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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 40


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 40

Theme: missing_her

©Joy Ajuma Moses

“Anita I'll never let you go again ” I maintained
“sorry I can't be with you, to show you how serious I am watch how I'll call the pastor to cancel the wedding ” she said
As if she was joking, she brought out her phone but I still maintained holding her and begging her.

(Anita's POV)
“can you just let go off my hands? ” I said angrily
“will you listen to me as you've said? ” he fired back
“do I need to listen to my play boy fiancé? ”
“common Anita your sister and I are together even before she got married ”
I was shocked at that “everything changed when you came into my life though I thought I'll punish her by frustrating you but you caught me with your love and the evil in me melted, look into my eyes and understand that I love you unconditional. If you call me a play boy fiancé I accept but can a play boy tell you the truth? That's one of the thing you need to check out, I love you that's why I came back, I love you that why I never accept any other lady. Anita just get it for once! ”
I could see the truth in him, the seriousness in his eyes. I must not be leaving him at all time but how about Bella that lied to me.
Though I always find it hard to apologise but I'm wrong, I need to make him smile, I watch how he held my wrist, it hurts. He noticed how I was squeezing my face because of the pains “I'm sorry I'm hurting you but I can't let you go again ” he said
I round my left hands around his neck “I'm sorry love, I've been mad at you at everything, I'm sorry I was not the understanding lady, it's because I love you and I want the love all to myself. I'll always stand by you ” I said
“are you for real? ” he asked
“sure” I said smiling
He hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheek
“thank you for loving me” he said
“you're welcome ” I said
I took water from the fridge and give him to drink in order to calm his nerves.
“I want to tell you something ” he said calling my attention
“really tell me about it ”
“have you seen Mary your sister's best friend? ”
“not at all, the last time I heard she was sent away ” I said
“what? Don't tell me it has gotten this worse ”
He asked in a serious tune
“do you know about it? ”
“yeah I've got an idea and a prove” he said
“okay show me”
He was holding a flash which he inserted it on his television.
David, a lady and two other guys were in a room, “Sandy tell her to come downstairs for her gift” David said and gave the lady a phone, after having conversation with the lady the four covered mask while one of them was sent out.
Few minutes later the guy came with Mary who was shivering in fears.
"do whatever we ask you and you will be free in no time" the lady said,
"okay ma" Mary answered amidst fear.
"He wont rape you, you guys will do it willingly and that's all" the lady said

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"What are you talking about?" Mary asked
"Yeah, i mean one of my boys will have s*x with you, no shout else we fire you" she said
"I rather die than loose my [email protected] with another guy the day before my wedding, my husband to be knows i'm a [email protected] already" she said
I felt disgusted at the bully lady.
"Wow it seems you are stubborn and you prefer to die. Say your last prayer before i send you to hell" she said pointing the gun at Mary's head
Seeing the seriousness in the lady her little voice trailed off "please dont kill me, i will do as you say" says Mary
"I wanted taking things easy with you but it seems you are stubborn so i will make it hard for you. Now undress yourself" the lady shouted
Dont forget you are a lady like me" Mary reminded the lady, she slapped Mary
"I'm not a lady and i can never be a lady, remove your clothes" she said to Mary
Mary removed he clothes out of fear, she was n*ked in front of the three guys and the shameless lady.
The lady signaled David who did same who made towards Marvey but the lady stopped him.
She pushed Mary to the bed and made her to sprayed her leg. She used her finger to tickle Mary's clit. Mary lay quiet, she gently plunge in her two finger into marvey who let out a loud wail but one of the guys covered her mouth.
After f*ngering her she brought out her hands from her and sucked it "she taste nice so go ahead" says the lady, she is a l*sbian.
David plunged in his own c*ck into her, I quickly switched off the television.
“is this real? ” I asked confusedly
“yeah and that's the night before her wedding ”
“how did you get this video? ” I asked
“I travelled with the two guys to get an evidence ” he said
I began to cry “poor Mary and Kelvin wouldn't listen to her, I'm going there today cause David is just evil”
“no Pearl I've got a good plans”
“what about it? ” he whispered his plans and I couldn't help but kiss his smartness.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Kelvin's POV)

Life is bored without her, I can't even live like a bachelor. I need a woman but I don't trust anyone.
I've been kidded so I won't allow that in my life again, I don't know why I think if her always but I find myself going through our wedding photos.
Mary Mary Mary is all my heart call everyday, I dreamt about her crying and pleading for me to forgive her but how is it possible, she fooled me and my parent.
David has been the one close to me ever since the incident happened, I can't be angry with him cause of what never happened.
I wanted to get some things from the market so I called David to come along with me.
At the market after buying all I wanted I bumped into a lady who I tried to apologize with but discovered it was Mary.
I frowned immediately, beside her was Daniel “I know I'm bad to you and I've offended you but I don't expect you to look me this way” she said and was about to go, I tried to call her back but David pulled me back.
“she is too unfaithful ” he said and we both worked away although my mind was still with her.
“oh I forgot my wallet at the store, let me go and get it ” David said and I allowed him to go.

(David's POV)
I ran to Mary who was walking majestically “hey Mary, I'm so sorry over what happened, Kelvin lost interest in you but don't worry I'll talk to him ” I said
“thank you David but I Don't need your help, Kelvin is not a baby, he is old enough to make decisions on his own. He should do whatever pleases him but I'll be always there for him when ever he wants me”
“he said you're the worst thing that ever happened to him but I told him not to say so cause you're special ”
“why are you here? ” she asked bluntly
“cause I like you and want the best for you ”
“do I look like I'm suffering? ” she asked again
“then know that I don't need your best” she said and walked away, I tried calling her back but she ignored.
I know bow to get her.

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