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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 17


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 17

I hid at the back of the house and saw him dash out with his axe still dripping blood. He cleaned it right there at the compound, he probably knew I was watching him cos he said “I will be back for you girl, there is no time right now so I will leave but be warned, if you as much as say one single word about what you saw to anyone, I will search you out and kill you without wasting time at all” he then climbed the fence and disappeared from sight when he heard someone unlocking the gate from outside. I stood routed on the spot, afraid of what I’d find out when I go check on my mum.
Aunty Alexis walked through the gate carrying shopping bags and some other stuffs she had gotten, I still didn’t leave my hiding place. Few minutes later, a scream rent the cool night air and she rushed out, quivering and retching everything in her stomach out.
She quickly took her phone and called someone on phone telling them what she had seen. She then went back inside and I peeped through the broken louver- something I had been afraid to do. I saw my mum, her legs and hands had been severed from her body and left to bleed out. She was whispering something to aunty Alexis, I decided to enter the house too, and I had to hear her last words…

Ahunli: “Rose…Rose…Rose” she kept saying as I walked closer to her with my eyes filled with hot tears. Aunty Alexis drew me closer and covered my eyes but I removed her hands. I also had something I needed to tell her.
Rose: “Mum…please don’t die” tears ran down my cheeks wetting my sweater.
Ahunli: “No baby! I am going to die, even if God refuses to take me right now, I will kill myself. Just take a look at me baby, I can’t feel anything anymore. I feel my life slipping though the mist already. I am weak, I want to rest” she said.
Alexis: “Oh Ahunli! Who did this to you? Please tell me?”
Ahunli: “Please take care of my baby” she seemed not to have heard her question.
Rose: “Mummy, dad hurts me. Dad said I am sick, dad does stuffs to me” I wanted to tell her everything I had kept away from her for so long, I wanted to pour it all out at once but with just a look at her eyes, I knew she was gone. My mother was dead, she was dead and gone. I think I must have collapsed cos the next thing I remembered was lying on a hospital bed all alone.

Two hours later, my dad came for me looking aghast and concerned. Immediately I saw him, everything went rushing back at me and I started screaming.
Rose: “Please send him out of here I don’t want to see him. Get out of here, please get out” I screamed louder sending my bed spread flying off the bed. He looked confused as a nurse went to calm me down.
Nurse: “What is wrong dear? He is your dad and he has come to take you home, don’t you want to go home?”
Rose: “He is a monster… I don’t want to go with him, please ask him to leave me alone”
Nurse: “Why?”
He interrupted before I could say anything…
Olamide: “My daughter is still in shock. Please let me take her back home. She needs to rest too. Her grandparents want to see her before they leave” I became interested when he mentioned my grandparents.
Nurse: “Then why did she call you a monster? There must be a reason” she said suspiciously.

Rose: “I will go with him” I replied. I wanted to see my grandparents so much but what I did not know was that he had lied. He had already sent them away before he went to the hospital to get me and they had gone back more heartbroken than ever bearing mum’s dismembered corpse with them.
When we got back home, he gave me a beating of my life for hinting to the nurse about him…
Olamide: “What if he had decided to pursue the topic? What did you tell anyone?”
Rose: “I am sorry” I writhed painfully on the floor as the belt kept tearing at my skin. I prayed harder for death but even death seemed to have been afraid of my shadow. He softened all of a sudden and began to cry.
Olamide: “Baby you know I love you more than anyone in this world so why are you making me do this to you? Why? I am sorry…I am sorry” he lifted me up into his arms and cuddled me, squeezing my sore boobs so hard against his chest. He dropped me, dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the drug he had gotten earlier that day, handed it over to me and asked me to swallow it. I did without asking him any further question and slept off immediately.
I later woke up to a pang of pain in my abdomen. It felt like an unseen person was in there eating away at my intestines. He was there watching me as if he knew it was going to happen. I could not understand why that was happening to me, I thought the drug was going to make me feel better. He hurriedly came to my side…
Olamide: “Sorry baby!” he said caressing my face, he had warm water and napkin handy, he began to use it to wipe my tummy and face despite the hot sweat swimming down my face. I soon began to bleed from my v----a…

Rose: “Oh my tummy. I am dying, I’m sure I’d die like my mum did” I wept folding my arms across my tummy tightly and writhing in pain on the bed.
Olamide: “You will not die, I promise” he said and ran off again. Handed me another drug when he came back “this is aspirin, it will make the pain subside a little”
Rose: “I want to go to the hospital. Please take me to the hospital” I wept as the blood kept rushing out.
Olamide: “You cannot go to the hospital, they will know the nature of your sickness if we do and they must not. It is a shameful kind of sickness. That is why I told them not to touch you when your mum’s friend took you to the hospital” he explained deceitfully.
I did not say anything any further. After some time, the pain subsided a little bit and I felt lighter but still sore. He carried me to the bathroom and bathed me yet again.
Present Day: Anita
Anita: “Wait! He did all that?” I felt myself seething with anger. I wished I could lay my hands on the bastard at that moment so I could tear him to shreds.
Rose: “Yes he did all that. Please do you probably know what kind of sickness I had? The kind of pains I felt that day was out of this world” she said innocently, still believing what her dad told her about the sickness.
Anita: “You were pregnant dear and he aborted the pregnancy with that pill” I said. The look on her face at that moment was that of sheer terror.

Rose: “You mean I was pregnant? Like I had a baby inside me?”
Anita: “Yeaah but its okay now. You are safe now. I promise to protect you from now on”
Rose: “I can’t believe this. My dad got me pregnant” she wept. I didn’t know how best to console her, I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. I dabbed at my eyes not wanting her to see the tears on my face.
We both stayed silent for some until the door to my office flew open and Henry; the colleague of mine who wanted her named as the prime suspect to her mum’s murder barged in with two officers.
Henry: “Lady your time is up. She is now the prime suspect in the murder of her own mum and she will be taken into a private cell now and this is because of her age. We cannot let her walk free due to the severity of the crime” he said happy with himself.
Anita: “What do you mean by that? Are you out of your mind Henry? Are you?” I cursed under my breath, I could hardly contain my fury. One of the officers walked over to her and handcuffed her…
To be continued!
Do you think she is really innocent? Maybe she lied about how her mum died? If she is innocent, what do I do to get her out of this mess?

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