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V.E.G.A- Chapter Eighteen



V.E.G.A- Chapter Eighteen

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>> Verna <<<<<<<<<<<
Gale, Eira and I stomped into Adara's room, she was jumping on her bed playing air guitar as she sang and shook her head like a crazy rock star, she's already crazy.

'Are you being serious!!! Why did you show your powers?' I huffed. She grinned and sang out, singing a ridiculous song.

'I'm serious, why lie, the truth will make things easier.'

'He's panicking down there.'
'Not my problem,' she said and continued playing. 'Oh yea yea yea!'

'Be quiet!' Eira exclaimed, she jumped down from the bed and danced.

'Gale, let's dance or go play football!'

'Yay!' He shrieked excitedly and ran out, she followed, bulldozing Eira and I out of the way.
'I hate those two idiots!' Eira groaned as she rolled over to lay on her stomach. My phone rang from my pocket, I picked it out and frowned, Cian. 'Oooooh, boyfriend alert!'

'Shut up. Your boyfriend is calling you.' I threw the phone at her, she giggled and answered the call.
'Hello baby boo,' she purred imitating my voice, my eyes widened. 'Oh I'm fine, I'm doing very fine.' She stood up and ran out with my phone, I stood up and chased her around the foyer, careful not to disturb mom and dad. She was humiliating me seriously. 'Oh I'm in my room, on my bed, wanna join me....'

'Eira give me back my phone!!!!' I shouted. She laughed and slid down the banister to the living room. I chased her past mom and dad who was busy talking. We ran outside only to be greeted by Gale pinned down on the ground with his face mopping the ground and a girl on her back.

'Never lie to me about pie again or the next time I'll wring your neck.' She threatened seriously.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' He apologized.

'Gale you're a disgrace, as girl just came out of nowhere and is pinning you on the ground because you lied to her about mom making pie, you suck.' Adara taunted. Eira dropped the phone on the ground and burst into laughter, perfect mocking section.
'Gale you're so lame.' I laughed too and sat down on floor....wait! Cian!

I stared at my phone strangely, the way Verna was talking was strange, was she drunk? She was flirting with me, that didn't sound like something she would say. I might not know her well but I'm a good judge of character.

'Eira give me back my phone!!!!' I heard her yelled from the background, it made sense now, Eira was the one messing with me. I sighed with relief, I could hear background laughs and mocking. Their family sounds better than mine. 'Ha, sorry Cian, that was Eira messing with you.'

'I know, how are you doing?' She was seriously laughing, her laugh was very beautiful. 'Should I call you back later?'

'Later, no, I'm fine.'

'Are you sure?'

'Ye....come on Gale, prove to us you're a man, flip her over.' I rolled my eyes with a smile.
'Hey Cian!!! Your girlfriend is missing you!!!!' Eira shouted.

'Love, love love love.' I chuckled and ended the call.

'I love her voice.' Ciara said smilingly as she flapped her legs on the bed.

'Yeah, it almost sounds enchanting.'

'Do you like her?

'Maybe, I don't know her though.'
'Did mom know dad before he married him?'

'Depends, were you born then?' I asked rolling my eyes.

'Don't you watch movies and read books?'

'This is reality, not a romance novel.'

'Love can come in the most funny way, you can accept it.'

'I don't think I need my eight years old sister to teach me about love, you don't know a thing. I can handle ladies better than you think.'

'Yet your three first girlfriends were crazy harlots, in case you don't know, you're very bad at choosing girlfriends.'

'And who said anything about dating her?' I smirked. 'Haven't you heard of fuck mate?'

'Haven't you heard of the word "idiot" you're one. Doesn't it register to you that I'm eight and not suppose to be hearing rubbish?'

'Oh, but you know what harlot is, why am I even talking to you, you have no brain.' Yeah, we argue a lot when neither of is is sick. She gasped and flew out of the bed.
'I just remembered something,' she said panickingly. 'I can't believe it!' She cupped her cheeks.

'You have died in the hospital, I just remembered how cruel death was not to take you.' I picked up my pillow and whacked her with it, she squealed and laughed.
'Stupid girl.'

'You can only beat me up but you still suck, you should have died.' I stopped hitting her and smiled.
'And if I really die?'

'You can't die, if you due who will I insult? Dwayne is not for insulting, he's my cool buddy and Toby my teacher and Ross my best friend. If you die, who will take your place?'


'Nay, I don't like that dude and his weird hair.' I laughed and hit her, she's too cute to stay mad at.

'Apologize or I'll tinkle you until you pee on yourself again.'

'Nigga, I'm on your bed, I pee and you suffer it.'

'Foolish girl.'

'Mom!!!! Cian is watching porn again!!!!'

I'm dead.

Oh my God! Gale's siblings' are the coolest, especially Anila and Eira, sure she's too clean but she's nice to me because I beat up her brother. I should beat him up more often.

'So, three things you don't like about guys?' Verna asked as she filed her nails. We were in the kitchen preparing dinner while she filed her nails. According to them, the living room was off limit because their parents were in a serious discussion.

Verna is lazy, all she did was sit and no work.

'Urgh, I hate it when boys sweat, yuck!' I said in disgust.

'I don't really care.' Anila said with a shrug.

'I hate dirty boys...'

'You hate dirty everything.' Verna said with an eye roll.

'Whatever. Now, one thing you like about guys?'

'Everything.' Anila smiled.
'Depends on the guy.' Verna said grinningly.


'If they are good kissers.' They looked at me and smirked. 'What?'
'How many times have you kissed Gale?'

'Zero, is he a good kisser?'
'Why don't you find out.' Anila smirked.

'Okay,' I walked to the door and opened it, I stuck my head out. 'Gale, come over here for a second!!!' He was playing basketball outside. He jogged over to me and walked into the kitchen.

'Hold still,' I grabbed his shoulders and bent his head down. I kissed him, he stiffened. 'Kiss me back first.'

'Seriously?' Anila asked laughingly. I stepped on his foot so he'd kiss back and he did. His tongue taste like orange and cranberry, I deepened the kiss to get a better taste of him. His hands pulled my waist roughly, pressing my body against his and causing a moan to escape my mouth. I encircled his neck with my hands and stood on my tingling toes.
'Ew! No making out in my kitchen!' Eira yelled.

'This is hot.' Anila laughed more. He broke the kiss, my heart beating very fast. Why did I kiss him again?

'Wow,' was all he said.

'Sorry, I was testing something Anila said.'

'And did I prove her right or wrong?'

'Wrong, you're a terrible kisser.' I pushed him away and walked to Verna. Eira laughed and clapped her hands.

Burn burn.

'Anila?' A deep voice called weakly, a man walked in, he looked like...no, Gale looked like him. 'Can I get something cold to drink? My head hurts.'

'Where's mom?' Verna asked worriedly.

'In her room, I just need to drink or chew ice, this is too much to take in.'

'Okay dad.' Nila rushed to the fridge and opened it, she brought out a carton of juice and turned it, she hurried to him but the cup slipped and fell on him.

'Hey! I just washed this shirt! Do you want me to get infected by germs!!!!'

'So that's where she gets it from.' Gale, Verna and Nila said chucklingly.

'Get what?' The man asked. 'I'm talking about my dirty shirt here.'
Okay, what?

To be continued.

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