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V.E.G.A- Chapter Eleven



V.E.G.A- Chapter Eleven

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I stared at my locker in adoration, mom made sure we had the perfect doors. Mine was a picture of a waterfall in a lovely afternoon, the sun luminating on the water in shimmering sparks. A beautiful rainbow spread across the bright blue sky, the white clouds forming shapes of beautiful creatures. Birds flew around the rainbow, singing and dancing of it praise.

On the grass were deer and gazelles, some eating the smooth green grass, some staring at the bunnies and hares, some looking for mates, some staring at the colorful butterflies flying close to the fall and some staring at the mermaids seated on a rock in the waterfall stream; the mermaids were singing and dancing.
It was breathtaking.

'Can you stop drooling over your locker door and keep your books already.' Eira huffed, she was still furious about what happened with Gale, especially when she didn't catch him.

I already saw hers, it was a ice castle on the highest mountain of a mystical world. The moon radiated on it, bringing out it crystallizing glittering glory. Beautiful creatures of winter roamed the castle's ground.

It was beautiful too but I like mine better.

'I hate your locker,' she scorned at Adara. I chuckled. Dara's was a erupting volcano with a girl surfing the lava like ocean's waves. Giant birds flew above, chasing the happy laughing girl.
'I hate it too,' she said frowningly. 'I told mom I wanted a dead guy.'

'Dead guy, really?' I asked with an eye roll.

'Or a werewolf or ghoul eating a human up, blood everywhere, flesh in their hands, blood in their mouths. All of that cool stuff.'

'That's scary, not cool.' I whined hugging my book, I shuddered with revulsion remembering the ones in her room. Even a vampire's coven wouldn't be as pitch black and terrifying as hers. She's a monster.

'Just saying,' she shrugged and looked around. 'Everyone's locker is designed.' She mused.

'Gale's isn't that bad,' Eira murmured. 'It's better than the genital picture he stamped to his locker in eight grade.'

Gale's was of a tornado destroying an entire town, a guy standing at the top of the tornado throwing a white snow leopard in with a wicked laugh. He did it himself, Adara and I understood the true meaning of the picture but we weren't going to tell Eira that.

I sighed, pulling my thoughts to much more pressing matters, Cian. I kept my books. I was aware of his stare at the canteen and when I finally got into the rest of the classes for the day, he was still staring at me. I'd never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life.
'Honey!!!!' Gale shrieked running to us.

'You!' Eira snorted contemptuously.

'Before you kill me, I have a peace offering,' he said sharply. 'What if I offer to wash your clothes for a month?'

'And dye them to pink or not wash them at all, no thanks, I rather kill you and mourn.'

'I'll wash them, I promise.'

'Dude!' Adara exclaimed laughingly. 'You can't even wash your own underwear, mom wash it up for you everyd....' He covered her mouth with his palms sheepishly. Some people giggled, by people I mean gurls.

'Shhhh, don't embarrass me. I'm a guy, I don't need to....ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Verna help me ow!' He cried as Eira pulled his hair, she's quite strong, not stronger than Adara but strong enough to kick Gale's ass. 'I'm sorry I'm sorry you know you're my big sis and I love you I can never hurt you please forgive me I'm a fool Jennifire help me small oooooow! I'm sorry,' she sighed and slammed his head hard on his locker thrice kneeing him hard. 'Oh my jingo.' He whimpered sliding down to the floor in pain.

'Awesome, take a five!' Dara laughed and forced Eira's hand to high fived hers. I sighed and walked out on them. I had a very long day, didn't need their drama.
I walked into the elevator absent mindedly, only three people were present. You can tell where my mind was, I was in dreamland daydreaming about Cian, our wedding day. I didn't know where I was walking to after I walked out of the elevator or why I was walking there but my feet just led me on. I was still walking when I heard screams, not your normal "The cute guys are coming" screams, but "oh no! Panic and run" screams.

I didn't pay attention but I did hear something like.

It lost control!


That girl is going to get hurt
And then I heard one voice that got me to halt, Adara's.

'Verna!!! Move!!!!' She screamed in my head. I snapped out of it, my mind becoming aware of my surrounding instantly. I heard screeching sounds, I turned and saw a car zooming to me, I couldn't move, I froze. My body hurled back, someone else's colliding with it and pushing us out of the way.

He spun us around in the air, right before we hit the ground. His hands wrapping around my waist and head and his body a bed for me to lay on.

