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V.E.G.A- Chapter Fifteen



V.E.G.A- Chapter Fifteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>Eira <<<<<<<<<<<
'I stared at mom as she packed her hair, she didn't even realise she was packing her hair with a rope, the rope from her bathroom robe. The others were sitting there staring at her worriedly, she was acting like a mad woman.
'You guys can go to school already, I'm fine.'
'Mom, maybe you should stay put for the week, call in sick.' Gale suggested.
'But I'm fine, can't you see I'm fine?' She asked with a psychopathic laugh.
'Mom, you're not okay. You're wearing two different legs of shoes, using your bathrobe's robe as a hairband and your makeup is wrong.' Verna listed anxiously.
'Your father is married,' she sobbed. 'I'm single with four children.'
'Mom, can you tell us what really happened? Why you and dad separated?'
'Why else than you four,' she scoffed. 'The spirit said I should stay away from everyone I knew in the past.'
'So it's not dad's fault you guys separated?'
'No, it's because I got pregnant!!!!'
'Are you blaming us?' I asked knowingly.
'Leave me alone!!!' She stood up and stomped to her bathroom to cry.
'Okay, we've got to get her back to him or we'll never hear the end of it.' I said seriously.
'But how do we even know who he is? She never gave us a name.' Aniblaze protested.
'Hmmmm, maybe I can try to hack into her mind.....'
'Or Adara can cleverly get the name the Eira can do her computer thingy.' Verna cut in.
'Okay, let me try.' Aniblaze walked to the door and knocked aggressively.
'Mom! Tell me the name of the stupid man that left a gorgeous sweetheart like you. How dare he choose that lady over you, don't he know how lovely and hot you are!!!'
'Exactly!' Mom exclaimed. She opened the door and came out. 'I can't believe Angus married my best friend, that was low of him.'
'Yeah, that Angus Fish Brain is low class, he don't even know himself....'
'Anila, don't insult your father.'
'But he hurt you. He should be called Angus Meatdick....'
'His name's Angus Steinberg and it remains that way. Don't you ever insult your father, he installed you four headaches in me.'
'I'm so sorry mom, please forgive me.' She faked sobbed, throwing her arms around her shoulders.
'What is wrong with you Anila? Are you okay?' She asked suspiciously.
'I'm not. You're sad.'
'I'll be fine. I mean I've only loved him like my entire life so it doesn't hurt at all....my life is over!' She ran back into the bathroom and slammed the door.
'Have anyone ever noticed mom is a drama queen?' Verna asked with an eye roll.
'Where do you think this coconut fool gets his from.' I snorted giving Gale a smack. I walked out of the room to mine, my laptop was on my bed. I opened the laptop and searched for Angus Steinberg.
'Pssst,' Gale whispered. I sighed, he poked my head. 'Have you found anything yet?'
'Can you leave me alone?'
'Psssst,' he called again poking my head. I inhaled deeply. 'Have you seen him yet?'
'Gale, it's still loading.'
'Pssssst,' I sank my teeth into my bottom lip. 'Have you found him yet?'
'Can you stop poking my head and breathing into my face?' I asked through gritted teeth.
'Pssssst,' I grit my teeth on my lip. 'Have you found him yet?'
'Gale please, leave her alone.' Verna pleaded.
'We're late for school but we have to help mom first so please don't make her angry.' Aniblaze added but what the heck, he never listens.
'I'm going to freeze your brain!!!' I screamed furiously. He dashed off and hid behind Verna, he blew raspberry at me and laughed.
'Eira, ignore him.' I looked at the screen cursing under my breath. I retried the search and it finally loaded. The first name that popped out was Angus Steinberg of Steinbridge Inc. I entered his profile.
'Angus William Steinberg, the third son of Julian Steinberg and the present CEO of Steinbridge Inc....'
'Isn't Steinbridge Inc like that one of the best oil and gas and techno company in Ireland?' Aniblaze asked calmly. I nodded.
'Can you get his photo?'
'It's loading, network is poor.'
'Why won't it be poor, your room is a fucking refrigerator.' You will think Verna would hiss that but she's too calm. She was shivering anyways. I chuckled and looked at the picture, I blinked quizzically. 'What?'
'I think I found our dad.' I said still in shock.
'Let me see!' Aniblaze yelled pettishly, she zoomed to me and took the laptop. Her jaw dropped too.
'Gale, you have got to see this.' She handed the laptop to him. Gale looked exactly like our father, no difference at all....okay maybe the eyes but everything else was the same.
'OMG!!!!' He shrieked. 'I look good!'
'That's our dad,' I said still a little bit dazed.
'I know, I'm looking at him and I'm like men! I can never look less gorgeous. Can you see our six packs? Look at our glorious hair!'
