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The Bride's Mistake Final Chapter


The Bride's Mistake Final Chapter

Theme: End_of_the_brides_mistake

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Anita's POV)
Immediately David came in he jerk up when he saw Donald, I knew already that he is guilty but he played along.
“Hello Mr David ” I greeted and hug him, he doesn't even love Bella the way she do cause he would have come to check on her soon.
Mary's face changed when Kelvin came in, he was not comfortable himself. I'd called Lina to come over with Timothy to know what is going on.
(Kelvin's Point Of View P.O.V)
We all sat quiet but I was not comfortable, Lina came in with Timothy few minutes later, I felt unease and decide to leave but Anita called me.
“I have special gift for everyone of you especially David and Kelvin ” she said, I turned to her wondering what she was up to.
“hope you're not trying to make me laugh cause nothing will sound funny to me” I said
“please I need just five minute of your time ”

(David's POV)
" Five minutes of your time" made my heart skipped but I maintained cool.
I felt relieved when she brought a flash, maybe she wants to educate us about our marriage and I'll spoil everything for her.
“this flash here was given to my fiancé by some bad guys he worked with, the bad guys record whatever job they do in order to expose their master whenever he fails to pay them well but Donald suffered to get this in order to save my dear friend” she said, my interest grew more
She fixed the flash on the television, immediately I recall everything “what type of nonsense is this, do you think we're babies? ” I quaried and made advance to remove the flash but Donald voice caught me, he has been quiet since we came in.
“you try that I kill you ” he said
I was restless as everyone was watching without blinking their eyes, Mary was soak in tears already cause I know she remembered the scene.

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All eyes were on me waiting for my explanation but I never say a word.
“oh my God, but you never told me all this, you kept it to yourself ” Kelvin said to Mary
“don't blame me for anything ” she said
“David why did you choose to do this to me? ”
He asked
“Daniel is my son” I said
Kelvin slapped me and tried to punch me but Donald held me back.
“you must pay for this cause this is a rape case” Anita said
I couldn't plead cause I was full of myself, “I'll sue you myself ” Anita said

(Author's POV)
Mary ran out of the hospital with mix feelings of sadness happiness, she was happy because the truth has been confirmed but sad because it turns out to be David.
As it is always sad no secret is secret and every has it consequences though mercy speaks but let him face what he did, David was sent to jail, eight years in prison for the rape of Mary.
Kelvin who felt guilty for how he treated his wife rudely went to apologize to her together with his parents and the two unit as husband and wife. Kelvin accepted to take care of Daniel.

**** **** **** ****
It's their wedding, I mean Anita and Donald together with Lina and Timothy. Mary and Kelvin were there.
Mary revealed how she'd decieved the two (Lina and Timothy) to become lovers and they all laugh it off.
David was permitted to visit the wedding, he took the opportunity to apologize to his friends and promised to be a good husband to his wife.
»Anita's POV «
“here we are as husband and wife ” I said to Donald
“yeah, I have a confession ” he said
“tell me about it ”
“I cheated on you by kissing someone today”
He said, my countenance changed immediately
“how long will you keep cheating on me? ” I asked angrily
“unfortunately the person I kissed is a cute little baby” he said and I frowned at him for teasing me.
I sunk to the bed as he jumped on me, “don't get me angry or I leave you ” I quaried
“even in the next world I will hold you tight cause you're the best” he said, I blushed.
He kissed my neck, chest, ears. I laughed “I missed you ”
“I miss you too Pearl ” he said


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