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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 12


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 12

I slowed to a walk immediately I saw her like that while he ran to her, removed the piece of cloth around her face, bent over her and started giving her CPR, when she did not stir, he gave her mouth to mouth and went back to CPR. He stopped felt her pulse again then returned to giving her mouth to mouth. I could not bear the look of things, I could not bear seeing her, someone who was my responsibility in such state. I walked out trying to stifle the sob that was just at the corner of my mouth with my right hand.
The officer strutted towards me with unsure steps, grimacing when he saw Derek dash out with Rose sprawled across his arms and rushing to towards the car. He must have been praying in his heart that she was not going to die because that would mean his and his team’s doom. I felt they were not a competent bunch and probably so did Derek as he cast him an angry look when he had finally placed her gently on the passenger seat while he held the door open for him. I climbed in and placed her head gently on my laps.

Anita: “Is she going to be okay?” I asked looking at him from the rearview mirror as he brought the engine to life and sped off the dusty road leading to the express. I needed assurance and more reassurance. I felt her pulse and got a very faint movement and heaved a sigh of relief knowing that at least she was still somewhere in there.

Derek: “Yes she is going to be fine. There is no need fidgeting over her dear”

Anita: “Oh thank God. She could have died if you hadn’t done all those”

Derek: “I am glad I took extra classes in first aid treatment anyway. It came really handy today. As for the psycho, I just pray the guys would get him. If not they will be in a really deep shit in my hands. How can a bunch of trained police intelligence officers not be able to nab one man and let him slip in between their fingers?” he was way beyond angry, he was also disappointed.

Anita: “Let’s just pray this girl survives this first. Now I am just remembering I still need to face my boss, this is going to be a serious issue as Henry is hell bent on kicking me off this case so he can have his way and I can’t let that happen”

Derek: “Too bad you didn’t allow me to kick the idiot in the butt the day I got the chance to. I don’t know why I have always not like him but I think I do now. He is a pain in the ass like you just said” he chuckled.

Anita: “Oh thanks for the kind gesture. Can you concentrate on the road now? We need to get the lass admitted in the hospital as soon as possible and please concentrate on the road”
I woke up with a splitting headache, wondering where I was until I saw the face of a nurse and tried to remember what had happened after he left and how I got to where I was but all I could remember was him walking away and then me gasping for air. I wondered if he had been caught. I wondered who got me to the hospital, could it have been the good people of the village? Who did he see that made him flee like that? I saw a tall and slender lady scramble to her feet wearily and walked towards me. On a second glance, I realised it was Miss Anita.

Anita: “How are you feeling now?” she asked looking at me so intently.

Rose: “I am fine thank you. I think I should go back to the house now since I am really worn out” I noticed for the first time that I wasn’t wearing my sweater and the wounds I inflicted on myself along my arms had being bandaged neatly. I felt so embarrassed”

Anita: “Did he also do all those to you?” she asked gesturing at my bandaged arms.

Rose: “That is none of your business. I said I want to go home”

I yelled but felt sorry I did immediately when I took in her disoriented look. She looked so tired and worn out I felt she should be the one lying on the bed and not me. “I am sorry” the words rolled out of my mouth in quick succession.

Anita: “It is okay. It is too late to go back home now. We will head back to town first thing tomorrow morning. I just needed to be sure you were safe” she said gently.

I regretted that I was being pitied so much and taken care of like a stray puppy- well I guess I was a stray puppy indeed.
That night after we had gotten her admitted at Kuje general hospital, Derek had tried his best to persuade me into going back home…

Derek: “Just take a careful look at yourself. You look terrific, you need a cold shower and a change of cloth. Please go home to take care of yourself then come back tomorrow for her since the doctor said she will be okay by tomorrow”

Anita: “No I cannot do that. Just imagine how he sneaked into a house which had security guards at every corner of it. How much more a hospital like this? I need to be here myself to be sure she is safe”

Derek: “Isnt that why I will be sending police officers down here?”

Anita: “I don’t trust them. They might sleep off in front of her door giving him the chance to strike. As far as I know, he is hell bent on killing her and I can’t let that happen” I argued contumaciously.

Derek: “What will happen to her if you happen to break down and get hospitalized too?”

Anita: “Then I will neither break down nor get hospitalized. I am fine Dee. You can just go back home okay? I will really be fine”

Derek: “Well I am going nowhere too. Do not worry, we will both keep a look out for our psycho here. I can’t let you face him all alone especially when the officers fall asleep in front of the door” he had replied sarcastically.

Anita: “That is so gentlemanly of you. We will owe you our lives then our prince in shining armour” I replied with the same gusto. I just couldn’t imagine why life would deal such a young girl such a hard blow.

After I was done speaking with her when she woke up, I felt so relieved but very tired. Derek was at the door, keep watch. I stepped out and saw him standing by the window at the end of the hallway.
 There was no sign of sleep in his eyes at all and wondered if they were also trained to cheat nature. This one was just especially good no wonder he head had to turn down so many promotions down. He wanted to remain in the field and not behind some desk signing papers and receiving salutes.

Derek: “Where are you going to?” he asked walking towards me while I did same.

Anita: “Wanna get to the restroom downstairs. That one seem to be in a better shape than the one here. Need to wash my face”

Derek: “Okay I am coming with you. I have checked and the place is secured. There is no sign of an intruder at all” he said like a junior officer giving a report to his senior.

Anita: “Are you sure?”

Derek: “99.9% madam” he said and gave me a slight bow. He looked so adorable in that instance I wanted to just fling myself unto his arms and sleep enwrapped there.

We both walked down hand in hand to the restroom, he wanted to enclose me in his arms like I had dreamed some minutes back but I stepped back not wanting to elongate our stay there unnecessarily. I had a haunted thought of Rose getting kidnapped under our watch again. I rinsed my face hurriedly while he watched me from the mirror.

Derek: “When are you ever going to get us both out of this phase we are into? Cos I know my fate is in your hands”

Anita: “Let’s not talk about that today dear, we have a girl to take care of. I am done! Let’s go back” I announced eagerly and walked out while he followed suite with the feeling that she had disappeared again lingering on in my thoughts.

My eyes darted first to the bed but lo and behold, she had indeed disappeared. The room began to spin under my feet and before I could get myself back together again, everything had gone blank while I lingered in the air…

To be continued!
Do you think we should have never left her alone to begin with? Has she been kidnapped again? What did Derek mean when he said his fate was in my hands?

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