'Okay, give me back my laptop.' He ran his fingers through his hair sexily with a smile. He was in "adore my reflection" mode.
'Can you get my laptop away from him and give him a mirror instead?' I sighed. Aniblaze giggled, she picked up my mirror and switched it.
'Wow! This one looks better!'
'How did he successfully sneak himself into mom's womb? I need to find out.' I murmured scrolling down to check dad's marital status. 'He's unmarried, his last relationship was recorded 22 years ago. He haven't dated or married since.'
'So he was lying to mom?' Verna asked puzzled.
'No, trying to find out if she was her,' Aniblaze reasoned. 'Read everything about him out.'
'Okay, he has two older brother. Earl and Dean. Earl is an adventurer while Dean is an artist. They once had a sister but she died in a fire from an unknown cause. Her name was Ashley....'
'Wait! Didn't mom said her name used to be Ashley?' Verna gasped.
'Mom's from Arundel Fozz if that's what you're thinking.' Ani said chucklingly, she was staring at Gale who was making out with the mirror.
My poor mirror.
'Just go to the main thing, he's not married and he's here. We just need to find him and get his own side of the story, we need to know if he loves mom. Since I look too much like mom, Adara should be the one to go to him.'
'Why not me?' I asked poutingly.
'Because you're Eira.' They said simultaneously with an emotionless face. Gale chuckled.
'Can you please stop making out with my mirror....you know what, just throw it away.'
'Ignoring someone sometimes is good,' Aniblaze preached. 'So it's settled. I'll pay dad a visit after school?'
'Agreed.' We chorused.
'Now we can go to school.' Verna chirped
'Or you mean, now we can go to Cian.' Gale teased. We laughed.
'You're all annoying.'
'Cian and Verna locked inside a room....' I sang.
'Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.' Gale and Ani completed. Her cheeks turned pink, she stood up and ran away.
'Ha! She's got it bad.'
The stupid baldhead teacher was writing on the board meticulously, according to his law, once he started lectures, no one was allowed inside. I stood at the window right beside the door, peeking in and wondering how I would get in without being seen. I couldn't use my powers, I could get caught.
Failing was my niche, mom said she would kill me if I fail one more time.
'Hey,' someone whispered in my ear. I covered my mouth before I screamed. 'Sorry,' she giggled. 'Didn't mean that.' I huffed and turned around to snap at the stupid girl.
I froze in my track, aside from my sisters and mother, no girl I'd seen was as beautiful as the one standing in front of me with a perky sweet smile. She had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, her lips plum and pink. Her smile was the nicest smile I had seen on a girl all my life. Her skin tan but glossy.
'Wow,' I breathed. 'Hi, I'm Gale.'
'Fallon Darlington, I can see you're stuck outside like I am.'
'Yeah,' I said nervously rubbing the nape of my neck. Since when did I start getting nervous? 'What are you going to do?'
'Stand here and take notes of course. You can join me if you wish ooooor....' She trailed off with a mischievous smirk. 'Follow my lead.' Before I could ask what lead, she turned me around and jumped on my back. 'Go.'
'What are you doing?'
'Getting us into class, giddyap!' She kicked me on the side with a giggle. I picked up my shoulder sachet like bag and walked into the class.
'Halt,' he said immediately. She started sobbing. 'Fallon, is everything okay?
'No, I was coming to class this morning, you know, before the bell would ring when some stupid kid pushed me down the stairs. I survived but I twist my ankle, he had to stop and help me out.'
'Hmmm, what's your name?'
'Have anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Angus Steinberg?' He asked with a peer at my face.
'You're the first.'
'Well you do. I would have thanked you for helping my niece over there but knowing how mischievous she is, I'll say she only twisted her ankle to get a free ride. Did she really twist her ankle?' I nodded with a smile.
'Just a minor twist, she'll be okay.'
'Okay, go sit down and beware of the devil on your back,' he said ominously. 'Nobody turns bald overnight for no reason....' He trailed off and unconsciously pat his head. The class laughed shortly. I smiled wider and carried her to the back.
'Thank you.' I whispered.
'Anytime,' I dropped her gently and sat beside her. 'So, what's your IQ level? Mine, zero, so you're my new answer book.'
'If you're zero, then I'm minus zero.' I sighed. She laughed silently.
'Don't worry, we'll fail together and get expelled. Happy failure in advance.'
Okay, I like this girl!
Verna adjusted her blue straight skirt for the seventeenth time. She dragged us to the restroom to give herself a touch up before going to see Cian. He invited her to sit with him and she invited us.
She wore a new blue straight mid length skirt with pink crop top and heels.
'Hmmmm, more lipgloss,' She mused and smeared more watermelon lipgloss on her lips. 'Perfect! How do I look?!'
