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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 14


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 14

I tried to fight him off but how could I have been a match for him? I opened my eyes slowly and couldn’t believe it was actually my dad…

Rose: “Daddy. What are you trying to do?” I asked frightfully.

Olamide: “Ssssshhhhhh! don’t say anything and just enjoy it baby. I promise it won’t hurt you. Remember I am your daddy? I will definitely make sure you enjoy it instead. Just relax, if you try to struggle, that is when it will be painful” he tried to cajole me into being calm but I was too frightened to be calm.

Rose: “But it is not right dad. You are not supposed to do this to me but to mum. Daddy please don’t” I pleaded desperately and tried to stand up but he pinned me down even tighter. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth with his left hand, still pinning me down with his body. He used one of his legs to spread my legs apart after removing the cute pink shorts I had on and started struggling to slide into me.

My eyes flew open wider when he started gaining entrance into my v----a. My whole body shook with pain despite his weight on me as he t----t harder and tore into my hymen with such force that tore into my being. I wanted to die, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up but none of this happened as his thrusts kept gaining momentum then all of a sudden he stopped, rolled unto his side and slept off immediately. I laid still for some time, the tears refused to flow but my heart bled water and blood. I could not believe he could do a thing like that to me, he could hurt me so much without even a single remorse. The pain numbed my body, I could hardly move so I remained in that position until daybreak. He was the first to wake up.

Olamide: “Hey baby! Why are you still like that? Stand up immediately”

He even had the guts to command me. I had expected him to go on his knees and beg for forgiveness, telling me he was under the influence of alcohol. I was disappointed. When I did not answer or try to stand like he had commanded, he took two steps towards me and yanked me off the bed and that was when I saw the mess on the bed; it had been soaked with blood which had dried up that morning. He took me to the bathroom, switched on the water heater and bathed me even down there.

Rose: “Daddy why did you do it?” I asked weakly when at last he was done and I had regained little of my strength.

Olamide: “Because I love you”
Rose: “But you are supposed to love me as your daughter. Your daughter dad” the tears started flowing freely then.

Olamide: “I did it cos I love you as a daughter and more than that. And let me warn you, you must not tell anyone about this. If you do, I will throw you out the same way I threw your mummy out. So in order not to make daddy do that, please be a good girl and mind who you talk to okay?”

I looked at him and shook my head weakly. I didn’t want to be thrown out. The kids in my school already made jest of me because my mum was sent out. If I get sent out too, then no one will talk to me ever again. I became very careful thereafter. I withdrew into myself and stopped talking to people much. My breast started sprouting up aggressively and my menses also started within a few weeks of the incidence. There was no one to help me get past the trauma, no one to tell me how to leave with the monthly flows and get relieved from the cramp that accompanied it.

A month later, I went visiting my mum and the way she looked, I thought she was actually going to die the next minute. She looked so lean and malnourished, sickly and forlornly my heart reached out to her immediately. Aunty Alexis was also at home that day, she was preparing to get married which meant she was going to leave that house and pack into her husband’s house soon enough and my mum would be left on her own. We all sat together wordlessly staring at one another. I broke the silence first…

Rose: “Mum why do you look this way? Are you sick?”

Ahunli: “Not at all my dear. I am very fine” she tried smiling.

Rose: “But you don’t look fine”
Alexis: “Don’t mind her honey bun, she hasn’t been eating very well recently. She is always in a deep thought. She wants you back and not being able to get you is killing her slowly” she said and noticed the big sweater I had on for the first time. “Hey whats up with this big sweater in this heat?
 And to think of it, even you don’t look so well. Are you sure you are fine?” she reached directly for my chest and I shied away from her touch not wanting them to know a m---d was growing there already.

Ahunli: “Yeah that is true. I was afraid you might affirm to my fears if I said it. Baby what is wrong with you?” she asked coming closer but I jumped back from her too. They both looked at each other in shock”

Rose: “Nothing is wrong with me. I am really fine. It is just school stress” I have heard people use that as an excuse in movies and thought to use it too but the truth was that I wasn’t fine. My heart was sick, my body was on fire, I had become a confused little girl but wiser because I immersed myself in reading different books everyday ranging from motivational books to poems to novels. I found my strength in those books.

Alexis: “Ahunli, you have to do something about her living with that guy o. I don’t trust him an inch. This girl is no longer the way she was the last time she came here. It is either that something had died inside of her or she is experiencing something she knows nothing about. Please I beg you”

Ahunli: “Something like what?” she asked, probably afraid of what she was thinking.

Alexis: “I cannot say right now but step up on the court thingy and get your daughter back”

Rose: “But I don’t want to leave my dad” I said innocently and yeah, I didn’t want to leave him, he was still my dad and he seemed to have turned a new leaf since the last time.

Ahunli: “Well you will leave him when I am ready whether you like it or not” she snapped bitterly.

Rose: “Don’t you love daddy anymore? You don’t want to come back home?”

Ahunli: “I do but he does not want me so what can I do?” the hurt in her eyes and voice was unavoidable. She turned her face away from us and wept silently. There was nothing I could do to help her no matter how much I tried.

My dad came for me thirty minutes later and without even saying one word to her, he scooped me up in his arms like a good father would and off we went. The way he drove later on, I could feel it that he was in a foul mood. As soon as we got home, he threw his car key on the table roughly and turned to me…

Olamide: “What did you tell your mum?” I could hardly recognise him anymore in that stance.

Rose: “I did not tell her anything”

Olamide: “I said what did you tell your mum?” he thundered and before I could open my mouth to say anything any further, he slap flew across my face almost blinding me, I was on the floor before I knew it.

Rose: “But I did not tell her anything” my voice quivered as I tried to stop myself from crying.

Olamide: “You little liar” he drew me by my right leg into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. He was out of his cloths in the twinkle of an eye and loomed over me like a shadow from the underworld.

Rose: “Daddy please!”

Olamide: “Shut up! I warned you not to talk to anyone didn’t I?”

He tore my sweater off my body with the trouser I wore and pinned me down yet again. When he was done and exhausted himself, he let go of me and I saw an opening to attack too when he was climbing off the bed with his back turned to me. I gathered up all the strength I had left into my leg and kicked him as viciously as I could. The force of it sent him flying across the room, he wasn’t prepared for the attack and so he was vulnerably open. He laid still on the ground, I climbed off the bed gently to check him and saw the blood drizzling from behind his head…

To be continued!

Have I murdered my dad? If he isn’t dead, should I leave him to die?
Oya make una advice her.. What should rose do?

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