My mind slowly registered what just happened, the murmurs everywhere. A car lost control, almost knocked me down but someone saved me. I didn't need nobody to tell me who did, the cologne that had haunted me all day made it obvious. My head was on his collarbone but I could hear the faint beating of his hearts, I could feel the rise and fall of his chest and the warmth of his body. I couldn't move, I didn't want to face him so I did the one thing I could think of, pretended to faint.

'Cian!!!' Someone pulled us apart, I was in Adara's hot arms. My body missed his, if I was given the chance, I would sleep there all day. 'Fuck! He hit his head too hard, Toby get the car!' Someone ran off.

'Verna, Verna!' Dara yelled hitting my face.

'Is that the way to wake up someone that passed out?!' Eira yelled, she pushed Dara away because her cold body was what I felt next.

'He's bleeding! Where's the fucking car!' I wanted to get up and heal him but that was bad. Gale carried and bounced me.
'Eira get the car ready,' he commanded, he wasn't in happy annoying mood but protective only brother mood. I didn't think of anything else until I was carried into our car and it drove off. What about Cian? 'Verna, are you okay?' I opened my eyes sharply.

'Did he get badly hurt?'

'No, he'll be fine.'

'You don't know that Eira!'

'What were you so lost about?!' She yelled back. 'You wouldn't have gotten hurt, yes, but your powers would have automatically protected you and expose us...and worst, your boyfriend got hurt.' She added humorously. I smiled, she looked at me through the mirror. 'He'll be fine Verna, I promise.'

'I can heal him if that would make you feel better.' Adara suggested.
'No, it would be suspicious, let him heal on his own but just in case....' Gale trailed off and folded his fist, a light flashed before he opened his fist back. A little autumn leaf laid there, he whispered something to it before blowing it out of the window. 'He'd be fine.'
'We better not tell mom about this.' Eira sighed. 'You need green tea?'

'And a hug,' I pouted hugging Gale. He chuckled.

'I'll run ahead and prepare food and everything you'd need.' Dara concluded, she didn't give us time to argue. She opened the door very fast and flashed away, too fast that I didn't even see the door move.

I'm sure you'll want to know what powers we had specifically.

Me, I wasn't fast, quite normal or maybe slow. I had the powers to control nature, nature is earth, plants and animals. I could travel through plants to any part of the world, see wherever I want as long as the eyes of any animal is there and control the earth to a limited point. My extra powers was healing but it mostly worked on animals. Telesthesia foresight and a little nature magic.

Eira, she was just like Elsa from frozen, could create anything out of snow or ice, but could also change ice to pure crystal, bend water to her wish by limited standard and heal. She has the strongest transferable healing light among us. Her extra powers were her ability to sense danger beforehand, mirror magic and her winter magic.

Gale, he had limitless powers to the wind, could bend it to his own wish, make it do whatever he want. He could control wind from Africa even if he's as far as Asia. He could make plants wither, change their colours to autumn and stopped their growth. He could bend the clouds to his wish, create windy or thunderstorms and could push his air to his feet, giving him enough power to run at werewolf speed. His body could let go of it physical form and shift into wind, invisibility in a sort of way. His special gifts were psychological access. He could read mind, create illusions, control the mind and destroy it.
He didn't have telekinesis to his disappointment.

Adara, Anila that is. I don't know all her powers since she never uses it. The only power she used was her speed, extravagant strength and telesthesia hearing. I knew she was light and had strong magic, knew she has access to fire and could heal and communicate with spirits but other than that, neither of us, not even mom, knew what she was fully capable of doing.

Eira believes she had psychokinesis and Gale concluded she could access electricity too.
It didn't make sense to me since that wasn't her power source so I never believed it.
Not one bit.

I stared at my phone with a smirk, the news had already gone viral, pictures allover the internet. Some kids who were videoing from upper floors even uploaded the videos of how Cian selflessly saved that girl. He was tagged the most selfless among us before and what he did just increased that and our fame.

"Selfless Cian J strikes again!" Was most of the headlines. The girl's or her friends' faces didn't come out clear in the videos or pictures but you'll know human beings were saved. I looked at Cian who was sleeping on the bed, I could swear that when the car was driving, a leaf flew in and perched on his head. I blinked and the leaf was gone.

I wasn't hallucinating but again, why was it bothering me?

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