'Like you're going to seduce someone.' Eira said coldly. She rolled her eyed and walked out.
'Verna, you're overdoing it.' I sighed. I took off my jacket, walked to her and made her wear it. She didn't complain, just smiled and walked out. Gale was outside waiting for us, Eira was whining to him but his mind seemed somewhere else.
'Let's go.' Verna chirped. Gale snapped out of it and gave her a once over. She changed her dress in the bathroom. He sighed and wiped off her makeup with his sleeve carefully. 'You guys have ruined everything!' She cried with a childish stomp of her feet. I rolled my eyes and swiftly snatched the shoes from her feet.
'Wear your old ones, okay?'
'You guys realise that I'm older, right?'
'That doesn't matter,' Eira murmured as she bent down to wear Verna her flats. 'You look better as Verna than whatever this look is.'
'Whatever.' I chuckled and clasped our hands together. We trooped to the canteen, Gale laughing as he pester Eira's life. He will never let her be.
'Hey Galley Bear!' Someone shouted. It was a brown haired girl. She sat alone, waving her hands with a giddy smile. 'Come sit with me!!!'
'Who's that and why are you smiling?' Eira asked suspiciously.
'Since when have I ever not smiled,' he smirked waving back at her. 'She's my new friend and no, I don't plan on using her for reasons I'm yet to pinpoint.' We gasped dramatically.
'Do my ears deceive me,' I said dramatically. 'The Great Gale sees a skirt and runaway?'
'Can you girls not be so dramatic.' He frowned.
'She looks like someone who can nail your balls, no wonder.' Eira sneered. Gale smirked and quickly licked her cheek.
Three ways to kill Eira.
He ran out of the canteen laughing evilly. She had stiffened like the statue she always turned to whenever any means of kiss touched her.
'Eira, please ignore him for today.' She blinked and unfreeze, took off her shoes like she was possessed, removed her jacket and tied it around her waist. 'Eira please,' Verna pleaded holding her hands together.
'He licked me,' she said softly. 'He licked me!' I removed her napkin from her pocket and wiped her face clean.
'There, clean. Let's eat.' She was still in shock. I threw her over my shoulder with a laugh and carried her to the table Cian sat. Verna carried her shoes for her.
'Hey Cian, sorry about this.' She said sheepishly pointing at me.
'Sup?' I asked with a jerk of my head. He smiled. I threw Eira on the chair. She screamed and stood up.
'You didn't let me clean the....' I forced her back down. 'Where's my shoes! I'm walking on bacteria!' I face palmed myself.
'Eira please,' Verna sighed. The blonde dude laughed.
'She's cute, I'm Terence but you can call me Terry.'
'I think they already know that.' The old Korean dude said with a smirk, he was looking at Eira. 'Hi.' She eyed him from his head to the part of his body the table wasn't covering like he was trash.
Eira is the worst girl to flirt with.
'Hi.' She said coldly. Terry sniggered.
'Erm Cian, these are my sisters, Eira and Adara.' I salute him, he laughed.
'Nice to meet you Adara.'
'Anila.' I corrected.
'Only I can call her Adara.'
'Okay, Ani.'
'Here comes another name,' Eira said with an eye roll. 'Ignore me, I'm rude.' He smiled.
For the rest of the food time, Cian and Eira talked which was surprising. It looked liked Verna didn't exist, she was silently sad. I made myself busy with Terence and Ross, they were really cool. Dwayne kept trying to flirt with Eira and Verna at the same time but failed.
'I'm going to kill Eira!!!' Verna yelled in my head.
'Just calm down.'
'I didn't bring my sister here for him to flirt with her!!!'
'They aren't flirting. I think he's just trying to make Eira his friend. The best way to win a girl is to win her siblings over first.....'
'I don't like this. Since he likes her, I'll transfer my crush to the new hot guy I met an hour ago. I can't hate my sister because of a guy she don't even care about.' She stood up with a fake smile.
'Verna don't.'
'Excuse me, I have someone to meet.'
'I thought we would head back to class together?'
'Sorry, I have more important things to attend to.'
That stung him.
'Bye guys.' She waved bye at the guys and walked away. I looked at her with a smile, Verna is stylishly stubborn. Just as she opened the door, she saw a guy.
Wow! He's a heartbreaker!
Stupid girl.
They talked for a minute before he interlocked their arms and walked out with her laughing like an idiot.
'Did she just ditch you for him?' Dwayne blunted out to Cian who wasn't smiling a bit. Terry nudged him. 'What? She's more stupid and blind than I thought.' Wrong words.
No one insults Verna to Eira's hearing.
Like a lioness defending her cub, she stood up abruptly and smacked his face with the back of her shoe, veeeeeeery hard.
Uh oh.

To be continued.

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