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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 41


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 41

Theme: The_accident

©Joy Ajuma Moses

David's POV)
I ran to Mary who was walking majestically “hey Mary, I'm so sorry over what happened, Kelvin lost interest in you but don't worry I'll talk to him ” I said
“thank you David but I Don't need your help, Kelvin is not a baby, he is old enough to make decisions on his own. He should do whatever pleases him but I'll be always there for him when ever he wants me”
“he said you're the worst thing that ever happened to him but I told him not to say so cause you're special ”
“why are you here? ” she asked bluntly
“cause I like you and want the best for you ”
“do I look like I'm suffering? ” she asked again
“then know that I don't need your best” she said and walked away, I tried calling her back but she ignored.
I know how to get her
(Mary's POV)
I got home exhausted so I decided to rest.
I quickly dialed Bella's contact “hello best” she began
“where are you at” I demanded
“I'm home alone” she replied
“can you come over we need to talk ”
“alright give me some time I'll be there ” she said, I hung up. I sunk to the bed, life has teach me alot, if Kelvin will ever forgive me I'll never try to keep secrets like that from him again in my life.
I was lost in thought when my phone rang, I checked the caller ID it was Bella. “hello please are you close to the owner of this phone? ” a masculine voice asked
“I don't get you ”

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“the lady who own this phone just had an accident and it's a fatal one ” he said, my heart skipped
“no it can't be possible ” I said confusedly, he described the hospital she was taken to. I rushed out of the house like mad woman not knowing what to do, Bella is the only one I can trust aside my parents.
The doctor asked me to wait behind but I couldn't wait, it's taking him so long, I called her husband who said he will join me at the hospital, I called her mum.
Few hours later her mum, Anita, Benita and a young guy came in, the doctor said she need to rest so we waited until she woke up.
“you scared me” I said suddenly, she smiled, according to the doctor the joint on her knees dislocated which will take some times to get heal.
“thanks so much Mary” she said smiling
“you don't need to thank me, what are friends for? ” I said
“but I was not nice to you ” she said
“Bella that's past and I'm to be blamed for not trusting you ” I said
“Anita ” she called in a low tune but Anita was quiet
“I know you might get mad at me but it's true, Donald became my boyfriend when he threatened to tell everyone that I'm the one who sent guys to beat Flora up, I did not send them to kill her, I only send them to beat her up and stay away from David because of the love I have for him but he couldn't love me cause Flora was his girlfriend while I was his best friend.
At the hospital where Flora was admitted that was where Donald and I met for the first time, he told me everything I did about Flora and threatened to report me but I seduce him.
We began to have affairs until David proposed to me, I avoided Donald after David's proposal, though I love Donald but he was too poor.
Donald frustrated me, if I try to say no to him he'll use his usual threat even the night before my wedding he was the one I went to see at the hotel we lodge.
On the main wedding day he found Anita, I don't want anything to join my innocent little sister with a bully like him but he use threat so I asked him to go ahead with Anita and ever since then I never had anything to do with him again ” she said
I was shocked “Bella? ” I said, she was crying already.
“but Donald wasn't poor ” Anita said
“yeah I disguised myself, I wanted her to suffer for what she did, I forced her to tell David she is a v@gin, I wanted to do same with Anita but she was innocent and lovable, she made me calm. Flora is my sister ” he said and we all jerk up, Flora told us she has a brother but we never see him
“ the dat flora was beaten that was the day I came to visit her, I got the men and asked them their source which they told me it was Bella though Flora has hypertension and I guess that was what killed her” he said
I felt sorry for her, “Bella you did all this? ” her mother asked
“I'm sorry mum, I'm a bad child ” she said
“please Anita forgive me ” she said
Anita moved to her and hugged her “I've forgiven you for long, I'm just waiting for your husband to come over with Kelvin let me surprise you all” she said
I was wondering what the surprise is all about.

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