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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 15


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 15

I panicked when I saw the blood and wondered if he was dead. I lifted his hand gently and dropped it but he did not stir. I paced around the room, thinking of what to do when an idea hit me. I hurriedly ran to the kitchen forgetting my own pains, got chilled water from the freezer and splashed some on his face. He did not respond but I kept trying until he stirred at last, stood up and touched the back of his head…
Olamide: “This is blood…you almost got me killed girl!” he said with difficulty.

Rose: “I am sorry”

Olamide: “You are sorry? What would you have done if I had died? Tell me what would you have done?”

Rose: “I am sorry”

Olamide: “I will go to the hospital and when they ask me, I will not tell them it was my daughter who almost killed me. I will cover up your folly. Will see it as a mistake for now but if you dare tell anyone about what is going on in this house, I will surely get you into the psychiatric hospital. Do you understand?”

Rose: “Yes”

After he left for the hospital, I broke down and began to cry. I couldn’t give my distress a voice cos I was afraid of the consequences that would carry along. I was scared of him, I was became scared of everyone around me even of animals. The sound of cars reminded me the sound of his own car, the sight of men reminded me of him. I developed phobias upon phobias for things that made people feel alive. I knew I needed help but dared not talk to anyone about it. I was going crazy little by little.

One day in school- just so you know, I attended one of the best schools in Abuja called Adriene International School. It was a mixed school for both foreigners and Nigerian rich kids. In class while the teachers were in a meeting at the principal’s office, Andre, a boy of my age whose father was a politician came up to me where I sat alone. No one wanted to seat with me anymore because they said I was becoming stranger every day. Some of the white kids called me a freak because my boobs were bigger than that of all the girls who were in my class. Many of them had not even started growing boobs, I was the first to start and it grew too rapidly.

Andre: “Hey loner!”

He said and poked me on the shoulder but I said nothing. My heart skipped beats on their own accord when the rest of them began to laugh.

Andre: “Won’t you say anything? Why are your breasts so big? Do you have a boyfriend pressing them?”

I kept mute and played dumb. A girl walked up to me and sat beside me, her name was Aishat…
Aishat: “Don’t mind him dear. He is just trying to be funny in a very bad way” she said and I thought that at last, I actually had someone who was sympathetic to my cause until she said “but why is your breasts really this big? Is your daddy pressing it for you?” she said and the other kids burst out in another bout of laughter while she grinned wickedly.

To be continued!

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