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The Black Powers - Episode47


the black powers - Episode47

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Me: who are those knocking on the door??? Your gangs??? ( I asked still keeping my grip very tight on her neck)

This is the Côte d’Ivoire national police force, please open up! A male voice sounded at the other side of the door.

Girl: they are here for me! ( She managed to speak)

Me: oh! So you were to trying to escape before? And you still had the time  to pick a fight with me?? That shows you are still a novice.

I released my grip on her throat and I pushed her into the wardrobe in my room ***I will keep quiet if I were u**** I said to her before locking the wardrobe. I walk to the door and open up and I expertly block the police view in such a way that they can’t see my room easily.

Me: good day officer, please what can I do for you

Officer: good morning sir, please did you see any female walk pass here? *****Looking at me suspiciously*****

Me: no officer, I see no one. But trust me, once I do I will alert you immediately.

Officer: ok sir, do have a nice day

Me: and you too

He turned to leave but stopped again

Officer: am sorry sir, hope all is ok??

Me: perfectly sir, everything is perfectly ok.

Officer: are you sure there’s nothing you want to tell me?? Don’t be scared sir, we will handle it

Me: officer, there’s nothing wrong.

Officer: **** he looked at my face closely*** you mind if I come in???

Me: no need for that sir, was even planning on going out when I hard the alarm and warning.

Officer: ok…. Have a nice day then.

He turn and left with his two boys following him closely. I walk back to the wardrobe and open it… She crawl out lazily.

Me: who are you and who do you work for? Why are* they after you?

Girl: too many questions at a time.

Me: just answer me

Girl: non of the questions is your business

She’s right though…. Have gat important issue to attend to than wasting my time with this b---h. I walk straight to the window open it and look out

Me: thank your stars this side of the building is safe for now….. You better start going before it gets too late for u.

Girl: what’s your name? She asked just as she was about climbing the window.

Me: not until you tell me yours first….

Girl: am Talma

Me: you can call me mikelrado.

**** Thank you!**** She said as She jumped off through the window and I watch as she mix up nto the crowd on the street.

I head straight to my coach room. No time, I need to leave this country ASAP. I * nock on my coach door and the man opened up instantly.

Coach: mikelrado, what’s wrong?

Me: am sorry to disturb you coach, but I need to go back home right now. My mum is down with a kidney problem and she needs a transplant. The doctor just called me.

Coach: wow! That’s serious. Meaning we will be short of one player now.

Me: don’t worry coach, you can call another player to replace me, I will personally foot his transportation fee. The school authority doesn’t have to Know about this.

Coach: there’s no way the school authority won’t know, but I will sort things out with them.

Me: thanks coach. But I won’t be able to go back with my car as I will be taking a flight to make my journey faster because I need to get back home in the next 24hrs. So I will drop my car keys with you, I will come for it when you are back in the country. There are some money in the car safe, it Should be enough to fuel the car all through your stay here and back home.

Coach: wow! So I will be driving that big car? Thanks mikelrado

Me: you are welcome coach.

I gave my coach the car keys as I dashed into my  room, pack my stuffs and head straight to the airport. And sadly there was no flight available at the airport so I had to book for a private flight which cost me about 2 million naira. Just imagine, from Ivory coast to Nigeria o, but who cares.

I touched down in ilorin in less than 5hrs. I called stone number and he’s still not picking up. I took a taxi home. On getting home I called Benny

Me: where the hell are you??? I asked just as she picked my call

Benny: good boy! You got back into the country in less than 10hrs. Oya come meet me on the road that leads to the university teaching hospital through the campus. Keep driving til you see a red hankie on d floor. Then look to you left you will see a footpath, follow that footpath for about 30mins there you will see me.

Me: ok, be expecting me soon!

I cut the call, something tells me to go check my apartment at IREWOLEDE And see if stone is there, but no time. Need to go sort things out with Benny ASAP.

I took 2 pistol gun and 4 knives and I strap them in different locations on my body, took some drugs as I step out of my room. I chartered a taxi to the spot described to me. I stopped the driver immediately I sight the red hankie. I came down, paid the driver and then did as if am peeing as I watch the driver make a U turn and drove off….


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