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The Black Powers - Episode46


the black powers - Episode46

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


I first think about calling Benny and warning her to stay off my mum, but on a second thought I decide not to because that will make her suspect that I already know about her plans. I continued the journey full of thinking. But why is mum behaving like a kid? Why does she trust Benny this much? Has she forgotten so soon all that happened in osun?? Does she want a repeat of that???

Thousands of questions puping out of my head at the same time. Well, I just pray stone is able to handle things on his own. About 2hrs later, I put a call through to stone.

Me: stone what’s up, hope you guys have moved.

Stone: yes boss we are now at your IREWOLEDE apartment.

Me: good, please keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t have access to any phone or computer.

Stone: ok boss.

I feel relaxed after the call as we continued our journey. Last last we entered Abidjan the capital of Ivory coast. D--n! The journey was so hectic, I really need to rest.

I was still resting in my hotel room when a call came in, it is an unknown number.

Voice: hello mikelrado!

I picked out the voice instantly, this is Benny definitely. And instantly I knew there is a great problem cause she sounds so devilish.

Me: Benny?? Why calling me with an unknown number? And why are you sounding like this?

Benny: that’s the sound of satisfaction mikelrado

Me: satisfaction??

Benny: remember I promised you that you will see my mum very soon?

Me: yes.

Benny: now is the time darling, but so bad you won’t be going alone, the person you love the most is going with you.

Me: what’s all these you are saying Benny, I don’t understand

Benny: will you shut the f--k up!(she shouted) oh you think you can eat your cake and still have it? Well for your info, have gat your mum here with me and you have just 24hrs to get your ass down here else you will never get the chance to see her again!

Me: what’s all these you are talking about Benny, am still lost.

Benny: your time starts now! ( She ends the call)

I tried calling her back but the line has been switched off already, I tried calling her main line too same thing. All my body organs started malfunctioning instantly. I dialled stone number but the fool is not even picking up. But wait o, hope them never drop stone sha. What do I do now? I have just 24hrs which I can never meet up with through road. D--n!

Am in deep shit right now, really need to figure out a way out of this shit. I decided to go talk to my coach, really need to head back to Nigeria ASAP. just as I stand up from my bed the hotel alarm started ringing ad a deep hard voice followed up warning everybody to stay in their room and that we should report any strange movement most especially that of a female. Watin concern me, do I really care? I have a more important issue to attend to.

I ignore the warning and walked to the door, and just as I was about to open the door, someone pushed the door in from the other side A beautiful slender girl burst into my room, breathing heavily. Who the f--k are….. She threw a punch at me even before I could finish my statement. I expertly Dodge her punch, she followed up with a low kick and I blocked that too.

Who the f--k are you!!!? I shouted at her. “Why don’t you come find out” she replied. She charged at me, faked me with a swift jab then followed up with a low kick immediately, I blocked the jab but the low kick caught by balls, I fell down to the floor groaning in pain. She threw another kick to my face and I managed to block it. I managed to get up from the floor (d--n! This girl is a pro, I really need to attack her like a pro too)

Me: babe, you are messing with the wrong guy right now

Girl: you are messing with the wrong girl too.

She cahrged at me with too many punches that I can’t even count, I dodged the first two and blocked the 3rd but couldn’t do anything about the follow ups.( What a bad combo it was) they all caught me in the face. I fell to the wall facing it, she immediately followed up with two more blows to each side of my stomach ( now that hurts really bad).

I could feel the taste of my blood in my mouth as the liquid started dripping out of my mouth. BULLSHIT!!! I said out loud as I faced her dashing out heavy  to her. Yes she was blocking all but the force of each blows keep pushing her back and off balance. I continued giving it to her really hard. She successfully blocked all but I could see the impact of the Blows on her as she fell to the ground and she couldn’t move her two hands that she used in blocking the blows.

Now that’s what you get for pissing me off” I shouted at her. She managed to stand up and charged at me with a kick which I dodge. I caught her by her waist, lift her up in the air, as I smashed her back on the glass center table ( a very good suplex it was) as the table broke into pieces. She groan in pain as I lifted her up from the floor, I got behind her and I fold my arm around her neck chocking life out of her. Just then a soft knock landed on my door.


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