one of the reason I fell hard for him.

'Ashley please, I'm still kneeing and begging, please don't turn me down.'

'Why do I look like mom? Same everything and the mark on m....'

'Coincident, those features were the reason mom and dad decided to make you my sister. I had a sister before, she was just your age then, small and cute, her name was Ashley. She died, the reason we went on the vacation to clear our heads. Just think about it, your baby girl falls Ill, die, then you travel to clear your mind only to find another baby that almost looks exactly like your dead baby. Wouldn't you do what they did? They carried on so many test on you, our blood group matched but we weren't siblings. They had to do what.....' I was watching his lips move, I'd always wanted to kiss him and the opportunity was right in front of me. 'I can show you the DNA tests I took from them.....'

'It's okay, I will try to believe that.'

'I can make you happy,' he whispered looking down at my opened thighs, wrong day to wear a mini skirt. 'You won't regret it if you accept me....' He trailed off, all he was thinking about was my body, I could feel it.

I smiled, the voice telling me to be selfish had won, I wasn't thinking anymore. I parted my legs a little so he could get a better view. He murmured to himself but I think it was meant for me, he shook his head and returned his gaze to mine. I smiled seductively.

'Okay, I'll give you a chance.' He gasped.

'Really?!' He squealed girlishly. 'You will really give me a chance?'
'I just said so,' I bit my bottom lip coquettishly and parted my legs more. He hugged me tight, thanking me over and over again.
I didn't do wrong, I made him happy.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes.

'You're so beautiful,' he whispered eyeing my lips. 'Very very beautiful.'

'Do you want to kiss me?' I said in a husky whisper, he was still kneeing.

'Can I?' I shrugged.

'It's a free world, you can do anything you want.' He smiled, his lips came down on mine, those two devils that had been tempting me for years. A soft satisfied moan left my mouth, it was everything I dreamt it would be. The tenderness, the soft pink edible flesh, the awesome undescribable taste; everything was just peeeeeeerfect.

I encircled my hands on his neck and drove my fingers into his rich curly locks. His tongue moved skilfully in my mouth, giving me a taste of what I'd dreamt of. I moaned again as his hand travelled up my thighs, making bubbling sensation rise in my stomach. He slowly rose to his feet with me, his lips never leaving mine for a second. He carried me up, wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me into the bed. I squirmed under him, breaking the kiss to catch my breath.

'Why did you date those other girls if you loved me?' I asked poutingly, not adding my jealousy.
'I was hoping they would help get rid of my feelings for you.....'
'You were kissing them, smooching and all in my presence.
 I was hurt and jealous.'

'Huh?' He didn't know about my own feelings so it got him confuse. I pulled him back into the kiss to confuse him more, the way he kissed me back showed how confuse I'd made him but nevertheless, he still kissed me back.

His lips left mine and trailed down my jaw to my collarbone, leaving open mouthed love bites. He did wonders, turning my neck area to a board where he left his wonderful artwork. He was the painter and I the masterpiece, my moan never stopped flowing out like an endless stream. My moans elicited his desires, giving him more passion to please me in the exact way I wanted. He left the comfort of my neck area and dared to move further downwards, my shirt was a blockage. I yanked it off quickly, leaving my black bra, the other obstacle. He wasted no time in removing them and letting his mouth give me a much more sweeter foreign sensation as his finger worked on my core.

'Angus,' I moaned, grabbing a fist full of his hair. I could feel his smirk on my breast, his finger thrusting deeper into me. He added another finger, causing a purr to unconsciously leave my lips. I arched my back, my stomach tightened, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I moaned louder, wiggling my body endlessly. He groaned and pinned my dainty body in place.

'Don't move too much, you're distracting me.' I nodded, I was afraid he would stop and leave me in such torment. I tried my best not to scream down the building, it was a first feeling all such goodness and not knowing how to express it. He dragged off my skirt and everything along with it, a grin plastered on his lips. 'You are absolutely beautiful.' I blushed and bit my lip. He moved down to my toes and kissed it all the way to my thigh, I moaned squeezing the bedsheets tight. 'Tell me you love me,' he nibbled on my thigh sweetly. 'Do you love me Ashley?'

'I love you,'

'I didn't hear what you said, do you love me?' I nodded and gasped, his wet lips reaching my core. I gasped in pleasure, his tongue reaching deep into my core as his fingers thrust in and out of me. Everything was bursting in my chest, the joy and pleasure building up between my legs. He was probably my brother but for that moment, I cared less, all I wanted was his torture to stop.

'Angus please,' I cried. He wasn't done with me yet, he parted my legs wider, his fingers and tongue going deeper. He licked me clean, perfectly. I released on my mouth, he sucked it clean. I gasped, breathing way too heavily. He knelt up and unstrapped his belt, he pulled down his pants and boxer, his incredible stretcher making me gulp loudly.

'Are you ready?' I pushed myself down as a reply. He brought his lips back to mine, I didn't like the taste of myself in my mouth but kissed him back anyways. I held my breath tight, he penetrated into me a little, he raised my back up so he could get in well. I put all the pain pressure into my lip, it only hurt for three minutes before it was all replaced with pleasure.
I'd slept with my brother, it didn't matter after all.


I was in a forest, a beautiful forest. The air was pleasant, the place looked not natural. I wandered around until I found a lake, a woman was floating on the surface. Her long rainbow hair floating widely and slowly, her eyes sealed shut. She was beautiful, very beautiful. Her hands covered something on her chest, something red, probably a jewel. She dropped her hands, the heart shaped red gem glowing.
'Whoa,' I breathed. Five lights came out of the gem in a spirally form. The first light was icy blue and white, the second was green and pink. The third was like flames and gold, the forth was autumn color. The last was white, glowing white. The lights surrounded me, before it entered me.

I felt my system turning inside out before everything blacked out.
To be continued.

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