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C.h.e.t.a Episode 17


C.H.E.T.A( (I Am Ugly)

C.h.e.t.a Episode 17

®️Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

The Bird Kingdom:
Nganga: Impossible, my granddaughter can't fall in love with Ikenga not after what he did to me in the past.
Amadioha: You shouldn't allow the past to interfere with the present Nganga. You didn't know that Ikenga and your granddaughter would fall in love with each other likewise Ikenga. I will say you should let bygones be bygones and allow them.
Nganga: That is none of my business Amadioha, I won't allow my granddaughter to fall in love with your brother, mbanu (no).
Amadioha: You should know that no mountain in the world can stop the river from flowing, what is written can't be changed Nganga.
Nganga: You have forgotten Amadioha that even a thousand branches cannot stop the wind from blowing. She won't end up with Ikenga and that's my final say.
Amadioha: You shouldn't start what you can't finish Nganga. He has the backing of all his brothers, you should remember that always.
Nganga: (Smiling) Oh I always start what I know I will finish. Ohia woro gi nku, sere gi onu - The forest that denies you firewood has massaged your neck.
Amadioha: (Smiling back at her) Si kele onye nti chiri; enu anughi, ala anu- Salute the deaf; if the heavens don't hear, the earth will hear. I shall take my leave now Nganga.
Nganga: Agwo emeghi nke o jiri buru agwo, umuaka achiri ya hie nku- If a snake fails to show its venom, little kids will use it in tying firewood, deliver my message to Ikenga. I refuse him.
Amadioha: Ugo chara acha adi(ghi) echu echu- A mature eagle feather will ever remain pure. Don't say I didn't warn you. (He disappeared together with his chair.)
Cheta: (A distance away from the old hunter hut) Did you see his face when he came back?
Ikenga: Yes, he was surprised that we could actually finished the yam in few minutes. Something about that old man is fishy, I doubt if he is even a Hunter.
Cheta: What if he knows about you, you know being a god?
Ikenga: I don't think so but if he knows why then is he pretending? I will have to find out, ever since last night when he magically entered my hut I have been suspicious of him and also when I personally know there was no yam in that compound.
Cheta: Anyway let's forget about the old man, you wanted to tell me about my mother before the old man came.
Ikenga: (Smiling) Yes, your mother isn't a mortal like everyone had thought.
Cheta: (Shocked) What are you trying to say?
Ikenga: That bird you told me came and took your mother away years ago was actually her people. She is from the bird Kingdom where eagle rule.
Cheta: (Surprised) How did you know this?
Ikenga: I know your grandmother but never thought she has a daughter who left her kingdom to dwell in the land of the mortals. But thank the gods she did because you wouldn't have been born and you wouldn't have met me to set me free if she hasn't come to dwell with the mortals. So I owe your mother a lot.
Cheta: I have a grandmother and my mother is a bird?
Ikenga: Not just any bird but an eagle Cheta. Your grandmother and I don't follow one path, we have bad history together, very bad.
Cheta: And why Is that?
Ikenga: (By now they were almost reaching the palace) it's a long story my maiden.
Cheta: And I am all ears my love.
Ikenga: Some years ago- (he stopped when the strike of thunder was seen across the bright sky.)
Cheta: (Staring at the sky and at Ikenga.) What is the problem? Is it going to rain?
Ikenga: (Staring at the thunder and lightning across the sky) No it's not going to rain, I am being summoned by my brother, I think it's an emergency. I will see you tomorrow morning my maiden.
Cheta: Okay, I will be expecting you my love. (Ikenga looked at the sky and return his gaze at Cheta. He quickly pull Cheta to his body and crush his lips on hers, kissing her like his life depends on it. Another stroke of thunder sounded and that separated them.)
Ikenga: (Seeing Cheta's shock expression he smiled and peck her cheeks lovely.) Sorry for that Cheta but I couldn't hold myself anymore. I will see you tomorrow morning, and I love you. (He left her and ran back until he was out of her sight, he disappeared once he was sure he was alone. Cheta was speechless and touched her lips. Did Ikenga just kissed and peck her? Didn't he feel disgusted? A beautiful smile suddenly emerged and spread across her lips. Like her brother Jidenna usually tell her, she is not ugly.)
Cheta: (Touching her whole face and finally her lips, she started her walk towards the Palace) Oh yes, I am not Ugly.
Ikenga appearing before his brother Amadioha and noticed he was alone.
Ikenga: You summon me brother, I hope all is well?
Amadioha: All is not well Ikenga, I visited Nganga to tell her of your relationship you have with her granddaughter.
Ikenga: (Anxiously) And what did Nganga say?
Amadioha: (He closed the distance between them and touched Ikenga's shoulder with his right hand) She doesn't want to see you with her granddaughter, she rejected my proposal of you being with your maiden.
Ikenga: Then I will visit her myself and have a talk with her, she will probably see reason.
Amadioha: She want you to apologize to her.
Ikenga: (Getting angry) But she was the first offender and not me. I only challenge her because of what she did.
Amadioha: For you to get your maiden Ikenga, you have to do as she has said, apologize to her and have your Cheta.
Ikenga: I have heard you brother, I will go back and think about it. Thank you for your help. (He disappeared.)
By midnight the big egg appeared once again and cracked open. The hideous scary beast emerged from it and started walking like a zombie towards another path where it leads to various huts.
Ikenga was asleep when he felt the presence of the old man with another person in his hut.
He felt a hand hovering around his face and caught hold of it surprising the intruders.
Opening his eyes as he adjusted to the darkness in his hut, he thought he had the oil lamp running.
Ikenga: (Seeing the old hunter didn't shock him but the person standing next to the old hunter.) Agwusi is that really you or am I dreaming?
Seeing the quick glance Agwusi shared with the old hunter before turning back to look at him.
Agwusi: Yes it's me brother.
Ikenga: (Sitting upright and getting out of the bamboo bed, he hugged Agwusi) I am so happy to see you, my other brothers won't believe it when I tell them you came here. It's been a long time since we last saw each other.
Agwusi: (Forcing himself to return the hug as he came up with another plan) Yes Ikenga. I have missed you and the rest of my brothers.
Ikenga: (Dispatch himself from the hug) So what brings you here?
Agwusi: I came here to tell you that Amadioha wants your maiden.
Ikenga: (Surprised) Amadioha wants my maiden? You lie
Agwusi: Do you think I will appear to you just to tell you a lie Ikenga? You know me too well.
Ikenga: I don't believe this one a bit.
Agwusi: (Raising one of his eyebrows) But will you believe this (He waved his hands in the air and Amadioha and Nganga was magically seen discussing.
Amadioha: I need Ikenga maiden at all cost. I love her and will do anything to have her.
Nganga: She is yours already Amadioha, just get Ikenga out of the way.
They faded into thin air.
Ikenga: But what he told me is entirely different from what you are showing me. Amadioha can't like my maiden.
Agwusi: Now you believe what I am telling you anyway, I have a plan to get Amadioha from killing you and taking away your maiden
Ikenga: ( With knee interest) Tell me your plan, Amadioha shall curse the day he plan to double cross me.

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