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The Black Powers - Episode45


the black powers - Episode45

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


ME: good morning dear.

Benny: MORNING??? hope all is well???

Benny’s reply got me confused, I quickly check the time and it is few minutes to 1pm. So I quickly compose myself.

Me: am sorry dear, am not feeling too well. Have been indoors since morning, didn’t know the time has gone that much.

Benny: oh! Sorry dear. But what is really wrong with you?

Me: I think it’s fever

Benny; hope you didn’t take much alcohol yesterday cause I had you just bought a new car.

Me: ****I was dead shocked! But I still compose myself***** new car ke, it is my classmate kola that own the car I drove yesterday o.

Benny: ok o, I thought as much. So how about mum? When is she coming back?

Me: my dear, plans has changed o.  Seems she will be away for like a week. The guy processing her passport said she will need to come for at least 3 times in that one week, and you know it is not safe for her to be moving anyhow, so she will be staying with him for that one week.

Benny: but who is this guy that I don’t know??

Me: my dear, he’s my childhood friend

Benny: and you trust him more than me?

Me: not that I trust him more than you my dear, just that he can be trusted too

Benny: hmmm…. I just hope you are sure of what you are doing

Me: trust me my dear, am more than sure.

Benny: ok o, if you say so.

I was d--n sure that Benny is up to something, but I decided to keep it cool since have gat everything under control. At this point d.d woke up too, stretching and yawning on the bed. I decide to present as if I didn’t notice her

D.d: my king, what is wrong that you are thinking this early morning???

Me: good morning my queen, hope you slept well (I decided to dodge her question)

D.d: for sure! With the way you rode me last night, how on Earth won’t I sleep well. I’m fact, I slept like a baby.

Me: wow! You sef work me now…..lolz

D.d: na you sabi. So what’s the plan now???

Me: nothing much, my mum is out of her reach already.

D.d: that’s good.

Me: baby,I will be traveling out of the country, few days from now.

D.d: yea…. You told me that already. I will be going back to osun tomorrow too. Will be resuming back to work next week so I need to go and prepare.

Me: ok my dear, please feel free to call me anytime if you ever need anything.

D.d: ok dear.

Me: I will give you the spare key to this place, so you can come in at anytime.

D.d: thanks love. Hope you will roam your line so we can be communicating very well

Me:. Yes, already spoke with my network providers about that.

D.d: that’s good.

D.d left for osun the following day. The day of our traveling came so fast. We were told that we will be traveling my road to Ivory coast by road, and that is about 2 to 3 days journey, so I decided I was going with my car. I had visited my mum and stone the previous day, making sure that everything is in place.

We embark on our journey to Ivory coast around 10am on Sunday morning, so as to meet up with the games opening ceremony coming up by 4pm on Wednesday. Two other players from our team joined my car while the rest used the school marcopolo bus. The journey was so lively and fun-filled. We will make a stop at eatries and nice places and still catch up with others in the bus.

On the 2nd day of our journey we at the outskirt of Benin republic when I received a call from stone that my mum want to go out all alone. I was furious, because I had warned her not to even dare step out of the our into the compound not to talk of going out. I put a call through to her instantly.

Me: good afternoon mum

Mum: good afternoon Mike, how is the journey going?

Me: fine ma. Stone told me you asked to go out all on your own

Mum: Mike, I have been thinking, I can’t just sit back and be watching as you and Benny are gradually becoming enemy. Am sure I can settle things by talking to her on your behalf.

Me: mum! But I thought we have already talked about this, just leave everything to me. So where do you want to go now?

Mum: I called her and she gave me her address.

Me: **shocked!** You did what??? I shouted at her

Mum: why are you shouting Mike?

Me: how did you get her number???

Mum: I know it offhand, I normally do call her with the house phone when I was with her

Me: d--n! Why mum??? Why are you acting like a kid! Why you making things difficult for me???

Mum: was only trying to help!

Me: who asked you for help??? Did I ask you???. You just put your life and that of stone in danger! But why mum?? Why are you making life hard for me??? I told you Benny is not who you think she is.

Mum; she cannot harm me Mike, Benny is a good girl.And she’s like a child to me too.

I was so angry that I just cut the call, and then I call stone

Me: stone! Please change your position with immediate effect!!! And please collect her phone from her. Don’t let her have access to any communicating device

Stone; ok boss


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