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The Black Powers - Last Episode


the black powers - Episode48

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author! mikelrado contact 📳09051471122)


After the driver was out of sight,. I walk to the hankie on the floor turn to my left and I see the footpath Benny was talked about. I followed the footpath and walk for about 30mins deep into the bush. Then I see something like human far ahead under a cashew tree. I walk closer, and behold it is my mum tied to a cashew tree. I brought out my pistol instantly.

Me: mum, see what you have gotten us into again

Mum: I was only trying to make things right. I never * knew she’s a devil in disguise.

Me: the last time I checked I knew Benny before you, and how on earth will you think you can know a cultist more than his fellow cultist?

Mum: am sorry Mike

Me: you are always sorry. Where is stone???

Mum: He’s sleeping in your apartment right now, I drugged him so I can come see Benny alone

Me: d--n it! (I should have checked my IREWOLEDE apartment before coming here…. What a silly mistake)

I was still thinking when Benny and her girls walked in behind me.

Benny: bravo! Mother and son…. What a way to say goodbye to each other.

Me: ****I pointed my gun at Benny instantly*****  Benny! What has come over you? This is not the way we started remember?

Benny: started??? What did we start? Don’t tell me you believe all what we had together was love, because we where only acting a written script.

Me: what??? A script???

Benny: stop fooling yourself mikelrado, do you think you are in my class? If not for what we want in my frat, what will I be doing with a low lifer like you.

D--n! D.d was right after all, it was all planned right from the start. How the hell didn’t I figure it out!

Me: what??? You mean all the risk you took for me in osun wasn’t for love?

(Story written by mikelrado contact 📳09051471122)

Benny: love kwanu, who love help. You of all people should know that their is no love in this game.

Me: you are wrong! There is love, even a genuine one at that

Benny: oh! Really??? D.d right? ****She said laughing out loud*** stop fooling yourself mikelrado. D.d was my plan to make you feel you a step ahead of me, to make you feel safe, to make you feel like you already know my next move even before I make them…. She’s a setup!!!

I looked at d.d face with my mouth wide open in shock. D.d was fool of smiles

D.d: stop staring at me fool…. Have always thought you are a smart dude, never knew you are a dullard. *****She said with a wink*****

Benny: close your mouth mikelrado, like I told the black powers, getting you is the simplest thing to do for me.

Me: the black powers??? You are now working for the black powers???

Benny: hell no! But since we have a common enemy, a collabo was necessary, since it will fetch me a lot of money. Now drop your gun you fool!!!

Me: ****I lowered my gun because I have no option**** a common enemy??? How am I your enemy??( I can see her mood change from bad to worse instantly)

Benny: remember I told you that you will see my mum very soon? Now is the time. Am sending you and your useless mum to same place you sent my mum.

(Story written by mikelrado contact 📳09051471122)

Me: hey! Never you talk about my mum that way again! You know me, you know I won’t tolerate that, else you want to see the other side of me.

Benny: what other side of you is greater than you killing my mum.

Me: Benny, I did not kill your mum. I don’t even know her!

You killed her in cold blood! A man shouted, walking to us from behind me.

Me: senator Lucas???

S.lucas: so you still remember me? *****He laughs**** you attacked me because you and your frat knew I was going to win the election. I managed to escape but you got my wife, and you killed her. Remember I told you that I will come for my revenge? * Now the time has come.

Me: you silly bastard! I shouldn’t have spared your life back then, I should have done the mission the way it was given to me. Benny please don’t believe whatever lie this devil of a man has been feeding you.

Mum: please Ben……

Benny fired a shot right in the middle of my mum’s head even before she could finish her statement. My mum drop dead instantly

Me: nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rushed to my mum, lift her head up but she was gone already. The devil in me woke up instantly. I pull out my gun and face Benny, but before I could pull the trigger, she fired a shot at my right hand. The gun fell from my hand instantly.

I reached for a knife with  my left hand but before I could pull it out Benny fired another shot at my right knee. I fell down instantly but the kind of strength that engulfed me that moment was extraordinary. I got up again and she followed up with 3 more shots on my belly, yet again I drop down. Now my powers are failing me, even the strength is no more there, but no! I won’t just go down like that. I must at least take one of them with me.

(Story written by mikelrado contact 📳09051471122)

In my laying state, I stylishly reach for a knife and with all the powers and strength left in me I threw is at senator Lucas….. The knife got him in is belly and he fell down instantly. Benny was shocked as I get up again. She fired 2 shots again to my left chest. That was it! I dropped down and couldn’t get my again can barely even keep my eyes open……

But me na mikelrado now…. I can’t just die like that! Honestly, where the strength was coming from I don’t know. But again I tried getting up, I rose on my knees and was trying to stand on my feet. I could see the surprise look on Benny’s face as she open her mouth wide in shock. Then she angrily cocked her gun, take about two steps close to me and aim for my head. Just the a heavy wood landed on the back of my head, I fell down and I could see d.d holding a log of wood.

D.d: bastard! *****She said as she spat on me*****

Me: trait…….. I tried to finish that word but couldn’t as my eyes forced itself shot and I could feel life leave my body. I gave up!


Is this really the end??? Has the black powers finally won?? Is this the end of stone and his quest for revenge too???
Watch out for *THE BLACK POWERS SEASON 2* posting will start on the *1st of April 2020.*
You can contact the Author to get SEASON 2 mikelrado contact 📳09051471122



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